Wednesday October 27, 2021
Area 9 Dates


More Information on Area 9 can be found on their website 

Area 9 Dates 2021

If you wish to be considered for any of the Area Teams, please bear in mind:

1. Your PC Renewal must have been completed

2. You must be an active Member of the Branch – regularly attending Rallies

3. You must ensure that you are competing regularly in the discipline and at the level you wish to be considered for

4. Good team spirit is essential

5. We are fortunate to have so many Members to choose from – there will be a selection process!

6. A number of the Junior Competitions at Area level are NON-qualifying – but ARE nonetheless very good experience

If you are interested in entering Area competitions in any discipline or would like to know how to prepare for competitions, please contact the Discipline Co-ordinator 



All dates for Area 9 for 2021 are now listed on the Area 9 page which can be found here