Monday February 26, 2024
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DRESSAGE MANAGER:  Tina Alex.  Mobile 07931 341 062  or Facebook :  Krystina Alex.


TRAINING  ……. Thursday evenings fortnightly at LRAC, Kenwick. Contact Tina to book. 

A booking is a commitment to pay!

Welcome to our dressage page

What is dressage?

Dressage is a system that helps horse and rider communicate with each other to develop balance, strength, flexibility and accuracy. For this reason riders with different backgrounds and ambitions – jumping, eventing or even just riding for fun – often use dressage as a way of training a horse to be enjoyable to ride as well as being athletic and competitive. Nationally Britain excels at Dressage with Charlotte Dujardin on the world famous Vallegro holding both the London and Rio Olympic Golds!

Who is SWN dressage manager and how do I contact her?

FB Krystina ALEX (Tina) e-mail: or mobile: 07931341062




If you go out and compete and do well then tell us about it. If you email details of your achievements then we will make sure that we publish it on the website. It doesn’t have to be a National win; it may be achieving a higher percentage than usual or your experience of your first competition. It doesn’t even have to be competing for pony club – we will celebrate your success with you!