Mounted Games

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Do you like gymkhana games? Want to make new friends and have fun with your pony as part of a team?

What is mounted games?

Mounted games is brilliant fun, whatever your level. Teams of four or five take part in relay races such as ‘bending’, where riders trot or canter their pony in and out through a line of poles and back then hand over a baton to the next team member. The final team member who crosses the finishing line first at the end of the race wins. Other games involve carrying and handing over flags, dropping socks into a bucket or jumping off to run along stepping stones. As you progress, if you wish you can learn to vault onto your pony, or lead another pony as part of a race.

Who can take part?

We hold training sessions from lead rein upwards. You don’t need a specialised mounted games pony to train or compete with us. Most ponies love it once they have been introduced to the equipment and as with anything, will improve with practice! You can come along just for fun and to improve your co-ordination, confidence and balance, or train to join our teams and have a go at competitions.

What about competitions?

Every year we send lead rein, junior and senior teams to our Area Competition at the end of April to compete against other local pony clubs. We keep an eye out for other competitions too and if we have a team or two available, we have a go!

Mounted Games Manager Jenny Blades