Wednesday October 27, 2021
Vaccination Rules

** FLU Vaccination update for Pony Club from 2019 following increase in flu cases **

 All Area and possible Championship horses must be up to date with their last vaccine  within 6 months  before the competition. Area SJ will be checking all passports We are required to send passport photo / copy to Stoneleigh before the champs at Cholmondley.  The area 9 Branch championships at Rectory Farm will require all passports to be up to date on a yearly vaccine.

All yearly vaccines are fine for everyone else but please check with the  place you are going to especially if you are going to big centres or well out of our area venues.  I believe Rectory farm are going to be on the yearly vaccination from AUGUST  but PLEASE check with them before then if you are thinking of going there.  Unfortunately there is no set rule which makes it tricky for us all.  The responsibility is with parents please to check what vaccinations you need .  If your pony has a booster from now on you will be fine for 6 months.  Equestrian centres are capable of sending you home if your vaccination record is not as they wish to see it.

All BE, BD, and FEI are on 6 monthly injections.  We will be on a yearly one for Camp. And we STRONGLY recommend that all ponies even the littlest that goes nowhere be vaccinated correctly and then yearly.  This is for their benefit as Equine influenza can be really nasty and sadly fatal.
Please contact me if you are not sure what I am saying!
Dido – 07855219764