Saturday January 25, 2020
Triathlon and Tetrathlon information

Many of our members have enjoyed taking part in triathlons and tetrathlons this year.  These are competitions, open to pony club members, made up from different disciplines.

Running, riding, shooting and swimming are the four elements. Competitors can compete as individuals or in teams.

If you would like more information or would like to be involved please let us know.


Dates for forthcoming competitions.

Sun 1 Dec 2019: Middleton PC Fun Mini Introductory Triathlon – Cornborough Manor, Sherriff Hutton YO60 6QN. 9.30am start: Class 1: 7yrs & under Boys, Class 2: 7yrs & under Girls, Class 3: 8yrs & over Boys, Class 4: 8yrs & over Girls. Classes to include beanbag throw, arena based riding over small jumps and tasks, running course over obstacles. Lead reins welcome and non-riders may bring bikes instead. All classes £15. No entries on day. Entry details on Middleton PC website.

Sun 23 Feb 2020: Area 3 Triathlon – St Peter’s School, York. Details to follow.