Wednesday October 27, 2021
Efficiency Tests

The Pony Club Training structure encourages members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind. There are also 4 Progressive Tests allow Members to work towards Tests in between Efficiency Test levels E and C+. 


Efficiency Tests are booked differently depending on the level being taken:

E, D, D+, Road Rider, C and C+ Tests

These are organised by branch throughout the year. All coaching rallies are grouped according to tests and we also have a number of C+ coaching sessions currently running, please see the calendar for dates and details. There is a C+ test booked at Caradoc for 28th October 2020. We are also running a badge rally for the Road Rider badge on 26th October 2020.

B, B+, Lungeing and AH Tests

These are organised by Area 9. The next dates for B test in area 9  are 26th September and 27th October 2020, we are currently running coaching sessions aimed at those wishing to take B test, please see the calendar for dates.

A Test

These are booked centrally via The Pony Club Office. 


The order of tests and minimum ages are as follows:


E Test – Optional – Min age 4 – Felt colour Pale Yellow

Progressive Bronze Test – Optional

Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge – Compulsory before taking D test

D Test – Compulsory – Min age 8 – Felt colour Yellow

Progressive Silver Test – Optional

D+ Test – Compulsory – Min age 10 – Felt colour White

Progressive Gold Test – Optional

Road Rider Achievement Badge or BHS Ride Safe Test – Compulsory before taking C test

C Test – Compulsory – Min age 11 – Felt Colour Green

Progressive Platinum Test – Optional

C+ Test – Compulsory – Min age 13 – Felt Colour Pink

B Test – Compulsory

Lungeing Test – Compulsory – Min age 15 – Felt Colour Light Blue

B+ Test – Optional – Min age 16 – Felt Colour Pale Purple

AH Test – Compulsory – Min age 16/17 

A Test – Compulsory – Min age 18 – Felt Colour Purple


Details and syllabus of efficiency tests can be found here.

Progressive tests syllabus can be found here.