Show Jumping

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ony club show jumping is accessible to everyone. The following information is a guidance for anyone wanting to become more involved in show jumping for the Ledbury Hunt Pony club.


All members are actively encouraged to attend a wide variety of rallies organised by the pony club and alongside this we run specific show jumping training rallies with Bryan Smith. Dates are advertised on the pony club website and should be booked through the website and paid for via paypal


Show Jumping competitions are lots of fun and a great way to get to know other members of the pony club. There are different levels of competition within the pony club organisation.

Most pony club team competitions apply to teams of 3-4, with the best 3 scores to count in each round and everyone entered is counted as an individual too.

Inter-branch competitions- are suitable for ALL pony club members. Classes start very small with lead rein and assisted sections to encourage our very young and less experienced members. Theses competitions run classes upto 1m10, with many including Dengie Qualifiers, so something for everyone. These are team and individual events, everyone who wants to be entered will be and put in Ledbury teams primarily where numbers allow, however mixed teams are put together where necessary. All competitors are counted as individuals too.

Dengie- this competition is for individuals who are confidently competing at 90cm-95cm.

The preliminary round is a qualifying round, held all over the country at many venues. You can jump in the preliminary round at any of these. To qualify you must jump clear in the first round at 90cm and then be placed in the top 4-7 depending on entries. Qualification will pass down the line, eg. if 4 are to qualify but the 1st placed rider has already qualified, the riders placed 2nd-5th will then go through to the area round. You will get a qualification card from the secretary on the day, it is your responsibility to collect the card and send it off to be entered for the area round.

There are 19 area competitions, you must enter your own Area (9) competition. Height at area is 95cm and at the championships is 1m.

The top 4-7 will qualify for the Dengie Championships at Moreton Morrell, depending on entries.

At area level there is an open Dengie class for those who cannot do the winter league. This is 1m05-1m10.

Specific rules regarding horse/rider eligibility are available from the main pony club website.

Area-this is the next stage on from inter-branch competitions and is the qualifying round for the Pony Club Championships and therefore is suitable for those with experience and who are competing regularly at the appropriate heights.. This is run for both teams and individuals, all competitors count as individuals whether they are in a team or not. Each pony club is allowed to enter two teams plus two individuals in each class. Anyone wanting to be considered for area, must have the relevant experience and be available for the championships.

Heights of classes are :-

Grassroots –  80cm- this is not a qualifier for the main pony club championships, but ican qualify for the regional Championship which is held at Rectory farm.

Novice – 90cm first round

Intermediate 1m first round

Open – 1m10 first round

The top 2 teams and individuals will qualify for the Championships in August.

There are also specific restrictions on horse/rider depending on experience, these can be found in the pony club Show Jumping Rule book.

Alongside these competitions there are opportunities to enter teams in to Pony Club Show Jumping Classes at different venues throughout the eventing calendar.

We are fortunate enough to have a place in the Pony Club team Show Jumping competition at Gatcombe, we enter teams for the show jumping at Barbury Castle which runs in a similar way to area, with a novice class 90cm and intermediate at 1m and the Eventer Challenge at Blenheim. We also enter teams for the Hickstead qualifier.

To be considered for Hickstead and Gatcombe teams you need to be regularly competing at 1m-1m10. There are spaces for two teams to qualify for Hickstead but we do ask that anyone who puts themselves forward for the qualifier is also available for the final. Gatcombe is limited to a team of 4.

The Blenheim Eventer challenge is probably the most challenging competition of them all as it is comprised of a timed course made up of show jumps followed by cross country fences in a fairly small grass arena. The fences are all substantial and technical around 1m-1m05cm. Style marks are also awarded.

You must have re-newed your membership by 31st January each year to be eligible to ride at area and you must have attended at least three working rallies, camp counting as one.

You must attend working rallies and be an active member of the pony club to be considered for all the teams.

All competition and training dates are available from the website, it is your responsibility to register your interest for all training and competitions

Manager: Davina Jones