Wednesday November 29, 2023
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Musical Ride/Drill Ride


Musical Ride / Drill Ride

What is a Musical Ride?

‚ÄčA Musical Ride is a group of riders performing a series of movements to music. Teams consist of between 4 and 20 members and all riders must be over the age of 6 on the 1st of January of the current year. Any size of horse or pony may participate, once they can be safely controlled by their rider.
 The display may proceed for a total of 8 minutes plus one minute to enter and exit the arena respectively. Musical Ride is a really enjoyable experience that you can undertake with a group of friends. 

We would like to put together a team for the coming year. If you are interested please get in touch with us. 

Our Team Manager is Lucy Bexon – 07767 774 164








Musical Ride Competition| The Pony Club Competitions

The Musical Ride is a spectacle not to be missed! Teams of between 6 and 12 riders perform their own choreographed routine to music, wearing themed costumes or Branch/Centre sweatshirts. Marks can be achieved for the ride content, choice of music and overall artistic presentation and so we encourage Pony Clubs to practise and prepare a ride this summer!