Trail Hunting

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Ledbury Hunt Masters kindly welcome our Members out Trail Hunting but please note PC Insurance does not cover hunting. Members are encouraged to join the Countryside Alliance to cover 3rd party liability.

For membership visit Countryside Alliance.  Tel;  020 7840 9300 Membership hotline

PC Members younger than 14 have a mounted adult in charge in case of difficulty. Parents please do not expect any Subscriber to look after your child without pre-arranging it BEFORE the hunting day. Every Member should have a note of their Parents’ mobile numbers in their pocket when out hunting.


Some Helpful Hunting Tips

Dear All,

Pony Club members are very welcome.

Parents : please be aware that your child is not covered by Pony Club insurance for hunting and therefore it is strongly recommended that you invest in an additional policy with the Countryside Alliance – it is not expensive and details can be found on their website

Members should not be hunting unaccompanied unless they are over 14, have achieved C+ test or are known to be seasoned and experienced hunters.  Please make sure that your child has a piece of paper in their pocket with an emergency contact number for their parents and a responsible adult should be either following by foot, by car or be in the vicinity.  Whilst hunting is great fun and very enjoyable, it is also a dangerous sport and sadly accidents do happen. Please make sure that you contact an experienced adult hunter to keep an eye out for your child and act as their minder.Parents please do not expect any Subscriber to look after your child without pre-arranging it BEFORE the hunting day.

Dress : tweed jacket, with a shirt and Pony Club tie, older members may like to wear a stock.  Beige jodphurs, clean, well polished boots and chaps if you wear them.  Hat covers should be navy blue, black or dark brown.  Don’t forget your gloves!!!  A chocolate bar or a handful of sweets or some other snack is good to have in your pocket for those peckish moments!!!

Your pony should be spotlessly clean.

On arrival, please make sure that you say Good Morning to the Masters and Hunt Staff, please make sure that you pay your cap to the Field Secretary.  When you decide to go home, please remember to say Good Night to the Masters and in particular, let your “Minder” know that you are going home!!!!

As junior members of the field, where ever and whenever possible, you should jump off to open and and shut gates.  This is not always possible as some gates do not open easily and require a strong adult.  If someone else opens a gate,  please make sure that you thank them as you ride through the gateway.

Hunt Staff and hounds always have priority especially at jumps and gateways.  Please wait your turn to jump and if you know that your horse is a poor jumper, ask someone if you can tuck in behind and have a lead!

If at any time you are unsure as to what to do or where to go, just ask your “Minder” or another member of the field.  Above all we hope that you have a very happy time and that you thoroughly enjoy yourselves