Saturday August 15, 2020
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Lyra and Spot. A great entry in the decorated pony competition

Unicorn Carlo with Gracie aka Tinkerbelle

80’s Disco Anna and Daisy

Bluella and Cruella de Vil Jones

Hamish and Chef Merrylegs

Hugo and Queen Copper

Evie and Pip in their technicoloured dreamcoats

Verity and her woodland ponies

Phoebe and Hetty








Are you missing getting your pony all plaited and spruced up for competitions? Enter our competition for the best decorated horse or pony and get creative! If you don’t own a pony or your real four-legged friend doesn’t like getting dressed up, you could decorate a hobby horse instead and enter it into the competition! Once you’ve got your pony/hobby horse beautifully decorated, simply take a photo (with you in your Pony Club top) and email it to

The Area 3 entries will be judged by the Stephen Howard of the Boston Stud

Class 1…….Members 8 years and under Section A: Pony Section B: Hobby Horse

Class 2…….Members 9 years to 12 years Section A: Pony Section B: Hobby Horse

Class 3…….Members 13 years and over Section A: Horse/Pony Section B: Hobby Horse

Rosettes for all entrants, placings to 6th place (depending on entry numbers)

RULES/DIRECTIVES: Decorate your pony or Hobby Horse however you wish. You may choose to have a theme, a colour or a character. Please do not use paint on your pony but you can use flowers, ribbons and any plaiting style to make your pony look beautiful (you can put paint on your Hobby Horse). Please take a side on photo with the Pony Club Member in their Branch/Centre Sweatshirt/Polo Shirt or T-shirt holding the pony (not mounted) or Hobby Horse. Ponies and Hobby Horses will be judged separately. If you don’t own a Hobby Horse you can use a broom.





PHONE NUMBER………………………………………………………………………………..


LEVEL COMPETING (Class 1, 2, 3) ……………………………………………….

Please email the above information along with your photo:





AREA 3 Plaiting Competition

Katie Stephens-Grandy along with Smart Grooming have launched a competition for all Area 3 pony club members.  Rosettes and prizes up for grabs

Class 1 

11 years and under

Have a go at plaiting the mane, you don’t have to do it all just 2 or 3 plaits and the forelock

Class 2 

12 years and under

Plait your pony’s mane and the forelock, no set number just what looks right for your pony and his conformation

No pony ?

If you can’t get to your pony due to lockdown restrictions, then you can plait your Mum or sisters hair or even use a crafty pony 

How to send your entry in

Either take up to 3 photos or  do a short video to show the plaits and send them via what’s app (07951740998) or email Katie Stephens -Grandy at

Don’t forget to include,

Your age and which class you have entered

Your name and PC Branch

Address/Tel number

The entries will be judged by Vicky Goody from Smart Grooming and the winner of each section will receive a special smart Grooming rosette

Entries close 8pm Sunday 10th May 2020 

Results by Friday 15th May 2020

The winner of each class will win smart Grooming plaiting products and a smart grooming discount card.

Rosettes & small prizes to 10th

Lots of tips and helpful hints on Katie’s plaiting tutorial on facebook.


Stencil competition results 

Thank you to all those of you who entered the Quarter Marker Stencil competition – the winners from each age group have now been sent on to Nicky Morrison, the Area 3 Rep, for her to judge an overall Area 3 winner.  Class 1 – 7yrs & under – Hamish Scott, Class 2 – 10yrs & under – Gabriella Marsh, Class 3 – 13yrs & under -Hannah Jones, plus a special award to Ella Frost.  Rosettes are on the way to you all. 






Hannah and Spenny on route to 5th place in the debut first round qualifier

Congratulations to all our members who took part and represented the branch at the winter series show jumping area final at Bishop Burton on Sunday 15th March. Our branch received complements from the hosting Middleton East on our smart and correct turnout. Well done everyone for your efforts, it was noted. The standard of show jumping was seriously high, across the day, in all classes. Sophia Elliot on her ponies, Spike and Jay, took 2nd and 3rd places in the 80cms warm up with Hannah Jones narrowly missing out on a qualifying place in the debut 80cms finishing 5th on the ever green Spenny.

Sophia and Jay take 3rd place in the warm up 80cms

Emily and Bubbles produce a double clear



The Debut final, was a thrilling competition, won or lost on the ability to make tight turns in the jump off. All our qualified members made it into the jump off, which is no mean feat. but it was Lucy Jones on Mabel who produced the winning round several seconds faster than her nearest rival. Sophia and Emily Jones gave it their best shots with double clears on Spike and Bubbles but with such a high standard they just missed out on placings.

Hannah and Skye in the debut final

Lucy and Billy post a super fast time in the debut final but 4 faults kept them off the top spot


The Winter League novice final only produced 3 clears from the first round, well done Ellie and Lucy, so the 4 faulters had to jump off too for the other remaining qualifying places.  Harriet Needler unaware of this had to turn round and come back as she was homeward bound.  A good move on her part as Mr Bounty B flew round to take 4th place and a qualifying ticket along with Ellie on her second ride Pixel Perfect. Ellie on Just Blue clipped a pole to finish 2nd behind Lucy Jones on Mabel who posted the only double clear of the contest.  Wow 4 YAS members in the top 5 all heading to the final!!

Loren and Tyson give it their best shot in the winter league final

Lucy and Mabel fly into first place in the winter league final

Ellie and Pixie pick up a qualifying ticket


The Grand Prix produced an equally exciting contest, with everyone going into a jump off. Kate Tasker, a new member, produced a very polished double clear to take first place with her grey horse Geoff. Ellie was close behind on Mad Lil and Blue in 2nd and 4th . Holly Clayden had a very quick time with Phanthom but sadly 2 poles kept them out of the top placings. 


Katie and Geoff on route to a double clear and win in the Grand Prix

Ellie and Lil collect a ticket to the final

A big thank you to Gill Chivers , our DC, who came and supported everyone throughout the day.  Good luck to everyone heading to the Championship at Arena UK in April where they will represent the branch in show jumping, alongside Saskia Brookes and Tilly who recently qualified in the Area Dressage Final at Northallerton.

Keep up the good work everyone.


Rally Dress: During the winter months, at evening and outdoor rallies, please dress for warmth. However, hoodies and hooded coats must have the hood tucked into the collar or not be worn at all. Jewellery, including sleepers which cannot be taped over, is not allowed, and hairnets should be worn for all longer hair, with gloves being advisable. For competitions and indoor daytime rallies, smarter dress is expected and points are given for turnout. All hats must have a current tag to show the correct standard for insurance purposes and no fixed peaks for cross country over 80cms, pony racing and games. See Gill for tags.

Askham Bryan and Bishop Burton do require 6 month flu vaccination boosters. We are keeping a note of horse names and vaccination dates, so please remember to bring your certificate with you on the first occasion you attend either of those venues for a YAS event.


Some of the members who earnt points to win the free rally

Halloween Rally Port Royal Weds 30th October 2019

The half term rally at Port Royal was a huge success, with the sun shining and plenty of members making use of the facilities. This rally was won by our members taking part in the show jumping series, run over the winter at Port Royal, by accumulating points. Thank-you to everyone who took part and made this possible. Check out the dates for dressage and show jumping over the winter as it would be great to win another rally next year. Thank you to Jayne Elliot and her husband Steve for providing rosettes and carrots for everyone attending. Anyone requiring a skip, for rubbish removal, they are the people to contact. 

Members enjoying the free rally at Port Royal


Junior series final 27th October 2019.

Congratulations to all our members who represented the branch at the junior series final, held at Bishop Burton, hosted by the Middleton Pony Club.  Our 60cm team of Scarlett Hardcastle-Nice, Sophia Elliot, Zachary Farnsworth and Harriet Jacklin took the class in style for a great win with Harriet and Sophia both gaining individual places too.

Victorious 60cms Team.
Scarlett,Sophia, Harriet and Zachary

Our 70cm team, of Harriet, Emily, Noah and Gracie  finished 4th against strong competition. The 80cms class saw the introduction of a water tray which caused many difficulties but not so for Emily and Hannah Jones, Sophia and Noah who all sailed over to take 2nd place behind a strong team with older riders. Sophia was individually placed 4th too. A long day with great riding from all our members- well done to everyone, parents, coaches, riders and especially our ponies who were awesome. A big thanks to our DC Gill Chivers who came to support everyone.


JUNIOR SERIES FINALISTS: This will be held on Sunday 27 October at Bishop Burton College. The Branch will enter all those teams and individuals who have qualified at various Branch competitions and, as so many of you are involved, will pay for one entry per rider, but any extra entries will need to be reimbursed please. All those qualified have been contacted by email – please can anyone who has not yet replied or any qualifications from the Middleton PC get in touch with Gill by the 10th October, so the entry can go in. All horses/ponies must have been vaccinated for flu within the last six months and more than 7 days before the competition.

N.B. Askham Bryan are also requesting that any horse/ponies must have had a flu vaccination booster within the last 6 months. Please bring your certificates to the first Askham Bryan event you come to and I will check and make a note of the date of the last vaccination.

N.B.: If you are getting a new riding hat, fixed peaks are not allowed for cross country jumping over 80cms or mounted games. (Hat covers with light flexible peaks are allowed). Please remember to get your new hats tagged by Gill for insurance purposes. Accepted standards – PAS:015:1998 OR 2011 with BSI Kitemark, VG1 with BSI Kitemark, Snell 2001 onwards with official Snell label and number, ASTM-F1163 2004a onwards with the SEI mark.

All piercings must be removed before any Pony Club activity – taping not allowed. This is due to injuries following falls. All long hair must be tied up or in a hairnet – again horrible injuries have been caused following falls.




Hannah Jones and Spike produce a winning test

Congratulations to all our members who represented the Branch at the Area 3 Dressage Competition hosted by the Sinnington PC. The sun shone, along with our younger members all of whom have qualified for the Grassroots final held in Derbyshire later this month. Our novice team of Holly and Jade Clayden, Abbey and Jess Barker started the day and were all pleased with their tests but  the standard was incredibly high and the percentages not quite good enough to gain any placings, however the training and experience will stand them in good stead for the future. The junior competition followed with our team of Sophia Elliot, Sophie Gittus, Lucy Jones and Noah Marsh finishing in 5th  place. Lucy and Sophia took 3rd and 4th places individually in their arenas, where again the scores were high and competition stiff.  

With two teams entered in the Grassroots competition it was a fantastic result when our team of Sophia Elliot, Noah Marsh, Sophie Gittus and Lucy Jones finished 2nd with individual placing of 3rd for Noah and a WIN for Lucy.  Not to be outdone sister Hannah also WON her arena on Spike, kindly lent to her by the Elliot family as her own pony was sidelined, with Emily Jones and Lyra Verity both taking 5th place rosettes in their arenas. This meant the girls along with team member Zach Farnworth finished 3rd and also qualified for the Eland Lodge championship in Derbyshire later this month.  Fantastic results for everyone, due to rider commitment and training organised by Gill Chivers, our DC, and Karina Hawkridge our dressage guru. Good luck everyone at the forthcoming finals. (Thanks to Laurence Ireland for the Photos)

Sophia and Robbie on route to 4th place in the junior area dressage


Lucy and Mabel take 3rd place in the junior Area dressage before going onto WIN in the Grassroots.




Holly and Jewel Area 3 novice challenge SJ champions


Congratulations to all our members who travelled to Northallerton to represent the branch in the Area 3 show jumping qualifier. The day did not start well, with Sophie Morice being rushed to hospital after sustaining a serious injury from her horse which took exception to her tail bandage.  Thankfully Sophie is on the mend and prompt action from the paramedics helped the stressful situation for her Mother , Jay.  We wish Sophie a speedy recovery and hope to see her back at pony club soon.  Our intermediate team, now down to 3, Ellie McNeil, Holly Clayden and Emily Crossley , finished 5th with Emily taking 4th place individually to qualify for the Championships in August.  This team also came second in the turnout competition. Well done girls.  

Holly, Ellie and Kayleigh Cooper made up our novice red team and with double clears from Holly and Kayleigh finished 8th as a team.  Although the blue team of Lucy Jones, Loren Barnes, Charlie Ollson and Ella Frost were not placed ,Lucy on Mabel posted a double clear , with the others gaining valuable experience at this level for another time. 

An exciting jump off followed which saw Holly and Jewel set a blistering pace, which no one else could match, to take the individual win and qualify for the championships in Cheshire. Kayleigh and Lucy both gave it their best shots but sadly this time didn’t make it to the championships.

Nick Ireland and Billy Bank competed as individuals in the open novice competition. Although the sole competitor more than 2 fences down would mean no valid qualification for the pair.  Thankfully despite this pressure and a rather opinionated Billy in the first round the pair have also qualified for the championships in August.

Good luck everyone.

Nick and Billy on route to the SJ champs 2019


Ella and Foggy gain some experience for the future

A stylish Loren and Tyson in the Blue Team

Charlie and Lucy-Ann Blue team members

Lucy and Mabel double clear for the blue team


Young member, Martha Fell on Gavin, takes a dip in the water


Sophia and spike at the steps

Emily and Bubbles over a skinny


Hannah on Skye jump a chair


Half term saw the branch visit a new venue, Carr Farm Equestrian, Wykeham, for a day rally. Everyone enjoyed the challenge of some new cross country fences and the opportunity to practice show jumping on grass. Another rally there is in the pipeline.

Harry savage at the steps

Middleton Pony Club Show Jumping 27th  April 2019 At Bulmer, near York.

Well done to all our members who supported this competition held at Bulmer. Despite the weather, which created some challenging conditions, everyone did really well and the Branch held their own in all the classes.

Gabriella Marsh on Rosa gained an individual 5th place in the 50cms class

Lucinda O’Gram riding Rosie Pie came 4th in the 60cms and Qualified for the junior series final later in the year.

The 70cms team finished 2nd, also qualifying for the Junior series final, Hannah Jones on Escomb Shane, Emily Jones Church Farm Bubbles, Sophia Elliot Dolly, Lucinda O’Gram Rosie Ribbons.

The 80cms team went one better and WON, also qualifying, Hannah Jones- Escomb Shane, Emily Jones- Church Farm Bubbles, Sophia Elliot- Dolly and Noah Marsh – Barnaby.

Hannah Jones was also 2nd individually on Skye, qualifying in the 80cms.

Hannah and Skye 2nd individual 80cms 27/4/19


Dengie Area final at Bishop Burton March 17th 2019


Lucy Jones on Barney take a win in the 80cms Debut qualifier

Congratulations to all our members who took part at Bishop Burton on Sunday 17th March in the show jumping competition hosted by the Middleton East PC. The day started well for Hannah Jones in the 70cms, taking a chance ride on Noah Marshes pony, Sally, as he was ill. Hannah finished 4th with a great double clear, jumping another double clear in the 80cms. Sister Lucy, also standing in for Noah on his other pony Barney, flew round the 80cms Dengie Debut qualifier to take a win and a place in the hotly contested Dengie Debut Area final. Other members taking part in the 80cms class included Gracie, Emily, Zach and Sophie who perhaps didn’t have the result they were hoping for but remember it is all good experience and there is always another day. Charlie picked up 5th place in the 80cms open section with a good double clear from Lucy-Ann.

 The Dengie Debut Area Final class was strongly contested and extremely competitive. Ella, Emily, Loren and Sophie all went through to the jump off which  saw Sophie and Merlin take 5th place with some great riding.

Niamh and Ella joined Nick, Ellie, Holly, Kayleigh, Charlie, Sophie Morice, and Lucy in the Winter League Final when finishing 3rd and 4th in the qualifying class prior to the final.  Our members rode brilliantly with Ellie, Holly and Kayleigh going through to the jump off. It was an extremely competitive class and after a nail biting jump off Ellie riding Blue just pipped Holly on Jewel to take first place. Both girls will be heading to Addington for the final in April.

The Grand Prix followed with Sophie Morice and Ellie both taking part. Both girls had an annoying four faults in the first round, but posted super clears in the jump off. Ellie was slightly quicker to finish 2nd on Lily, with Sophie just behind in 4th.  Ellie has also qualified for the Final so she will be having a busy weekend with two horses to ride.

Well done to everyone who took part, and if things didn’t go to plan remember it is all good experience and there is always another day . Everyone looked very smart and all tried their best. 



Hats -All hats must have a current tag to show correct standard for insurance purposes. No fixed peaks for cross country over 80cms, pony racing and games.

Spurs – signed cards no longer required, blunt spurs only allowed, misuse will be reported.

Tack – contrasting piping and Branch logos allowed on any solid coloured saddlecloth. Fly hoods, nose nets, ear covers permitted for all competitions.

Welcome to new Members – Libby Banks, Abby Proud, Hope Jones, Emily Crossley, Gracie Turner and apologies to Charlotte Jacklin, who was welcomed as her mother in the last Newsletter! We hope you will enjoy your time with the York & Ainsty South!

Bishop Burton are holding three spectator events in the New Year – the first is an evening with Geoff Billington on Wed 23 January in the Bishop Burton Arena – 6.30 for 7pm until @ 10.30pm. I tried to get Pony Club group discount for the tickets but without success! Pre-booked tickets are £20 and on the door £25. Further details and tickets on Bishop Burton Equestrian website. The other events are an evening with Atkinson Action Horses on Tuesday 19 March £15 in advance/£20 on the door and Horses Inside Out with Gillian Higgins painted horse and rider demonstration on Friday 5 April £20 in advance/£25 on the door.

Rally Dress: During the winter months, at mounted events, warmth and dryness are the priority. Hoodies and jewellery including sleepers, are not allowed. Hairnets should be worn for all longer hair and gloves are advisable. However, by April, smarter dress is expected and points are given .



Congratulations to all our members who travelled to Cheshire to represent the branch at the PC champs. We had members competing in all the disciplines, across the levels either in teams or as individuals. Friday saw Saskia Brookes and Ellie McNeil riding as individuals in the Novice dressage. The standard was very high and the girls, although unplaced, gave it their best shot and will have gained valuable experience for another time. Sophie Morice also rode on Friday in the novice individual show jumping giving her horse, Orla, experience for another time.

Saturday saw Charlotte Bumby and Nick Ireland riding as open show jumping individuals in a competition that started at 1.15m.  They both rode great first rounds, rolling one fence each. The second round was even bigger and Nick retired Billy when he ran out of steam. Charlotte and Barcardi  were unlucky to have 8 faults round a very technical course.

Sunday the team open show jumping saw Charlotte come forward to join with other members from Area 3 in a mixed team. The decision to withdraw Billy, as he was clearly not himself, was made in the hope he would have picked up enough for the team eventing on Tuesday. The mixed team sadly did not finish with a score when another member retired in the second round, but Charlotte and Barcardi jumped well.

The intermediate individual show jumping also took place on Sunday with Holly Clayden and Ellie McNeil coming forward. Both girls jumped clear in the first round, followed by a clear in the second round for Holly and an annoying pole for Ellie.  Holly was drawn first in the jump off and set a cracking pace, clipping a pole, which took her to a brilliant 7th place.

Back again on Monday for the intermediate team show jumping Ellie and Holly both delivered double clears helping the team, of Charlotte Leighton and Sophie Morice, eventually finish 4th.  It was an incredibly long and tiring day for both the horses and riders as this competition had 37 teams and took part in one arena. The girls waited 9 hours between their first and the final round which was a test of stamina in itself.

Tuesday saw Nick, Charlotte Bumby and Sophie back for the intermediate team eventing. As the final team of the day tensions mounted as word trickled back on how the cross country was riding and plans on routes were revised. All 3 horses produced nice dressage tests before heading to the show jumping.  It was clear Billy had suffered  a massive loss of confidence when he stopped in the collecting ring causing Nick to doubt himself . NFU sponsored PC mentors had been on hand all week to help everyone and a young lady, Hollie, brilliantly helped Nick compose himself and jump round only rolling a pole. Sophie had a difficult ride, with an over enthusiastic Bumble but Charlotte and Barcardi posted a lovely clear round.

The cross country required bold riding and a positive approach. Nick and Billy set off as pathfinders, giving all the spectators a heart stopping moment at the water when they stumbled so badly Billy’s head was completely submerged and he skidded along on his knees. Nick jumped the next element perched in front of the saddle when miraculously Billy managed to stay upright. The pair finished clear picking up a handful of time faults which sadly dropped them right down the leader board. Sophie was not so lucky at the water, Bumble also stumbling shooting her rider off. Despite this unscheduled bath Sophie re-mounted to complete the course clear ensuring the team finished with a score. Charlotte had a great ride, with some positive, attacking riding at the water to also finish clear with a few time faults which kept them out of the placings.

The week was a roller coaster of emotions and an eye opening experience of how high the standard is at the national championships . I hope everyone involved will take something positive away with them and be keen to try again next year. It takes a massive amount of hard work from so many people to give the children these experiences. We should be proud of our club and what we have achieved. WELL DONE EVERYONE and a BIG THANK-YOU to our wonderful DC, Gill Chivers, who supports and encourages all the members in everything they do.



Some of the members enjoyed a cross country schooling session at Hell Bells Equestrian  at Breckenborough. Special consideration was given to combat the hard ground and members learnt about the importance of warming up and cooling down with emphasis on the importance of washing and scraping the horse after exercise.

Saskia and Tilly

Saskia and Tilly

Tyson and Loren

Tyson and Loren

Comet and Niamh

Comet and Niamh

BBXC_0021 LR

Billy and Nick enjoy the cool water

Billy and Nick enjoy the cool water


The show jumping teams have recently enjoyed great success at the open and intermediate qualifiers at Bishop Burton. A mixed open team of Charlotte Bumby, Nick Ireland and Harriet Beecroft (Glaisdale pc) won the open team to qualify for the champs. Charlotte took individual honours with the only double clear of the day and the team also won the tack n turnout competition. Harriet finished 2nd and Nick 5th individually. Our intermediate team had a very convincing win with Sophie Morice, Holly Clayden, Charlotte Leighton and Ellie McNeil several fences in hand over their nearest rivals. Holly and Ellie were placed 2nd and 4th to also qualify as individuals.

The branch had 3 teams entered in the prestigious junior competition that runs alongside the qualifiers.  Our team of Loren Barnes, Sophie Gittus , Emily Jones and Lucy Jones finished on a zero score, only one of two teams out f 24 to do so, to finish in second place. The girls were only pipped on time by the host club although Loren and Spenny had the fastest double clear of the day.  The boys team of Charlie, Zac, Noah and Harry finished a creditable 12th and 6th in the turnout competition. Well done Mums!  Sophia Elliot aged only 7 was probably the youngest rider competing and she gained valuable experience for another day with her team mates of Sophie Gittus, Lucy and Hannah Jones.



Congratulations to  Sophie Morice and Orla who came second at the Area Novice show jumping to qualify for the champs later in the year. Good luck with the A levels Sophie.


Congratulations to Ella Frost who won the triathlon run by the Cottesmore pony club  Ella continues to go from strength to strength in all three phases this time shooting a perfect 1000.  This takes a massive amount of practice and commitment . A huge well done.


Good luck to our teams taking part at Chatsworth on Sunday. 80cms class Saskia Brookes, Hannah and Lucy Jones and Harry Savage. Metre class, Kayleigh Copper, Amy Davies, Charlotte Bumby and Nick Ireland.


A big thank you to Vicky O’Gram who hosted our first tack n chat session at her home in Hayton. The evening was a great success with 12 members attending. Further sessions will be arranged.


Many thanks to everyone who supported our branch show jumping at Escrick on Monday. Many of our members had a successful day and qualified for junior series classes at the final later this year. Older members also did well qualifying in the Dengie classes for the area final next year. A big thank you to the parents who helped on the day as these events can only run if everyone chips in and does their bit.







Nick and Billy jump a double clear in the Grand Prix on route to the Dengie Final

Nick and Billy jump a double clear in the Grand Prix on route to the Dengie Final


Holly and Jewel winning the Grand Prix to qualify for the Dengie final

Holly and Jewel winning the Grand Prix to


Our Horse and Pony Care teams did brilliantly to finish 2nd in both senior and junior competitions on a wintery day in Wakefield. Our mini team went one better and won their group by a whooping 12 marks. Well done to everyone who took part.


The winning mini team of Lucinda and Emily O'Gram and Emily Jones

The winning mini team of Lucinda and Emily O’Gram and Emily Jones


Senior H&P care team.Holly Clayden, Nick Ireland and Saskia Brookes

Senior H&P care team.Holly Clayden, Nick Ireland and Saskia Brookes


Junior Horse and pony care team. Zach Farnsworth, Hannah and Lucy Jones

Junior Horse and pony care team. Zach Farnsworth, Hannah and Lucy Jones
















Holly and Jewel zipping round

Holly and Jewel zipping round


Nick and Billy on route for a clear round

Nick and Billy on route for a clear round

Amelia and Toddy over the sponsors fence

Amelia and Toddy over the sponsors fence

Sophie and Misty keep cool under pressure

Sophie and Misty keep cool under pressure


Saskia on Comet, Sophie and Misty, Charlotte and Duo, Ellie and Mad Lil

Saskia on Comet, Sophie and Misty, Charlotte and Duo, Ellie and Mad Lil