Tuesday January 18, 2022
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MPC Working Rallies

Rallies are open to all ages, concentrating in different disciplines.  To qualify for Area Competitions, members must have completed 3 working rallies since the previous July.

please book and pay for your rallies through the ‘Bookings Page’ on the MPC website – bookings will not be accepted with out the corresponding PayPal payment.

Working Rallies 
Open to all members but aimed at those just starting out or gaining confidence – ALL WELCOME!
We run sessions throughout the year and they are a great opportunity to meet other members of the club as well as old friends.

Forthcoming Rally Dates
Unless otherwise stated the following rallies are open to all members. Book by email to julieacrew@gmail.com. Closing date for bookings is one week before the rally date, times and request for payment will be sent approximately 5 days before the date.

MPC Rallies 

Mounted Games Rally at Cross Farm  – Sun 23rd January 2.00 & 3.00
Again these rallies are proving to be very popular and members are improving their skills at each rally they attend.
We would like to send a couple of teams to the Area Mounted Games Competition on 16th April, this will mean that members have something to aim for!

Show Jump Rallies with Nici Bartropp
Sun 30th Jan 10.00 onwards at CCR Equestrian – groups from 70cm upwards
Mon 21st Feb 10.00 onwards at Rectory Farm – groups from 70cm upwards

Aston Farm Rallies – these rallies are for members in school year 8 and below
Sun 30th January – 1pm onwards
Sun 6th March – 2pm onwards
Sun 27th March – 2pm onwards

Polo Rally at The Beaufort Polo Club – pm on Sun 16th January
If you would like to attend this please email Rachael Reeves <rachaelreeves@hotmail.co.uk>
Pollocrosse Rally

Future Polocrosse rallies will probably be held on a weekday evening, more information will be available soon.

Mounted Games Training – Ideal for younger members and anyone under 14yrs looking to gain new skills and confidence with their ponies.
If you would like to take part please contact Julie Crew for further information.
MPC ‘D+’ & ‘C’ Test Care Training & Tests

Area 9 Training dates are now published on PC Events Page