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Updated 6th July  2015 

Hickstead 2015 update here

Tuesday rally times have been emailed, please contact Julia if you have any queries

Message from Pony Club Office – As the mounted area competitions start this weekend and I have been asked by a couple of confused parents recently I thought I would remind everyone of the Pony Club rules regarding earrings (and any other piercings). The rule is very simple – these are not allowed in any form, at all, at any rally, camp or competition; regardless of tapes, plasters or anything else and riders will have to remove them before riding.  The rule book states:

” No jewelry is allowed for safety reasons, other than a wristwatch, a wedding ring, a stock pin worn horizontally or a tie clip.  It is recommended that stock pins are removed for cross country.  Members who are contemplating piercing their ears or any other part of their body should be aware that they will not be allowed to participate in any Pony Club mounted equestrian activity until such time as the “sleepers” can be safely removed.  The reason for this is that sleepers have in the past caused injuries following falls.”

Well done to George!!  The inaugural Pony Club Polocrosse Home Nations, will see teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compete across two days, 25th and 26th July, at Backford in Cheshire.  Over 100 players applied to take part, in a selection process involving a written application and observation of players by managers and coaches across the country. Standards were high, with selected junior sections for England, Scotland and Wales teams containing five of players recently named in the UK Polocrosse Association’s own Under 16 team; Ruaridh Gillanders (Scotland), Annabel Mahoney (Scotland), Annabel Twinberrow (Scotland), Jack Brown (Wales) and George Parrish (England AND FROM ASHFORD VALLEY PONY CLUB!) have also all been named as part of the UK team that will play against Zambia in a test match series in early August.  If you want to try Polocrosse you can find more information here.



George P 2George P

Well done to our eventers!

The Mini Girls Team of Mia, Amber and Josie  won the Mini Team competition at Eridge One Day Event on 7th June with a 2nd individual for Amber and 3rd place for Mia

On 14th June Mia and Josie were both first in the dressage, 1st individually and joined by Amber were 2nd in the Level 1 Team event at the ODE at East Sussex Pony Club.   Well done to Amy Tate too who was 4th in the level 2 section.

We had more success at Lockskinners on Sunday 21st June ;  Level 2 85cm – AVPC Team were placed 2nd (EP, Laura Brightling, Livvy Reeves and Julia Ransom) and Livvy was 3rd Individual, EP  6th, Julia 8th  and Laura 9th.  Level 2 75cm – Section A – Amy Tate placed 3rd and Best Dressage.  Section B – Josie Tabb placed 3rd.  Level 1 60cms – Aidan 9th individual and 4th team.  In the Combined training AJ and Oscar were placed in a mixed team and AJ was 8th individual too.

Well done on some fabulous dressages scores too, all that flatwork practice has paid off! 

Report from Laura at Regional Tetrathlon competition


In place of Associates Camp Lena and Donald are running a 2 day boot camp on July 29/30th at the RM pony club field.  This is designed to be a crammer for tests C+ upwards.  It will include stable management and lunging training and a dummy AH test.   Please can you contact Lena on lena@p-w.me.uk with what you are working for and what you would like help with.  You will be put in groups so that you can gain the maximum out of it.
We are planning a BBQ on the middle evening.  The cost will depend on how many we have?  But will be shared according to what you do, please reply ASAP so that I can get everything organised.  Thanks Lena

 :arrow: :arrow: ***ASHFORD VALLEY HUNT PC ONE DAY EVENT ON 30TH AUGUST 2015***schedule on this link AVHPC ODE 30 8 15 schedule Bonfleur
  • JUNIORS Tues 28th to Thursday 30th July 2015, ***Kelsham Farm,  Headcorn £110  NOW FULL – ***Please contact Zoe Jefferson if you would like to go on the Waiting List 07989 399 153***
  • SENIORS from **Saturday 1st to Thursday 6th August** (Hickstead Team SJ is on Saturday 8th) at Redhouse Farm, Benenden £300


Pony Prep Plus website from the Pony Club  The latest update to The Pony Club’s e learning system has launched today at Olympia, the London International Horse Show.  www.PonyPrepPlus.org is the next level of The Pony Club’s e learning site www.PonyPrep.org  Since launching in 2010, PonyPrep has been enjoyed by over 200,000 users working towards their D-C level Pony Club Efficiency Tests and has also won an e learning award, so it is very much hoped that PonyPrep Plus will enjoy the same level of success. PonyPrep Plus is based around the same concept as PonyPrep, enhancing the vocational training The Pony Club already offers, but as the next level on, it is based on The Pony Club’s C+ Efficiency Test and associated age bracket upwards, both in terms of content but also in look, feel and interactivity.

Erdige Mini mini tet girls 2


AVTH mini mini tet girls

ekpc 1SDC12120

Hickstead mini team

Kathryn champs 2014kent show josie

July 2014 Kent show 047