Saturday May 27, 2023
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Pony Club Tests

If you are interested in taking Pony Club Tests please contact Julie on 07855 852710.nFor more information and guidelines, please follow the link below to the main Pony Club website.


The E, D and D+ Tests

These are designed for the younger rider.  Before attempting the D Test, members must have passed the Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge.  The DC will arrange simple test preparation and select the Assessor.

These tests are usually carried out during Camp or a Rally.  Successful candidates will be awarded Citron Yellow (E), Yellow (D), and White (D+) circular felts which are worn behind the membership badge, together with a signed certificate.


Tests – ‘C’ Test Care, ‘C+’ Test & Road Safety
Both the C and C+ tests are more demanding and require much greater skill.  Candidates generally need specific training on all parts of the syllabus if they are to succeed.  Before attempting the C+ Test, they must pass either the BHS Riding & Road Safety Test or The Pony Club Road Rider Test.

The DC will arrange these tests.

Road Rider Test ā€“ This is part of the ā€˜Cā€™ Test but also open to any members aged 10 and over who would like to take the test, we usually spend 2-3 hours doing the training followed by a short test.


The B Test

The B Test has two parts.  The first part is the B Riding Test and the second is the B Horse & Pony Care Test.  To be awarded a full B Test Pass certificate both parts must be passed either together or separately.  Candidates should ideally hold their full C+ Test, but members who hold only their C+ Test Horse & Pony Care may take the B Test Horse & Pony Care, subject to the approval by the Area Representative and DC.


Test Candidates must be examined by two Assessors in each part of the Test.  Only in exception circumstances, and with the approval of the Area Representative, will there be less than one.

Candidates must be over 14 years of age.  The fee is payable to the Area Representative who organises the tests.  The venue may also carry a fee.

Candidates who pass the Riding component will be awarded a beige felt and certificate.  Those who pass the Pony Care component will be awarded a brown felt and certificate.  A red felt and certificate for the full B Pass will be given once both felts have been awarded.  Branch members taking this test must have the endorsement of their DC.


To be added (in progress)

The Lungeing Test 

The B+ Test

The AH Test 

The A Riding Test

The Coaching Certificate

Achievement Badges (and Mini)

Competition Badges

Please see PC Yearbook or website for full details and additional information