Saturday December 9, 2023
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Tack & Turnout


The Pony Club is an international youth organisation and just like the Cub Scouts and Girl Guides, members are required to wear a uniform and to present themselves smartly at all Pony Club activities.  Horses & ponies are also expected to look clean and tidy, with tails & manes brushed and feet correctly shod/trimmed.



You will be given the opportunity to order a short or long Pony Club tie and a member’s badge when completing your membership application and these will be sent to you in the post with your membership pack.  Your tie should be worn with a white long-sleeved shirt at all ridden Pony Club events.  The badge, and under it the felt colour received on achieving your most recent Test, placed on left lapel of your Mid Surrey sweatshirt.  Please come to all ridden rallies wearing preferably beige jodhpurs and prepared with tack for flatwork and jumping as well as gloves, hat and a body protector.  Coloured jodhpurs may be worn at un-mounted rallies.



Please contact the Branch Secretary to purchase Mid Surrey branded sweatshirts and numnahs.  These can be collected from the Pony Club field barn.  Download the how-to for purchasing customised Mid Surrey branded 2020 hoodies, polo tops and t-shirts in child & adult sizes.  Generic Pony Club merchandise can be purchased through its online shop.



Of paramount importance is the safety of our members and their horses/ponies.  Electronic devices, including recording devices attached to hats, etc., are not permitted when riding.  No jewellery is allowed, other than a wristwatch, stock pin and tie clip.  Earrings, including sleepers, are not allowed.  Medical armbands must be worn for cross-country competitions if the rider has a medical condition.



Compulsory at all ridden events and with a dark cover for rallies & Tests.  It is considered the responsibility of the parent to get the rider’s hat(s) checked by a member of the Committee at the Pony Club field, in order they can confirm it meets the Pony Club Hat Rule standards and affix an aquamarine Pony Club tag to it before first using it at Mid Surrey events.  Hat / silk colour and type of hat required varies when competing, please refer to the Pony Club Rulebooks for each discipline.



Body protectors are compulsory for all cross country riding & pony racing and when worn, must meet the Pony Club Body Protector Rule.



Jodhpur boots with clips or half chaps (no tassels) or long boots should be worn to all ridden events.  Spurs may be worn in competition only if the rider has passed B Test or has written permission from the District Commissioner on the advice of the Chief Instructor.  Spurs may be no longer than 3cm and must be fitted with any curve pointing downwards.  They must be blunt without rowels or sharp edges.  Please refer to the Pony Club Rulebooks for discipline-specific footwear regulations when competing.



Must be clean!  Stirrup irons should be of the right size to fit the rider’s boot, with .75″ or 7mm clearance on either side.  Nickel bits & irons not recommended.  Refer to the Pony Club Rulebooks for discipline-specific tack regulations when competing.



You are required to wear either a tweed jacket with Pony Club tie or coloured stock, or blue or black jacket with Pony Club tie or white or cream stock.  Jackets may be removed in warm up but shirts must have long sleeves, be fastened at the neck and worn with the tie or stock.  Dark/coloured jodhpurs are not permitted, gloves are compulsory and horse/pony must be plaited.  Please bring a body protector with you to your Test.  Riding boots may be long or jodhpur boots and half chaps without tassels may be worn.  Hat must be a dark colour.



What to wear and what tack to use at a competition will differ according discipline.  Familiarise yourself with the appropriate Pony Club Rulebook regulations for the relevant discipline well in advance so that you are prepared.  Pony Club merchandise can be purchased online and please refer to your Team Organiser for any team-specific clothing to wear when representing the branch.


VACCINATIONS  Horses and ponies attending any rally or camp must have a valid passport and vaccination record.  These should accompany the horse or pony and be available for inspection by officials on request.  Annual vaccinations are required for Mid Surrey rallies and camps.  Competition requirements will differ according to venue.