Tuesday September 26, 2023
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New and junior members


“The South Notts Pony club is all about friendship and there is no better time to start making lifelong friends than now! We also pride ourselves on letting our kids just enjoy being with their ponies, learning how to look after them, and discovering all the activities that are possible through the Pony Club.
Each month, there is a Munchkins rally (for lead rein to jumping up to 40 cm) and a hot chocolate rally (for those cantering confidently off the lead rein and jumping 40-80 cm), look out on dates for your diary and the booking page.
Any child is also very welcome at almost all of our rallies, be it flatwork, poles, games and the jumping sessions (jumping height is specified)
In the summer, there are various pony club competitions run by other branches where there are classes for walk and trot dressage tests (can be led, and can be called) and mini showjumping, often starting at 40 cm. We try and make teams for these competitions which helps the children get to know each other. These competitions are advertised on our own social media and also on https://branches.pcuk.org/area6/branch-events-schedules/
We also run a junior games team, who compete all year round, and often include novice teams for those on the lead rein. Members can be as young as 6-7 on these teams.
For the more athletic amongst you, triathlons (winter) and Tetrathlon (summer) are a fantastic way to make friends and enjoy a multi discipline sport (running, shooting, swimming, and for the tet, riding) we have younger brothers who are non riding members so they can compete in the winter triathlons, the minimus sections is for children ages 8-11.
In the winter there are pony care and competitions and inter branch quizzes, and we always need members who are 8 and under and those 11 and under for these teams. Members learn all about pony care through “pizza and pony care evenings” held during the autumn. These sessions also prepare our members for the pony club tests t https://pcuk.org/members/training/pony-club-tests/ 
The younger members thoroughly enjoy obtaining badges, of which there are literally dozens to chooses from. gold badges go to those who have obtained 12 badges (mini gold) or 21 badges (big gold) . This is an achievement that is rarely achieved. Some badges are done at home and on line, the others are done at badge rallies.
During the summer, we hold “Friday fun” rallies at Arkenfield Equestrian centre, where we follow the a riding session (usually an hour)with  a barbecue for all the family. Often families volunteer to organise and cook the barbecue.
We also run a fabulous picnic ride at the end of the summer, which is suitable for those on and off the Lead rein.
Pony club camp was the highlight of my summer holiday many years ago and I’m pleased to say it is still the highlight for many children. We run a two day non residential camp for the tiny tots, children 8 and over can join the main 4 day camp. 
We hope this helps you to understand a little more about how your “little one” can get the most out of Pony Club. I strongly recommend that you come along to watch a rally first so that you get an idea of what goes on. You are most welcome to attend any session, just ring our DC or the rally organiser, whose number is on the booking page.
We really look forward to seeing you soon, and watching your child growing up with the South Notts family.”