Saturday December 9, 2023
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Badges & Tests

Achievement Badges are a fun way to find out more about the countryside and horsemanship.  Badges related to the countryside, like wild flowers, trees, etc. should be researched independently, whilst training for horse-related subjects is carried out at the Pony Club field.  Badge Testing takes place at the Pony Club field during the spring & summer holidays.  Training is free of charge to members and Badges are £2 each, payable on the day of the test.  Badges can be sewn onto your Mid Surrey sweatshirt.

View the Pony Club’s syllabus for Mini Achievement Badges (aimed at those 9 years and younger) and Achievement Badges. Members attending Mini Camp will automatically be awarded the Handling & Grooming and Tack Cleaning Badges.  Members attending Camp will automatically gain their Handling & Grooming, Tack Cleaning and Mucking Out Badges.  Gold Awards are presented when 14 mini or 21 main badges have been achieved!

Mini Road Rider & Road Rider Achievement Badges are ridden tests and are prerequisites to D & D+ Efficiency Tests and C Efficiency Tests respectively.  




Efficiency Tests are designed to be taken at recommended ages and work towards goals to advance members’ experience and understanding of riding and stable management.  They provide a staircase of knowledge and progression when taken in sequence.  Learn all about the Pony Club Efficiency Tests and download the Test syllabuses.  

Training and testing takes place at the Pony Club field.  E, D & D+ Tests cost £6 and C Test is £5 per section.  Please refer to Tack & Turnout which gives guidance on what to wear and how to turnout on the day of your Test.  New members must have attended three mounted rallies before they can take any Test.  When you pass a Test, you will be awarded a small felt disc, the colour of which denotes the level of Test.  This should be worn behind your Pony Club badge on the left hand side of your jacket or sweatshirt at all Pony Club events.


Members are emailed before Easter with dates and plans for all upcoming training & testing which takes place during the spring and summer holidays, along with the relevant forms and booking information.  Please contact the Committee Member in charge of Badges & Tests, if you have any questions.



Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship