Wednesday November 29, 2023
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Tetrathlon is a  pony club competition covering four disciplines:  Jumping, running, swimming and shooting.

The shooting is done with air pistols at targets , ( which pony club provide), the running distance varies from 1000 m to 3000m depending on age, swimming as far as you can in 2-4 minutes time depending on age and then a course of jumps on grass, the height depending on age.

During the winter months the jumping is excluded and the competition becomes a triathlon.

Look out for new dates for shooting practice.

Age groups   8-11  Minimus,     11-14 Junior,   15-21 Senior,  up to 25 Open

So for starters Pony Club tetrathlon is running, shooting, swimming and riding and this takes place from April to about September, over the winter months we do triathlon which is just running, shooting and swimming. Both tet and tri have their own championship, the Triathlon champs are held in Milton Keynes on the 31st March and the Tetrathlon champs are held between Warwick uni and Off church Berry in August, the summer Tetrathlon champs have a grass roots section which you do not need to qualify for, as its aimed at encouraging people to ‘have a go’.

Tet and tri are  split in to the following classes: –

 Beanies (under 8) 500m run, 2 min swim and bean bags at a target
Intro 8-9 shoot 7m static target, 1000m run, 2 min swim
Mini 10-11 turning target, 2 hands 7m, run 1000m 2 min swim
Junior 12-14 7m 1 hand turning target, 1500m run and 3 min swim
Intermediate/open 10m 1 hand turning target, 3000m run and 3min swim
Each class is split boys and girls

Jump height are added for the tet, but they only start on open cross country courses in the mini category, otherwise it more like arena eventing in a school.

We have been invited to shoot train with the North Shropshire PC and when I have dates I’ll make them available, it’s normally £5 a session and we have one air pistol that can be borrowed so don’t worry about not having one.

Sports equipment
For running and swimming we try to stick to our club colour, black and use our camp polo shirts and hoodies but it’s not important. Depending on the ground conditions it can easier to run in football boots but trainers work just as well.

Triathlon and Tetrathlon winter update and what’s on this summer

Firstly; a quick round up of the winter tri season, the North Staffs team have had a successful winter triathlon season with lots of new faces in the team. Everyone’s shooting has come on in leaps and bounds with scores of 700+ being posted regularly and personal bests in swimming and running a regular accordance.  Two members competed at the Triathlon Winter Finals both put in good showing. We aim to have a team there next March.

We now have one of our parents qualified as a Range office so we should be able to look at introducing a more formal approach to shoot training.  However; if you would like to have ago before we have schedule event check out Albrightion and North Shrops, PC web site as they often have training evenings and are happy to have us come along.

Training we have planning some tet focused XC training to look at stop boxes, slip rails and gates.

NB with regard to XC long sleeves are essential so XC skins, body protectors and skull caps to current standards, long with a XC medical arm band.