Sunday January 16, 2022
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Welcome to our Branch

The Pony Club is the world’s largest equestrian youth organisation, with over 30,000 Members in the UK alone.

Our branch, South Hertfordshire & West Middlesex, is small, welcoming and fully inclusive. We were established in 1965 and are part of Pony Club Area 12. Our members come from St Albans in the north to the M25 in the south, the A41 in the west to the A1 in the east.  We are a small branch whose ages range from 7 to 23. We offer a wide range of activities including introductory rallies, mounted games, horseball, show jumping, dressage, cross country and tetrathlon, (see our discipline’s page for more information), and encourage our members to represent SHWMPC at the various Pony Club events and competitions that take place throughout the year. 

We also offer a range of un-mounted activities too, including un-mounted games and trips to places of interest.  Last but not least we provide training and support should our members wish to work towards obtaining the Pony Club Efficiency Tests, or achievement badges.

Above all we want our members to have fun! Rallies are open to all ages and abilities from lead rein to pony club championships from happy hackers to keen competitors there is something for everyone.

There will also be some fun rallies especially during the summer when the members have a go at gymkhana games or may be go on a picnic ride. 

Our annual camp is at Bury Farm and is also open to all members.






If you are interested in becoming a South Hertfordshire & West Middlesex Pony Club member, please contact Melanie Reid via

or alternatively you can head to the our Members’ Portal at

Each year at our AGM we come together to celebrate our members achievements.  We keep our members up to date with regular newsletters and email updates.  We are always keen to hear news about our members and encourage them to send in their articles, photos and competition results.  Please forward them to Melanie Reid at or post on our WhatsApp Group.

The Committee are always on hand to help and assist with queries.  All contact details can be found on our contacts page.  We hope that you find the information in the SHWMPC website useful.