Show Jumping

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Showjumping is where a horse and rider combination are tested over a course of colourful obstacles, known as fences, which can be easily knocked down if they are hit. The goal is to complete the course in the fastest time without getting any faults. Faults are gained when a fence is knocked down, the horse stops at a fence (refuse) or the horse runs around a fence (run out).

Rallies and training

Katie Wright organises all showjumping rallies, along with team selection and training. Rallies include polework, gridwork and course jumping, along with more specific techniques such as distances, competition training and jump offs. They are designed for everyone, from cross poles upwards, and you don’t have to want to compete to attend.

View our calendar to see upcoming rallies and training sessions

Showjumping Teams

To compete in a team you need to attend 3 or more jumping rallies, which can be booked via our calendar. Teams are such fun for the children and parents too, and it’s great to watch the children encourage and support their fellow team mates.

Let Katie or your instructor know you’re interested in being selected for a team or to compete as an individual. Teams will then be chosen and if you’re selected you’ll be informed and asked to pay the entry fees. Team selections are not done at ordinary working rallies.

It’s important members attend as many jumping rallies as possible so instructors can see the horse and rider and their progress. Plus riders gain great experience and learn to jump with confidence, so that when they attend an event they don’t feel out of their comfort zone. The health and safety of our members is of paramount importance and we will not take unnecessary risks by over facing either horse or rider at competitions.