Wednesday October 27, 2021
Rally Information
If you are new to our Branch – then – ‘Welcome’!
And if you have browsed the Calendar page for suitable Rallies, the next step is to text the Rally organiser. If you aren’t sure which is the most suitable Rally please feel free to get in contact with anyone from the committee and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Your first Rally will enable us to assess what level you are riding at. All disciplines are open to all Members but be very sensible about pony/horse and rider’s capability! If you are in any doubt – give one of the instructors a ring!

We would love to hear lots more about all the fun you are all having.  If you have any reports or photo’s, please email them to Please ensure the photo’s are sent by your parents with written permission in the email for the photo to be published on this web-site.  


Please find below a link to the Parents Information part of the Pony Club website which has some really useful information on Hats, Body Protectors, Flu Vaccinations & Rule Changes. Please take a minute to glance your eye over these.