Thursday November 30, 2023
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Beaufort Tet/Tri Roundup – Feb 2022

Despite awful weather Wylye were out in force at the recent Beaufort Tet / Triathlon.
Team 1st for Romilly, Lola, Poppy and Evie M
Individual 1st for Lola, 2nd for Romilly and 8th for Poppy with Evie putting in a fab PB in the swim!
Wylye B had great individual placings with Henry coming 10th, Florey 11th and Olivia 12th. Both Oliva & Florey competing at Tadpoles for the first time.
Archie picked up a great haul, coming 1st in the Tet, 7th in the Tri with a massive PB to win the run. Valentina finished in 5th while Daisy picked up best girl swim for them to finish team 4th.  A great result with Archie and Daisy competing at Mini’s for the first time.
April had a great competition winning both the shooting and run to win the class overall and also qualifying for the Winter Tri Championships.


Area 14 Winter Triathlon Accumulator
The aim of the Area 14 Winter Triathlon Accumulator is to encourage our Area 14 Tetrathletes to compete in at least 4 out of the 6 full Area 14 Winter Triathlons. The best four total scores out of a possible six count and they must all be in the same class. The six Area 14 Winter Triathlons in the Accumulator series will be hosted by Wylye Valley, South & West Wilts, Mendip, Cattistock, Avon Vale & West Hants. 





Tetrathlon is a four part competition, for teams and individuals, combining cross country riding with 3 unmounted phases: swimming, running and pistol shooting. Competitions are often held over two days with the riding and, say, the run, being held on one day and the other 2 activities on the next.

Children must be aged 8 or over to be allowed to do pistol shooting. Regular tuition is available to encourage all levels of competitor. Under 8’s can do super-mini tri’s and biathlons (ride, run, swim…  & shoot beanbags in some competitions). 

During the winter we take part in triathlons (shooting swimming & running) to keep us fit and from April to September the tetrathlon season kicks in. 



Ride – This phase of competition provides an opportunity for the rider and mount to demonstrate equestrian skills over a cross country course to include opening a gate and dismounting to negotiate a slip rail. (A small course of jumps – usually fenced in – is set up for the under 8’s)

Run – The Run phase of competition challenges each competitor’s physical stamina and endurance. The course is designed over cross country terrain covering a set distance. 

Shoot – The shoot phase of competition tests a competitor’s skill with a total of ten shots at a target.


Because of the travelling involved (some competitions are over an hour away) and being held over two days it does take a fair amount of commitment from parents as well as children! But it is well worth the effort and one of the most fun and friendly disciplines on offer. 



The details of each phase are set out on the Tetrathlon Overview/Kit page. It may seem complicated at first but the main thing to realise about tetrathlon is that it is wonderfully informal, there is masses of support and camaraderie among the teams and competitors and a poor performance in one phase can easily be made up for by extra effort in another. Another plus for the less experienced rider is that even with 3 refusals (resulting in retirement) points can still be scored for the part of the course which was completed before retirement.



Monday weekly training is at Southfield House, Nunney for shooting & swimming run by our parent volunteers. (We encourage all competitors to have swimming lessons). We ask £2/to be put in a tin in the chicken shed at Southfield House with your name signed in the book if you come to training. 

If you child takes part in training then you will be expected to volunteer in helping in the shooting rota or swimming/running training – all parents are also expected to offer their help in our winter triathlon (November/December) and summer tetrathlon the last weekend in August.

XC rallies are provided within the pony club programme and extra team training is provided in preparation for competitions.