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Eventing (commonly referred to as Horse Trials) is the combination of the three disciplines; Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. It requires commitment, focus and great horsemanship to take part and succeed.

Our branch has an active Eventing interest and we field teams annually to the Area 9 competition; with classes run at Novice (90cm), Intermediate (100cm) and Open (110cm) and the Grassroots Regional competition (80cm with intro classes at 70cm).

We also actively encourage all members to ‘have a go’ and come along to the various training sessions we hold with Eventing in mind.

Members should kindly note that taking part in any Eventing competition requires your pony to be fit and healthy and some thoughts on fitness plans and nutrition are strongly encouraged in order for both rider and pony to stay safe and sound.


Manager: Ruth Pope