Wednesday November 29, 2023
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Taster Days
Taster Days

If you have ever wondered what Pony Club is like and you would like to give it a try, we offer the chance to non members to attend a Taster rally as a newcomer.  You would need to contact any of our committee members to express their interest & then book on to any of our rallies on our Branch Events page, they do not need to become a member to do so.  

You can book into any rally as a non member just the once, to give things a try. You will still need to pay for the rally and book in in the usual way, using the online system, but you don’t need to become a member first.  (You DO need to be a member to take part in any team events  – and show that you are regularly attending rallies – and also to attend camp).  We don’t mind people joining in order to attend Camp (the Camps are great fun!) but we do need to see you beforehand and check that we know the capability of you and your pony so we can plan your group at the Camp.  You can chose any rally or activity to join in as your Taster Day, as long as Natalie, our rally DC is happy it is suitable! Have a look at the Branch Events page to see what takes your fancy.  Some things to note…

… For the juniors, in addition to rallies, we also run achievement badge sessions. These are fairly short informal teaching sessions designed to cover a given topic eg mucking out, grooming, points of the pony etc. The children are awarded a badge at the end of the session (a bit like a swimming badge) which they can then sew onto the arm of their PC sweatshirt.  Just as the older children can attain their achievement badges, the older children can take their E Test, D Test, D+ Test, C Test, C+ test & B and so on. (A bit like belts in judo). Like the judo belts, you get a coloured badge depending what level you have got to, and you wear this on your riding jacket under your PC badge.  There are also Riding & Road Safety Test as the children progress through the levels. 

If you want to find out more about what goes on through the year then have a browse of the website and feel free to contact any of the committee members who will be happy to help.  We also have a Facebook Page with lots of photos and news.