Saturday December 2, 2023
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Eventing Newsletter 2020

Eventing is the ultimate equestrian challenge comprised of dressage, show jumping and cross country. It can be likened to a triathlon, with horses and riders demonstrating a range of skills across the three disciplines. – British Eventing

Now is the time to make preparations for the 2020 season!

There is a busy season ahead. Eventing is a great sport to be involved in and I look forward to new combinations joining us in 2020. I hope that SWN will have plenty of members competing at Area in July. Area 6 is, traditionally, a very competitive area with many Pony Club members competing at a very high standard including representing Great Britain. So, it is very impressive that every year SWN members qualify for the Pony Club Championships and Regional Championships. Hard work and access to outstanding coaches bring results. Jess Griffiths (dressage), Liz Pears (showjumping) and Ros Canter (eventing) all compete. Jess is often found in the judge’s car and Ros is focusing on Olympic selection.

Training for dressage and showjumping will continue at Kenwick until Easter. After Easter there will be an opportunity to train on grass. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and calendar for cross country training.  

For any information re eventing, training, competitions please contact Lindy Robertson

We are the luckiest branch in the country as we have the World Champion as our Cross Country Trainer- Ros Canter.

Please take advantage of this fantastic opportunity when you are invited to attend a training rally with her. She is very busy and gives up her time for the SWN.