Sunday September 24, 2023
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We would love to hear from any of our members who have been out and about taking part in Pony Club Competitions.

June 2023

****    Great success at the Area SHOW JUMPING at RECTORY FRAM on 4th JUNE.   ****

We had a very busy day at the Area 9 Show Jumping which was held at Rectory Farm on Sunday 4th June, in total 15 Minchinhampton members represented our branch in all classes from 70cm – 110cm.

The day started early with Aimee competing in the 110, Aimee was placed 4th individually and has qualified for the National Championships as part of a mixed team.
Liv & Jess C competed in the 100cm class with Liv placing 2nd as an individual and qualifing for the National Championships and their team, which was combined with two members from the Worcestershire branch, was placed 1st – also qualifing for the National Championships.
We had two teams in the 90cm – Liv, Florrie, Jess & Katie F were placed 3rd as a team and qualified for the National Championships, Liv was placed 6th individually. In our second team Tabitha jumped a double clear but had an unfortuate 4 faults in the jump off, Ella jumped clear in the first round but had 4 faults in the second and Charlotte had 12 faults in the second round.
In the 80cm competition Charlotte had 8 faults, India had 4 faults and Freya jumped a double clear and has qualified for the Regional Championships to be held at Rectory Farm on Sunday 27th August.
In the 70cm competition Faith was clear in the first round but had 4 faults in the second, Maddie had 4 faults in the first round and an unfortunate ‘dismount’ in the second, Maisie had 4 faults in the first round and then had a ‘sat nav’ error in the second, Arthur jumped a double clear and has also qualified for the Regional Championships.
Keira D represented the branch in the 70+ placing 2nd with 4 faults in the first round and then jumping clear in the second.

A fantastic day for our branch with 10 Championship qualifications but also great team spirit and enthusiasm shown by all members who took part.


February 2023

Pony Club Barrier Health National Spring Festival 12th February
Jess C was placed 4th in the Novice Dressage Championships and 1st in the Warm Up Test
Merrie also competed in the Novice Dressage) & Tabitha in the 90cm Show Jumping, unfortunately neither were placed but it was a great experience and lot’s to take ‘on board’ for the future.

Cotswold PC Arena Eventing @ CCR – 23rd February
Sophie B – placed 1st in the 60cm
Alice F – 4 faults in the 60cm but clear in the 70cm placing 9th
Ella F – 4 faults in the 80cm but was clear in the 90cm placing 8th

Croome PC Show Jumping at Hartpury – 26th February
Minchinhampton Pony Club members had a fantastic day at the Croome PC show jumping at Hartpury on Sunday 26th February, it was great to see so many of our members taking part and this meant that there was a great ‘team’ atmosphere with everyone supporting each other.
Sophie B, Faith, Megan and Anna were team 4th
Olivia D, India C, Charlotte G all rode great rounds but unfortunately weren’t placed
Esme D, Liv A, Jess C, and Clara S came 2nd out of 11 teams.
Jess taking the individual win and Liv 3rd, the only team to have 4 clear rounds!
India C, Charlotte G, Katie F and Tabitha C came team 6th
Merrie B also competed as an individual.
Jess C, Isla S, and Esme D all rode really well around a big track and came team 3rd, with Liv A gaining a 2nd place individually.
Katie F, Clara S and Tabitha C weren’t placed on this occasion, but a big thank you to Katie for stepping in at last minute over the big track only taking one pole! Also Tabitha riding a horse she had only ridden twice!!
Isla S competed as an individual and was placed 4th.