Thursday September 19, 2019
Working Rallies

Rally Dates March – April 2019 to send out[18977]

Rallies are open to all ages, concentrating in different disciplines.  To qualify for Area Competitions, members must have completed 3 working rallies since the previous July.

Working Rallies – (Jumping up to 75cm)
Open to all members but aimed at those just starting out or gaining confidence – ALL WELCOME!
We run sessions throughout the year and they are a great opportunity to meet other members of the club as well as old friends.

A list of these dates is attached to this email and all rallies can be booked via the MPC website

Rally at Star Farm – 10.00/11.30 Sat 28th Sept with Charlie
This rally is open to all members, a great opportunity to school over the show jumps and XC fences at Star Farm and for younger members to get some practise riding courses. The cost is £15, groups will be for 1.5 hours and Charlie will be instructing, bookings can be made via the booking platform on the MPC website.
Dressage Rallies
These rallies are open to anyone who would like to improve their flat work and those preparing for the Area Dressage Competition, the cost will be £20 for a 40 minute private lesson. Please let me know if you would like to attend. If you cannot make any of the Dressage Rally dates Chris will try to fit you in on another day, but only the advertised dates will be counted as ‘rallies’ also Chris may charge more if she has to come out to you.
Show Jumping Rally 

Pollocrosse Rally

Future Polocrosse rallies will probably be held on a weekday evening, more information will be available soon.

Mounted Games Training – Ideal for younger members and anyone under 14yrs looking to gain new skills and confidence with their ponies.
If you would like to take part please contact Julie Crew for further information.

Area 9 Training dates are now published on PC Events Page