Wednesday November 29, 2023
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Camp 2015


The North Staffordshire Hunt Branch was established in 1931 and is part of Pony Club Area 7.

Interested in Joining?

Pony Club is a great way to meet others interested in riding, and have an opportunity to have some fun, receive training and enjoy competitions.  We have at least one instructional flatwork or show jumping rally per month, and these are for everyone – those jumping 3 foot, or poles on the ground – we try to be very inclusive! We have training and competitions both internal and inter-branch, provide training for all Pony Club tests and achievement and mini achievement badges. We hold an annual senior residential summer camp, and a 3-day junior non-residential camp.  We are an active branch with about 50 instructional rallies a year.  COME AND JOIN US!

The North Staffordshire Pony Club area is approximately bounded by the Potteries to the north, the Shropshire border to the west, and the A518 to the south. The eastern boundary is less easy to define but extends a little way east of Stafford, Stone and the Potteries urban areas.   This is just to give you an idea of where our members come from, you are free to join any branch you choose.

You are very welcome to come and have a look at us at one of our events before you join.

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************************All Horses & Ponies need to be up to date with there vaccinations ***********