Saturday December 15, 2018
Area 9 Dates

Area 9 Dates 2016/2017

If you wish to be considered for any of the Area Teams, please bear in mind:

1. Your PC Renewal must have been received by February 28th 2018

2. You must be an active Member of the Branch – regularly attending Rallies

3. You must ensure that you are competing regularly in the discipline and at the level you wish to be considered for

4. Good team spirit is essential

5. We are fortunate to have so many Members to choose from – there will be a selection process!

6. A number of the Junior Competitions at Area level are NON-qualifying – but ARE nonetheless very good experience

If you are interested in entering Area competitions in any discipline or would like to know how to prepare for competitions, please contact the Discipline Co-ordinator.


Area 9 Dates 2017/2018 


2nd Jan                     B+ Test  Wickstead EC

17TH Jan                   IT Evening  6pm                    Pershore College

21st Jan                    Talent Pathway Dressage Training with Rob Lumb              Abbey Dressage

23rd Jan                     Area 9 meeting 7pm                                                   Cheltenham Race Course

27th Jan                     Talent Pathway SJ Training with Darrel Scaife                             The Unicorn

28th Jan                     Triathlon Qualifier                                     VWH

4th Feb                       Dengie Dressage Qualifier                       BHS                              Burrows Court

5TH Feb                     CPD Evening Dressage with Helen Griffiiths   6pm                     The Unicorn

6th Feb                      Safeguarding of Children    6pm               Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall

10th Feb                   Talent Pathway Training with Richard Waygood                      Rectory Farm

10th/11th Feb            Tri & Tet                                Beaufort                   Summerhouse & Westonbirt

11th Feb                     Talent Pathway Dressage Training with Rob Lumb             Abbey Dressage

11th Feb                     Team Show Jumping                     CVFH                                                  Hartpury

12th Feb                     PPCG Study Day 10 -1pm                                                                   The Unicorn

12th Feb                     Annual Instructors Conference  CPD                                                      Bury EC

14th Feb                     Lunge Test                2pm                                                                    Rectory Farm

15th Feb                   PPCG  Have a go Day                                                                                 Hartpury

17th Feb                     Talent Pathway Event Training with Caroline Moore                The Unicorn  

20th/21st Feb            First Aid Course 6 – 9pm                                                   Duntisbourne Abbots

26th Feb                     Area Tet Meeting 8pm                                                             Glos Farmers Club

3rd March                 Area Quiz                                                                         Minchinhampton School

5th March                  PC Conference                                                                                       Edgebaston

10th March               Talent Pathway Event Training with Caroline Moore              Rectory Farm

 11th March               Dengie Dressage   North Cotswold Branch                               Moores Farm

17TH March               Talent Pathway Dressage  Training with Rob Lumb                  ?????????

18th March                Dengie Show Jumping     North Hereford Branch                            Hartpury

20th/21st March        First Aid Course 6 – 9pm                                                   Duntisbourne Abbots

27th March               Safeguarding of Children                                               Duntisbourne Abbots

30th March               Pony Racing                                                                   Cheltenham Race Course    

3rd April                   Area 9 XC Training                                                                                     Lincomb

4th April                   Shipton Moyne ODE                      Beaufort

     April                    Step 1 Coaching course                                                                         Heythrop

6th April                    Step 1 Coaching course                                                    Berkeley Hunt South

    April                     Step 1 Coaching course                                                                            Croome

8th April                     Talent Pathway Assessment day                                                     The Unicorn

9th April                     Area 9 XC Training                                                                         Lyneham Heath

10th April                   ‘B’ & Lunge Tests                                                                               Rectory Farm

14th April                  Area Horse and Pony Care          SH & RH                                              Caradoc

24th April                   Area 9 meeting       7pm                                             Cheltenham Race Course

26th April                   Safeguarding of Children              6pm                                                 Venue TBC

29th April                   Area PPCG                                                                           Worcestershire Hunt

April – TBC               Step 2 Coaching Course               Berkeley Hunt

May – TBC                CPD Show Jump Course Building with Steve Williams

28th May                   Hickstead Qualifier                        VWH                                          Kemble Show

12th June                   CPD    ‘B+’ Test  evening for assessors and trainers                             TBC

18th June                   CPD    Show Jumping         6.00– 8.30pm          TBC                    Rectory Farm

2nd/3rd July               Area 9 ‘2 Day Clinic’                                                                          Rectory Farm

7th/8th July                Area Tetrathlon                              Beaufort                                 Leyland Court

8th July                       Barbary Show Jumping

14th July ?                 Area Show Jumping                       Old Berks

21st July                     Area Horse Trials                            Beaufort                                           Dauntsey

26th July                    Area Dressage                                Berkeley                               Frampton Court

July – TBC                  Step 2 Coaching Course               North Hereford

July – TBC                  Step 2 Coaching Course               Minchinhampton

July – TBC                 Step 3 Coaching Course               Rectory Farm

Senior Reg Tet – TBC

3rd Aug                       Gatcombe   Show Jumping – 1m

4th Aug                       Gatcombe  Show Jumping – 80/90cm

Polo Champs – TBC

 8th Aug                      ‘B’ & Lunge Tests and ‘B +’ Test                                                     Rectory Farm

 9th Aug                      Area Mini Horse Trials                  Cotswold Hunt                                  Foxcote          

17th/21st Aug           PC Championships                                                                        Cholmondeley

25th Aug                    Regional Dressage Championships                                               Rectory Farm

26th Aug                    Regional Show Jumping Championships                                      Rectory Farm

27th Aug                     Regional Eventing Championships                                                Rectory Farm

9TH Sept                     Area 9 Show                                                                                        Rectory Farm

11th Sept                   Area 9 meeting       7pm                                             Cheltenham Race Course

14th Sept                   Blenheim

29th Sept                   ‘B’ & Lunge Tests                                                                               Rectory Farm

20th Oct                     ‘B’ & Lunge Tests                                                                               Rectory Farm