Saturday December 2, 2023
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Hat Tag Requirements 2023


From 1st January 2023 all equestrian bodies (PC, RC, BE, BS & BD) will be checking riding hats 




New Riding Hat Rules for 2023
In order to ensure riders are wearing the most up to date riding hats, from the 1st January 2023 the following hat standards will no longer be accepted:
1. PAS O15 1998
2. SNELL 2001


From 1st January 2023 all riding hats must be ‘tagged’ with a new hat tag which shows that it has been checked and is of the current accepted standards – see attachment for more details. Please be aware that when competing your hats must have the ‘new’ hat tag. There are 3 ways MPC members can get your riding hats checked and issued with a new tag:

  1. District Commissioner Julie Crew
  2. Stroud Farm Services