Tuesday January 18, 2022
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MPC Results & Photo Gallery 2020/2021 (27.09)

We would love to hear from any of our members who have been out and about taking part in Pony Club Competitions.

September 2021

C+ Riding Assessment
Congratulations to Becky & Martha who both passed the ‘C+ Riding assessment on 11th September

Area 9 Show Jump Championships 5th September – Report from Mandy
Well done to all the Minchinhampton competitors in the Area 9 Show Jump Championship. Great team spirit showed by all the members.  Great riding by all and we had members in every class.
Faith had a beautiful double clear in the 50-55cm class
Arthur and Faith had great time in the 60/65cm but unfortunately both had a refusal. Poppy and Gin produced a lovely double clear and India and Tinks had a cracking round placing 4th in a very competitive class.
In the 70-75 class both Ella and India both produced cracking double clears.
In the 80-85 class Evie H, Ella F and Katie F all had double clears, Tabitha had an unfortunate pole. Katie F and Danny were placed 3rd individually. The team also came 3rd too so well done girls.
Livvy then went in to ride in the 90-95 and 1m-1.05 where she was placed 3rd and 6th.
I think it’s safe to say everyone had a great day. The sun was shining  and the horses behaved well.

August 2021

80cm Regional Show Jump Championships 29th August – Report from Claire
We had a lovely morning at Rectory Farm taking part at the 80cm Regional Show Jump Championships.
Katie, Tabitha, Neveah and Becky all rode well and were beautifully turned out!
1st round on wet grass was well ridden and the team ended on only 4 faults. The 2nd, bigger round in the arena proved harder and the team didn’t end in the rosettes but enjoyed their rounds.
Katie and Tabs did particularly well on young horses and it being the biggest course Tabs had jumped. Both ended on good scores. Well done girls!
Good company, ridden in the spirit of Minch Pony Club by all 4 girls. Love Minch ❤️

July 2021

The Junior Girls National Tetrathlon Championships

It is the only year that Isla and Clara S and Esme D will all be in the Junior class of tetrathlon, enabling them to make up a team of three to represent Minchinhampton PC, so they made it their goal to get to the National Championships as a team.  They have worked hard all year and realised their dream at the Area qualifiers at Oxstalls at the end of July. 
The timetable for the Nationals was over three days so both Mums and children ventured up on the Thursday to pitch the tents and be ready for the first day of shooting and swimming on the Friday. Camping is not the best preparation for competing…..! However, all the girls shot well and both Esme and Isla had a personal best in the swim which put them in second team place at the end of the first day.  The second day was the ride, which was very late in the day over a long course with quite a few technical questions.  They all rode brilliantly with Clara having one of the few clears in the class within the time.  Their overall ride score resulted in them maintaining their second team place as they dressed up for the highlight of the weekend, the Tetrathlon party on the Saturday evening.  A no adult affair in the large, prize giving tent, several hundred competitors from around the country danced the night away with some parents trying to gate crash to enjoy some much needed party vibes! 

Sunday morning saw the run with all the girls closely examining the previous days scores to try and ascertain what they needed to do to keep the third team, from the Beaufort, off their heals!   They all ran superbly, with another personal best from Isla, resulting in them finishing in second place overall.  The girls (and parents) were over the moon.  The whole weekend was a team effort from start to finish with amazing support from Charlie and Julie and all the parents (both Dad’s single handedly managing to get the horses there on their own on the Saturday!) and seeing them on the podium was just the icing on the cake. Individually out of a national class of 88 Isla finished 14th and both Esme and Clara finished in the 20s.  An amazing result for all of them and for Minchinhampton Pony Club.

The 90cm National Show Jumping Championships by Livvy A.
We left our house in the lorry at 5:30am, ready for the two hour journey ahead. I was excited but nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, as I knew it would be a tough competition and there were 70 others in my section. Anyway the journey went a lot quicker then I thought as I was asleep half the way in the lorry! We arrived in plenty of time and got Gunners passport checked and stable number. We drove down to the area 9 parking and on our way we saw so many big smart lorries but as my mum says, don’t ever be intimidated. My mum kindly got him plaited and my dad and I rode our bikes down to the arenas which were pretty far away, to walk the course and see where everything is. The course was a full up 90 with some difficult lines and spooky jumps. We rode our bikes back up then I got ready and rode Gunner down to warm up as I was 10th to go in. There had only been one clear round before me, and Gunner didn’t warm up very well and seemed half asleep. Luckily he put his jumping shoes back on and jumped a nice clear. We had a few hours until the second round so Pari and I just rode our bikes around the shops passing the time, and then walked the course for the second round. We started walking back to the arena which at Gunners pace takes a while! Then as soon as I got down there, I realised I had forgotten my number! So my dad quickly rode his bike back to the lorry to go and get it! Gunner warmed up lots better and produced another lovely clear, putting us into the jump off, only 7 people got through into the jump off. The jumps had gone up to around 100, which I knew Gunner was capable of, but I knew I would have to ride him more then ever to get the turns I needed to do if I wanted to win. One turn I wasn’t even planning on doing until I overheard someone discussing it with their trainer in the warm up, so I knew I’d have to add that turn in as well. I was 3rd to go in the jump off, the second the bell went I pushed Gunner forward into a pretty fast canter but kept him balanced so he could manage the turns. He pulled them all off and jumped clear, and went into the lead. I was so happy, but then we had the worst part, which was the waiting. There were 4 more as we watched nervously, the others were quick but we still held onto 1st. The last person to go had a pony that could turn well and hadn’t knocked a pole in 2 years. They went clear but weren’t quick enough and went into 3rd. That’s when I knew Gunner and I had won, it all felt very surreal and I never thought this would happen, but he tried his little heart out and we made it! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. We had the prize giving with fantastic prizes and got to stand on the podium. We then had a nice chilled evening getting pizza, visiting the horses in the stables, and riding our bikes around while mum dad and Liz celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco. The best two days anybody could ask for. 

PC National Championships – Open Show Jumping (Teams) and Individual Open Dressage by Pip Robb
We arrived at Offchurch Bury on Wednesday evening and were amazed at the size of the venue. Ellie B had come along to help Aimee with the horses and they took them both on a quiet hack around the grounds to get them used to the sponsors flags and work out where they needed to be the next day before settling them into their stables.
Aimee had an early first round SJ so they were up early to plait horses and walk the course. Freddie was a bit phased by the chaos in the warm up and managed to pick up 12 faults in his first round in what was a full up 110 course that only saw 15 of the 75 competitors go clear.
Then it was time to warm up Riley for his Open dressage test. He took a while to settle to the surroundings too and unfortunately didn’t deliver his usual relaxed test. Combined with a bit of pilot error at the end this placed them 12th in a class of 33, with a score of 62.73% (The winning score was 69.14%). Still a fantastic result when you think there were competitors from all around the UK, and this was his first test in a long arena. A BIG thank you to Chris Jordan for all her help in preparing these two for this level of competition.
Although she couldn’t walk the second round SJ course as it was the same time as the dressage, Aimee & Freddie had a great second round SJ with just a couple of unlucky poles down, but overall a very pleasing outcome as only 12 managed to go clear in this round and some competitors  had accumulated cricket scores!. She had been in a mixed team with two others from  Area 9 clubs but one had withdrawn after the first round so no team score to count sadly.
All in all an amazing experience, and Minchinhampton Pony Club was up there with the best of the rest. A wonderful result for our small club, and testament to the encouragement and dedication of our trainers, DC and committee.

PC National Championships 90cm Eventing by Liz Jafari
Pari was very proud to qualify to represent Minchinhampton in the Eventing Championships this year. We decided to head up a day early to support Liv and take in the atmosphere, as well as see how everything worked as it was our first “away event”. The experience was amazing .. a great atmosphere, enough competitiveness to keep you feeling on your toes and like it was a Championship, but lots of fun to be had too. Dressage went really well and Pari was standing in 5th after that phase, but an over energised Star on SJ and then a good choice by Pari to pull out on an XC shoulder element (in favour of keeping her knee cap intact😁), meant they dropped out of the placings. We came away knowing that they’d ridden a great ride on their toughest XC course yet and had an incredible experience.
Our advice for next years qualifying competitors … master the art of packing your whole tack room, fridge and house into your lorry/trailer, parents/grooms – take bikes and train your walking legs like you’re about to do a marathon (you will have done by the end of the trip!), competitors – ride your own ride … you can only do your best and we saw some of the regular winners struggle and some that hadn’t expected to, come out on top.
All in all, great fun and a fantastic learning experience. Thanks also go to Julie for organising us all so admirably and to Jo Mathieson on the day for some great XC/Star tips.

Area Dressage – Friday 23rd July – Report from Fran
We had a lovely day at the area Dressage though very thankful for some slightly cooler weather!
First on was Aimee who rode Freddie in the Intermediate and Riley in the Open. She came 3rd on Riley riding a beautiful test for 71.54% and qualified for the PC Champs – well done Aimee!
Our Novice put in a solid performance getting Team 4th with individual results in their sections as follows:
Esme 4th 68.18%
Isla 6th 66.14%
Pari 6th 69.77%
Ruby 8th 68.86%
And finally Neveah rode a super test in the Grassroots coming 6th with a score of 71.88% and has qualified for the Regional Champs – well done Neveah!
Special thanks as always to Chris Jordan for warming the girls and their horses up –  we are so lucky to benefit from her knowledge and experience at these events. And to Julie for being there to support keeping us all in order and in the right place!

Open Horse Trials at Pontispool – 18th July
Meg represented our branch and came 4th in this competition – which is an awesome result against the best from Area’s 9 and 15.

Area Horse Trials – Saturday 17th July
‘Well done’ to Pari and Star who came second in their section at the Area Eventing and in doing so qualified for the PC Championships at Offchurch Bury in August, Jess was 8th in her section, unfortunately no placings this time for Liv & Esme. The girls all rode really well and were all in the lead in their respective sections after dressage, so lots to look forward to in the future

Area Show Jumping – Saturday 10th July
Huge ‘well done’ to our members who represented Minchinhampton branch at the Area Show Jumping today – as to be expected, a few ‘ups & downs’ but all members rode extremely well and were a credit to our branch. Aimee (110) and Liv (90) have both qualified for the Championships to be held at Offchurch Bury in August and our 80cm team have qualified for the Regional Champs which will be held at Rectory Farm on 29th August.
110 Individual – Aimee
90cm Team – Pari, Jess, Liv & Evie
80cm Team – Martha, Katie, Tabitha
70cm Team – Ella, India, Poppy

June 2021

Bowldown Results – 27th June
Evie was individual 7th in the 85 and 8th in the 95 but got team 1st in the 95.
Isla was individual 1st In the 65 and team 2nd.
Liv won the meter and team 1st for a mixed team.

Area Horse & Pony Care Results – 27th June
Congratulations to our ‘Mini’ Teams who took part at the Area Horse & Pony Care Competition on 27th June, it was great to see such enthusiasm and team spirit from our younger members.
Tabitha, Phoebe & India (Minchinhampton Meerkats) came 3rd and Sophie, Faith & Anna (Minchinhampton Monkeys) came 8th, both of which are fantastic results when competing against all the other branches from across Area 9

Tresham Mini ODE – 13th June – Report from Mandy
All of our younger members had a lovely day in the sun albeit very hot competing at their 1st ODE this year.
I believe as a club we had a successful day with Mollie, Arthur and  Polly  being placed 6th in their classes. I’d also like to add it was Polly’ s first competition. Well done Polly.
Anna rode a beautiful dressage test scoring a great score of 18.3. 👏 and coming 9th over all.
Harriet also completed all 3 elements extremely well and placed 7th in her group.
Faith had a great ride with a clear round in SJ and XC.
Sophie, Freddie and Poppy all did extremely well to compete in such heat but unfortunately all had minor problems later on in the day.  Well done team Minch.

Cotswold PC Show Jumping at CCR Equestrian – Wed 2nd June
Report from Mandy on 50, 60 & 70cm Classes
Firstly I would like to say how proud I am of our younger members who competed at CCR this week. They all showed courage and resilience as some ponies didn’t make it easy for their little jockeys. We had falls, faults, eliminations but they all tried extremely hard. The day was mix bag for most members.
Faith had two double clears in the 50cm( getting placed 6th) and 60cm just outside placings.
Isla hall completed two beautiful rounds in the 60/70cm if only Dudley would choose not to have a ‘poo’  before going into the first fence. 😂
We also saw Maisie, Megan, Poppy and Anna complete the 60cm course with courage and determination.
In the 70cm we had Sophie , India, Poppy and Freddie who again rode extremely well and completed their course with conviction but not with out faults.
The next class was the pairs this was always going to be tough. we had Freddie and Jasper vs Anna and India vs Tabitha and Sophie. Again the ponies didn’t want to play and made this a complicated class for most. We saw stops and falls but all members had a great time and completed the course with a smile and enjoyed the competitive spirit.
Freddie and Jasper won the judges choice award in this class.

Jannah,Tabitha, Katie, Neveah competed in the 80cm class, with Evie coming 2nd,
Jannah, Martha, Pari, Becky, Katie, Jess, Liv & Evie competed in the 90cm class, Jess was placed 2nd, Liv – 3rd and Evie – 6th.
Liv, Jess and Pari competed in the 100cm Class – Liv was placed 1st and Jess – 3rd

April 2021

Report from Junior Show at Rectory Farm – Sat 10th & Sun 11th April
A huge ‘Well Done’ to all of our younger members who took part at this competition – some had better days than others, but there was a great team spirit and lot’s of lessons learnt for the future. Congratulations to the following – Class 4 on Sunday – Jasper 1st, Charlotte 3rd and the Team of Jasper, Charlotte, Tabitha & Fred were placed 4th. Also to Olivia who was placed 8th in Class 2 on Saturday.

Report from Sam on Cotswold Vale Dri-Tri – Sat 17th April

On Saturday 17th April, 3 families headed to Ace Cross Country to compete in the CVFH Dry Tri (no swimming going on for tetrathlon yet). Unusually the run and shoot phases were combined into the Pentathlon discipline of laser shoot with run which was a first for everyone. The cross country was not full height but plenty of turns to fences which was good for a first outing of the 2021 season. Overall results were excellent for teams and individuals: Betsy H 3rd individual Senior Girl, Junior Girls Team 1st (individually Esme D 1st, Isla S 3rd, Clara S 6th) and Jasper S placed 1st Mini Boy. The weather was glorious, the ground perfect and the CVFH stewards were all very welcoming and well organised. If anyone would like to get involved please contact Ella Skelston or Sam Hunt and we’ll let you know about upcoming competitions to come and have a go. Next local Tet is at Gadbury, hosted by the Ledbury on 22nd and 23rd May. The Tet family is very friendly!

December 2020

Show Jump Results Hartpury 6th Dec
Congratulations to our members who did so well at the Area 9 SJ Competition at Hartpury on 6th December 

75cm – 1st Clara,  80cm – 2nd Isla S, 4th Clara,  90cm – 1st Liv. 3rd Jess, 6th Pari, 8th Isla L

1m – 2nd Liv, 4th Jess, 5th Pari

October 2020

Firstly HUGE  ‘congratulations’  to Rio who has passed both the jumping and flat work sections of the Pony Club ‘A’ Test. This test is the highest level of achievement within the Pony Club and very few members across the country attain this standard. The test is notoriously difficult to pass and it is a testament to Rio’s hard work, plus a desire to keep improving her riding, that has enabled her to achieve this standard. Well Done

September 2020

Results – Area 9 Show 6th September
Class 2 – 50cm
Anna – Clear, Arthur – Clear, Faith – 12 faults, Jasper – Clear. Team placed 6th, Jasper placed individual 6th
Class 3 – 60cm
Clara – Clear, Jasper – 4 faults, Fred – Clear, Sophie – Clear, Tabitha – 4 faults.  Team placed 5th
Class 5 – 70cm
Clara – Clear, Ella – 4 faults, Liv – Clear. Liv placed individual 4th, Clara placed individual 8th
Class 5 – 80cm
Izzy – 4 faults

August 2020

Area Dressage – 26th August – report from Fran

We had ten members compete with the club being represented by two teams – one in the Open and one in the Novice class.  Three members  also competed as individuals in the Novice and Grassroots classes. 

In the open class Meg, Betsy and Aimee were placed 2nd as a team with Aimee placing 5th as an individual.

In the Novice Class our team were Becky, Esme, Merri and Pari who placed 6th, with an individual 1st in her section for Esme, 7th for Merri and 8th for Becky.

Our individual entries were Ruby in the Novice, Wilf and Sophie in the Grassroots. Ruby came 5th in her section and Wilf came 1st in his. An extra special congratulations to Sophie who really showed true pony club spirit and was completely unflappable when she discovered that her test couldn’t be called with only one rider to go before her. She went in smiling and remembered it all!

Open Dressage – Report from Betsy
Meg, Betsy and Aimee teamed up to ride the Open Test with enthusiasm and commitment to regular training. Chris Jordan helped us all train and prepare over the last few weeks culminating in a ‘dress rehearsal’ on Monday before the competition with final tips to help us, which meant we all felt ready to do our best. Aimee rode a slightly tense test first on Freddie, followed by a beautifully ridden test on Riley with some very flashy medium trot and good transitions. Meg rode a consistent test with some lovely transitions and paces shown by Wombat. Betsy borrowed a young Connemara (as Rupert is disappointingly off work) and rode a good, accurate test with improvements in his straightness and transitions on the day, which the judge liked. Overall Minchinhampton was placed second in the team event and Aimee achieved 5th individually with Riley; we are all pleased with our horses’ performances at the Open level.

Area 9 Inter-Branch 110cm Show Jumping – Saturday 29th August
Rio & Abbey represented our branch in this competition, Abbey jumped clear in the first round


B Test Results
Congratulations to Aimee & Laura who both passed the ‘B’ Test during the August – this is a great achievement which hopefully other members will aspire to do in the future.

June 2020

Ledbury Branch Virtual Biathlon
Jasper – ‘Tadpole Boys’ – 2nd place
Clara – ‘Mini Girls’ – 2nd Place
Isla – ‘Junior Girls’ – 4th Place 

Area 9 Strava Club
Harriet – Week 7 – Winner of the ‘Beanie Girls’ section for Most time spent Running and Cycling’
Harriet – Week 6 – Winner of the ‘Beanie Girls’ section for ‘Most time spent Running and Cycling’
Florrie – Week 5 – Winner of the ‘Junior Girls’ section for ‘Most time spent Running & Cycling’
Florrie – Week 4 – Winner of the ‘Junior Girls’ section for ‘Most time spent Running & Cycling’
Florrie – Week 3 – Winner of the ‘Junior Girls’ section for ‘Most time spent Running & Cycling’
Florrie – Week 2 – Winner of the ‘Junior Girls’ section for ‘Most time spent Cycling’

Area 9 – Where’s my PC Tie Competition
Poppy (and Adele the lamb) – Winners of the 10 – 13yrs category 

MPC – Virtual Dressage Competition
1st – Aimee & Riley – 77.11%
2nd – Meg & Wombat – 73.46%
3rd – Isla S – 73.33%
4th – Aimee & Freddie – 70.0%
5th – Becky R – 69.31%
6th – Esme D – 68.75%



Pony Picture Competition 
Winner – Simba enjoying his breakfast








May 2020

Pony Glow Up Competition
Congratulations to Liv who won the Pony Glow Up Competition (5 points)

Results from Round 5 of the Quiz Challenge
Our quiz experts are getting very good and this week three members got all answers correct This was a very difficult round that required some research into Equine Diseases so well done to – Isla L, Liv and Merri – 5 points awarded to each of you

Results from Round 4 of the Quiz Challenge
=1st – Isla L & Liv – 14/15
=2nd – Becky & Merri – 13/15

January 2020

MPC End of Year Celebration































December 2019

Cotswold Vale Farmers PC Triathlon – 14th December
Congratulations to Isla S who was placed 1st in the Girls Junior Class at this event – with best run and best shoot, and to Clara who was placed 3rd in the Minimus Class and Jasper who was placed 3rd in the Tadpoles class – with best shoot.

Ledbury PC Show Jumping at Hartpury – 1st December
Several of our members took part at the Ledbury PC Show Jump competition at Hartpury on 1st December – Esme came 1st in the horse section of the 80cm class, Isla L was placed 3rd in the horse section of the 80cm and had a clear round in the pairs, Liv was placed 5th in the pony section of the 80cm class, Pari was clear in the 75/80cm but had one down in the 80, and after a very long wait as the classes were running an hour late – Isla S had an unfortunate pole in the 90cm.

November 2019

Congratulations to Katie & Pari who passed the ‘C’ Test Care on Sunday 27th October and to Aimee, Georgie, Laura, Lucy & Ruby who passed the ‘C+’ Care on Sunday 3rd November. The Pony Club is primarily a ‘Training Organisation’ and knowledge that is gained through taking these tests and working up the levels, will enable members to care for their horses and ponies well into the future.

October 2019

Stockland Lovell Residential Weekend 11th & 12th October
We had a great weekend at Stockland Lovell – it was a bit wet underfoot but members were able to use the XC course on both days and we managed to do the whole weekend without getting wet. The members who attended were all really enthusiastic and did a fantastic job of looking after their own ponies – with very little help from the adults.
A huge thank you to the adults who attended, all of whom helped to provide the food and took it in turns to do various ‘duties’ over the weekend. Hopefully more members will join us next year. PS thank you for the flowers that arrived today