Thursday December 7, 2023
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Area Competitions Rules

Three Rally Rule


This rule applies to all Pony Club members of any Branch or Centre within Area 14 (Wessex and Channel Islands)


For Area competitions and above (this includes Grassroots and Regional competitions) Members must have actively taken part in a minimum of three rallies since the 1st July in the previous year to be eligible to represent their Branch at such competitions in all sports.  The District Commissioner or Centre Proprietor, in conjunction with the Area Representative, has discretion in the case of those who are working or in further education to waive part of this rule. 

Rallies must have been organised by the Branch/Centre, must be a minimum of an hour in length and must have been advertised in the Branch/Centre programme at least 7 days prior to the date of the rally.  All rallies must be open to all members within the age range or ability level for which it is intended.  The rally may be mounted or unmounted.  Branch camps may count as rallies but this must be confirmed with the relevant District Commissioner.

Nobody can organise a rally unless authorised by the District Commissioner/Centre Proprietor.

In addition all competitors must be active members of the Branch or Centre and will be made aware of their Branch or Centre Team Selection Policy. 

Nationally – All members and their horses/ponies must comply with the relevant sports eligibility rules as per the rule books and any other Pony Club Policy applicable to the Area competitions and above (such as Pony Club vaccination Policy).  Failure to comply with the eligibility rules risks elimination at the event.


January 2023