Saturday August 15, 2020
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Dress Code


Please note that treaded sole boots and treads will not be allowed for Pony Club events.

Members must always be correctly dressed for events.

Mounted rallies: beige jodhpurs, hacking jacket, white or blue shirt (short sleeves are allowed in hot weather), pony club tie and badge, gloves, hairnet for girls, jodhpur boots with clips or chaps that match the boot and without tassles or riding boots.

If it is a winter rally, warm, waterproof coats are allowed along with dark coloured jodhpurs

Cross country and Games: long sleeves must be worn, with a pony club or plain sweatshirt and/or coat if it is cold. Back protectors are compulsory for cross country and are to be recommended at other times. Gloves are not required for games.  Fixed peaks are not allowed for any cross country riding 80cm or above.

Dismounted rallies, Polocrosse, Tetrathlon (other than riding): Pony Club or other poloshirt and sweatshirts, rather than jackets and ties.

Jewellery must not be worn when riding, including sleeper studs.

Hats must be fastened at all times when mounted and comply with standards PAS015,  AS/NZS3838 (1998 or 2003, SNELL E2001). Please remember to have any new riding hats tagged – this is regularly checked at competitions for insurance purposes. Fixed peaks are not allowed for any cross country riding 80cm or above.

Spurs for those who do not hold their B test or above can only be worn with the permission of the District Commissioner. Don’t forget to take your spurs permission when competing.


Tack should be regularly checked and repaired or replaced as necessary.

We do carry out regular tack inspections at some of the rallies, marks are given for tack and turnout.

Plaiting will not achieve higher marks, although recognition will be given to those who have done it the plaits themselves, as it will for those who have prepared their ponies themselves!

Neck straps are recommended for use by new or younger riders.

You also need to keep your Horse Passport in your vehicle in case of emergency