News | 6 February 2024


Volunteering at  The JCB Pony Club Championships 

9th-17th August 2024

Would you like to join us back at Offchurch Bury in Warwickshire on August 9th-17th 2024 to volunteer at the Championships?

We would love to welcome you back to join in the fun! The volunteer website will be live shortly so you can pick your role – this year the process will be streamlined to make it much smoother.

Please save the dates in your diary and  we will be in touch VERY soon.

Pentyrch Pony Club –

Members Combined Training Competition : Saturday 13th April

Our annual combined training competition (SJ and dressage) to be held at Mark Edward’s yard in Llandow. This is intended to be a fun friendly competion for our members, whether this would be their first competition, or those aiming for Area Competitions this summer. There are two classes, Class on is 12yrs and under restricted novice (not to have competed at Grassroots SJ or Eventing or above), this has a walk/trot dressage test, can be ridden in any PC approved bit (not just a snaffle) and members choose which height they jump.

Class 2 is open to all members over 12yrs, or those who have competed PC Grassroots and above in Eventing and SJ. As with Class two, members choose which height they jump and will ride the Grassroots 80 dressage test, and must be ridden in a snaffle. This year we will be inviting a small number of members from a neighboring club to join us. Details on our Club Facebook Page.