Wednesday October 27, 2021
Show Jumping
Hollie - our Head of Show Jumping Competing at Hartpury earlier in the year.

Hollie – our Head Show Jumping Co-ordinator Competing at Hartpury in 2012.


Welcome to the SH&RHPC Show Jumping Pages


Details of upcoming show jumping coaching can be found on the calendar.

Show jumping is a fun and exciting activity that can be enjoyed all year round whatever your ability. 

Our branch of the Pony Club offers it’s members high quality and affordable training with a selection of skilled instructors ensuring there is something for everyone. There are several sessions a month at top quality local venues to offer members a good variety. If you decide you would like to have a go at show jumping remember instructors can help advise you which level/ competitions you would be most suited to. There is nothing more exciting than competing with your friends in a team. 

As well as regular team show jumping competitions which take place at local venues throughout the year with heights from 1’6 up to 3’6 the pony club hold two national competitions per annum, details of which can be found on the SJ championships page.

Early in the season we encourage all members to attend training and get out competing at different venues both on a surface and grass. This helps gain valuable experience in preparation for Area and is a great indication as to which level you will be capable of representing the branch at Area. Ideally we would like you to be competing above the level of the height you are aiming to compete at Area. Remember Area competitions can go three rounds, and in previous years we have seen some big up to height technical tracks built. We love our members to go fully prepared and ideally have an enjoyable day out gaining invaluable experience for future years. Even better if we can field some competitive teams with the ultimate goals being to qualify for the Pony Club Championships. 

As we reach the summer months the training will become more tailored towards those who have been selected to represent the branch at area. We are usually invited to send a team to Gatcombe which is a similar height to that of open show jumping. It is a great day out whether competing or spectating giving younger members something to aspire to. 

Happy competing and any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Please also check the main Area 9 Pony Club website for details on their own Area 9 Show Jumping Championships and how to qualify with the Championships to be held at Rectory Farm in September.