Sunday May 16, 2021
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General Information


Details of the activities available during the weekends, school holidays and summer evenings is published on the Rallies, Training and Events for Members section of our website

Working Rallies

These are mounted, and intended for all standards of riding. Members are divided into groups according to ability and test taken. Rallies will often include some jumping and gymkhana games.

Show Jumping / Cross Country / Dressage / Prix-Caprilli Instruction

Open to all members and is mounted instruction. Unless an age or proficiency standard is stated.

Booking a Rally

Details on how to book onto a rally are clearly given on Unity where information about the instructor/organiser,  cost, venue and when to book by is given. Bookings will only be accepted by the “latest” date. All rallies will be allocated on a strictly “first come, first served” basis. Payment must be made on Unity before the place is secured.

Members will be given start times which will be emailed 48 hours in advance. Please visit our Directions to Rally Venues page if you need directions or if you need to clarify venue or parking arrangements.  However if you cannot find the information you need, please contact the rally organiser  for further information.

All bookings must be made and paid for online
Bookings will only be accepted by the “latest” date.
Bookings can only be accepted by parents/guardians (or appointed adult confirmed to PC Committee).
All rallies will be allocated on a strictly “first come, first served” basis.

All bookings must be paid for online at the time of booking.

Cancellation Policy:

All Rallies, including general working rallies, training in pairs and specified training of any discipline where no external hire of facilities has been made – withdrawal must be notified to Rally Organiser no later than 1 week of the rally date.  Outside of this period, no refund will be given unless the place is filled or at the discretion of the Chief Instructor. 
Where external hire of facilities has been made e.g. XC and some SJ rallies, a refund cannot be made for any withdrawal at any time unless the place is filled or in the case or extenuating circumstances.

What to Wear

For working rallies a  Pony Club sweatshirt or polo shirt can be worn, gloves, hair net and beige or dark jodhpurs. Short sleeves can be worn, but shoulders must be covered. Half chaps and gaiters can be worn but must be in plain black or brown. You can also wear a hacking jacket with badge on lapel, gloves, hair net, white, cream or light blue long sleeved shirt with Pony Club tie and beige jodhpurs (jodhpur clips should be worn with jodhpur boots),

For Cross Country instruction/rallies, members may wear a Pony Club sweatshirt or their XC colours.  A hat with no fixed peak should be worn together with a body protector.  Both of which should be in line with current safety standards as shown in the Pony Club Rule Books.

All hats, hat covers and accessories should be in plain black or dark blue save for cross country.  Numnahs should be of a single colour or VAH numnah.

For Stable Management rallies, please ensure that you dress for the weather at the time of the rally as some of the session may be run outdoors. Please ensure you are wearing suitable yard boots, and bring your hat and gloves in case there is a practical element to the rally.

Remember there is tack inspection at all rallies, so make sure you and your pony are smartly turned out.
Books, Ties, Badges, Medical Armbands, Sweatshirts, Hat Silks, Polo Shirts and Jackets can be purchased – details are on our shop pages.

For ‘what to wear’ at competitions, please have a look on the Pony Club main website:


The Pony Club have made the decision to withdraw the requirement of a spurs card before you can use them for Pony Club events but would ask you to read the following as a guide for when you are thinking of using them.

As a training organisation, one of the Pony Club’s stated roles is to provide instruction in riding and horsemanship. During their training and instruction within the Pony Club, members will be taught the use of the aids:

The Natural Aids include the legs, the influence of the body and seat – the weight aids, and the voice.

The Artificial Aids include the correct use of the whip and spurs.

As above spurs are an artificial aid that should ONLY be used by competent, experienced riders, on experienced horses or ponies who both understand and use the natural aids correctly, and who are now training or competing at more advanced levels where more precision is required.

We suggest that:
• The member should have a secure lower leg and independent seat and hands
• The member should have a thorough understanding of the use of the leg aids and understand why they are using spurs
• The member should be well known to the DC, and Chief Instructor, and have demonstrated respect for and empathy with their horse and be considered unlikely to abuse the horse through ill-temper.
Please remember: misuse of spurs at a Pony Club event will be reported to the DC / Centre Proprietor, Area Rep and the Training Chairman so that it can be dealt with accordingly.

We want to be sure that all those members who do wear spurs have demonstrated that they have a truly secure lower leg, fully understand the leg aids, and have clearly shown that their level of riding and competition will benefit from the use of spurs. If you have any concerns or queries or would like some advice about the use of spurs, please do not hesitate to contact Susy Butler, Chief Instructor. 

Rules of a Rally

Pick up all droppings as your pony does them.
Take all litter home.
No jewellery (including “sleepers”) may be worn, other than a wedding ring, a wristwatch, a stock pin worn horizontally, or tie clip.
Always thank your Instructor and, if possible, the landowner where the rally is being held.
Permission is needed for your dog to be taken and they must be kept on a lead.
All rallies must be paid for via Unity before the deadline listed on the website.


Members must make sure that their pony’s tack is clean, in good repair and correctly fitted. Tack is inspected at working rallies – not just to check that it is clean but also for safety purposes.


Hats with chinstrap correctly fitted and fastened should be worn at all times when mounted. They must carry the British Standard kite mark to Pony Club specification.

Role of Parents

The Pony Club is a volunteer organisation and relies on parents and guardians to help, as well as to teach its young people by example. The central Pony Club website contains more information on the role of parents

Volunteering / Working Parties

We rely on parents to help before, during and after events. All parents are expected to help at least three times a year for shows, events, fund raising, etc. If a child attends summer camp then, again, parents are expected to help for this as well. Parents will be contacted by one of the organising committee to ask for help or they can volunteer. Parents should not worry if they are asked to do something that they have not done before e.g. fence judging – there will always be instruction or someone on hand to give guidance.
Area SJ, Eventing, Dressage and Tetrathlon …………….End of July/August
Camp…………………………………………………………..Always end July/August
Members’ Show……………………………………………….End September
Mini One Day Event……………………………………………September
Open Show Jumping Show …………………………………February
Dressage Show……………………………………………….January/February

Safety & Child Protection

We want to ensure that our members stay safe when participating in Pony Club activities, including when using the internet and social networking sites.  The Pony Club has issued two policies relating to Best Practice when using social media sites, as well as other information and policies relating to safeguarding and Best Practice.  As a branch of The Pony Club we adhere to these guidelines and policies.  This information can be found on the Safeguarding pages of The Pony Club website.


We have a zero tolerance policy with regard to bad behaviour, so please keep to our high standards.

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