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Each Branch covers a geographical area and is organised using the Purposes and the Rules of The Pony Club. Every Branch is led by a District Commissioner helped by a Committee of people assigned to specific roles to support the running of the Branch. Please note every member of the Branch Committee is a volunteer, dedicating spare time to support every Member.

Here you will find the contact details for Pentyrch Committee Members able to help with enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Pentyrch Pony Club has traditionally had a membership base from those living / keeping horses in the north Cardiff area, but as time has gone on we have members from all areas of Cardiff, RCT, Newport, Caerphilly, Rudry and further afield. 

We are a small but active club, priding ourselves on a friendly and welcoming environment for all children and young people, we currently have members aged from 3yrs up to 20yrs, but you can stay in Pony Club until the age of 25yrs. We try to enable members to take part in all pony club activities, including mounted rallies, achievement badges, triathlon / tetrathlon and Area Competitions.


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Lynda Evans

District Commissioner
Lynda has been DC of Pentyrch Pony Club for over 30+ years initially being involved when her son was a member of the club. Lynda is keen to promote the values of Pony Club and encourage all members to take part in a variety of pony club activities. During the summer months a number of rallies are held at Lynda’s farm on the Garth Mountain overlooking Cardiff.
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Sue Ducroq

Club Secretary
Sue has been Secretary of Pentyrch PC for over 30+years, again initially getting involved with the club when her daughter started with the club at the age of 7yrs. Sue still regularly rides her horse Levi, and between them have a combined age of over 100yrs!
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Coral Ducroq

Principle Instructor
Coral has instructed with the Pentrych Pony Club since she grew too old for pony club (at the time 21yrs); Coral had been a member of Pentyrch Pony club for over 15yrs, during her time in Pony Club Coral participated in all activities including Open Area Competitions and competing on several occasions at the Pony Club National Tetrathlon Championships. . Coral currently works full time as a town planner; owns her own horse who she has bought on from a 3yrs old, and enjoys all Riding Club activities and is a member of British Eventing.
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Iona Pearson

Principle Instructor
The same as Coral, Iona is a former member of Pentyrch Pony Club joining the club after moving back to the UK from abroad as a young teenager. Iona took part in all Pony Activities and regularly competed at Open Area Competitions and National Pony Club Championships in Dressage, Eventing and SJ. Iona works full time as an ecologist and is a member of British Dressage, representing Wales on several occasions.
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Val Allen

Health and Safety Officer
Val has been an active member of the Pentyrch Pony Club since she herself was a member of the club, along with her sister… in fact Val’s name can be seen on one of our club trophies that gets awarded every year. Val is very keen to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained by all members. Val can be found at the start of every rally ensuring members hats are tagged, stirrups are the correct size and everyone is safe.