Saturday December 9, 2023
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Minis, Juniors, Novice Challenge, Intermediate, Open

At WVPC you can attend both mounted and dismounted rallies (group lessons) throughout the year. You will be taught by experienced PC accredited instructors. As your ability improves, if you wish to, you will be able to take various proficiency tests (please see the PC Test page of the website) to mark your achievements.

Very briefly the levels are split as follows:


Aimed at children aged 3 to 9, and older children who are nervous. ‘Minis’ is about having fun, meeting new friends, growing in confidence and learning how to ride and care for ponies.

 Some of the fun things we do are:

Easter Bunny ride, musical rides, flat-work rallies, XC rallies, dismounted rallies, SJ rallies, picnic ride, Halloween Havoc rally, Christmas Pony Party and the highlight of the year, summer camp!                                                               


Generally for 9 to 12yrs. Jumping maximum height is usually 75cm but for Area competitions it is 85cm.



Generally minimum age 12yrs.
Jumping maximum height usually minimum 75cm and maximum 95cm. For eventing this is equivalent to BE90.


Generally minimum age 14yrs.
Jumping maximum height is minimum 95cm and maximum 1.05m. For eventing this is equivalent to BE100.


Usually minimum age 16yrs.
Jumping maximum height minimum 1m and maximum 1.15m. For eventing this is equivalent to BE Novice.

There are different managers for each level. Their details can be found on the ‘branch officials’ page.