Saturday June 19, 2021
What to Wear
Ponies should be as clean as possible, but please don’t wash and shampoo in December a pony who lives out in order for it to look good at a Rally! Clean, supple bridle and saddle is a definite must and please feel free to ask the Instructor/Coach for advice on tack fitting if you are not sure. A neck strap is also an essential piece of tack – it could be a a spare stirrup leather or the neck strap of your martingale or breastplate.
Clipping your pony/horse through the winter very much depends on how you keep your pony, how much you ride and the age and condition of the pony. If your horse is clipped out and requires an exercise sheet to keep warm at cold Rallies make sure it is securely/correctly attached. Again feel free to ask for guidance!
If your pony/horse is shod then please ensure that he is well shod on a regular basis. If your pony is unshod please still ensure that the hooves are trimmed and seen by a farrier regularly. Rallies and Camp are mostly on grass throughout the summer – often using screw-in studs provide extra grip, but ask for advice before using them.
We will be holding a Tack & Turnout competition throughout the year, with prizes being given out at the annual awards evening.
All riders should be as clean and neat and tidy as possible, no jewellery, and all hair tied back neatly in a hair net. Our PC polo shirts and sweatshirts are recommended for most Rallies. We occasionally run Best Turned Out Rallies – on those days jacket, shirt and tie and cream jodhs are order of the day! For other Rallies cream or plain coloured jodhpurs are preferable and short black or brown jodhpur boots (often with plain half chaps) are best for younger riders (due to better ankle flexion) and older riders alike.
Gloves are recommended  at all times of the year! They help protect delicate skin on young hands from rubbing or blistering in hot weather as well as keeping fingers warm in cold weather! Long sleeves are an essential requirement for XC Rallies.
Body protectors are also compulsory for all cross country Rallies but are optional for show jumping and for work on the flat. Medical armbands are also compulsory for xc and also for PC Camp.
All riding hats must be up to current standard – minimum PAS 015 – we will check and tag your hat when we see you. A ‘skull cap’ riding hat is suitable for all riding activities.
Finally, if you are bringing a young rider who is still on the lead-rein please ensure that the leader is wearing suitable footwear and is capable of being in control of the pony when necessary!
Now…send that text and book in to your chosen Rally!
This link shows you what the instructors will be using to mark you for Tack & Turnout

Please note that hats must now have a aquamarine coloured Hat Tag & a neck strap is compulsory for all Pony Club activities!

Please note that the following are compulsory items for all XC Rallies:
Skull cap, Body Protector, Medical Armband and a Neckstrap