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Polocrosse is one of the fastest growing equestrian sports and is very accessible and enjoyable for every member of the family. The Ledbury Hunt Pony Club has a very good history of success in Pony Club Polocrosse. We are always looking for new players, any age or ability including lead rein. If you want to have a go we have started some on foot sessions to get a feel for the stick and ball and start learning some skills and will be starting on horse training in February. Polocrosse really is great fun for both players and spectators. Many of the UK international players started at Pony Club and the Ledbury has a number of members who have played internationally too.

Polocrosse is a cross between polo and lacrosse, a real team sport on horses. Once you have learnt the basics it is great fun. We play in teams of three or six and you do not need a special horses or pony to take part. Ex-race horses, games ponies, show jumpers and hunters can all have a go. The season runs from May to September with some arena polocrosse now being offered throughout winter and spring.

Manager: Matt Hale