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Updated – 27/5/16

Pentathlon training


SAVE THE DATE - Riding and Road Safety Friday 10th and Saturday 11th June, details to be emailed soon.

NEW – KENT TARGET POLOCROSSE CLUB AND PONY CLUB POLOCROSSE TRAINING DAY  Saturday 28th May 2016 at Risebridge Farm, Goudhurst, Kent TN17 1HN  ALL WELCOME, INCLUDING COMPLETE BEGINNERS! info here polocrosse day may 2016

Huge congratulations to Ajay, Oscar, Maisy, Sam and Ruby who came 3rd at Penshurst in the Area 11 mounted games junior section and are on their way to the Zone finals in July in Warwick.

Area 3rd

NEW – Report and Video of last weekend’s mounted games fun here

Thanks to our neighbours at Romney Marsh for a lovely Combined Training event on 1st May in the sunshine.  Well done to Allisya who won her class,  and Hannah who was 5th.

Allisya RMPC CT May 2016

NEW – Long cold day at Mid Surrey Tet but some great results in all sections, despite the scary owl hole jump.  Full report to follow….

Midsurreytet 4

Midsurreytet 1 Midsurreytet 3 midsurreytet2

NEW – Area SJ – if you wish to compete please email Julia by 15th May.  For info -The Bullock cup will be run with the novice class and the Eclipse cup has been replaced by the Grassroots competition. Intermediates and opens will run on surface and novice and grassroots will be on grass arenas.  All classes start in the morning.  Heights of classes are:

OPEN Area: First Round – 1.10m Second Round – 1.15m There will be two double combinations in the first round and a double and a treble combination in the 2nd round If the second or third part of a combination is a spread it must be built to be jumped off two non-jumping strides A Water Tray will be included in the second round A water jump may be included No parallel or ascending oxer may be more than 10cm wider than it is high. (Triple Bar – width should not exceed the height + 1/3) Championships: First Round – 1.15m Second Round –
some fences will be 1.20m There will be one double and one treble combination at 1.10m A Water Tray will be included in the second round A water jump may be included No parallel or ascending oxer may be more than 10cm wider than it is high. (Triple Bar – width should not exceed the height + 1/3)

INTERMEDIATE Area: First Round – 1.00m Second Round – 1.05m There will be two double combinations (no treble combination). The second part of all combinations must be uprights. A Water Tray will be included in the second round. Championships: First Round – 1.05m Second Round – some fences will be 1.10m There will be two double combinations (no treble combination). The second part of all combinations must be uprights. A Water Tray will be included in the second round. No parallel or ascending oxer may be more than 5cm wider than it is high. (Triple Bar – width should not exceed the height + 1/3)

NOVICE Area: First Round – 0.90m Second Round – 0.95m There will be two double combinations (no treble combination). The second part of all double combinations must be uprights. A Water Tray may be included in the second round. Championships: First Round – 0.95m Second Round – 1.00m There will be two double combinations (no treble combination). The second part of all double combinations must be uprights. A Water Tray will be included in the second round. No parallel or ascending oxer may be wider than it is high.

NEW – Windsor Great Park,  Cross Country Ride, 10th-11th September 2016 RIDE FOR FREE!!!

NEW – A great day for our mini novice competitors today at Eridge and East Sussex PC SJ at Golden Cross.  Well done to Hope, Mia and Sam who were 1st, 5th and 7th in the 60cms class with a WIN for the AVHPC team.  Congratulations!

mini team GX 160417mini team GX 160417 2

A special mention to Florence who jumped two rounds off the lead rein and also to Hannah who conquered her nerves and jumped 2 rounds, getting a 7th place in one class.  Well done!

NEW – The Hunting certificate will now take place in May half term; provisionally booked for 1st June

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PC rules for body protectors have changed this year.  Body Protectors used for Cross Country and Pony Racing MUST meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard (purple label).  Please check your back protectors before the XC season, some members have found that even some newish BPs are not compliant!  Full info here 

Well done  to Toby who won the mini boys Tetrathlon at Ardingly last weekend,  Ajay was 2nd in the shoot & Oscar won the swim – and the boys were first overall.

mini boys ardingly

 Wow look at that trophy!!  AVPC on the podium for mounted games too, more info here …..

PCC march 2016

Well done to Jess, Josie and Ella who had great clears rounds at Eaglesfield today to win the Novice 80cms class, well done girls! (and bad luck to Aidan for being the scratch score this time)

Eaglesfield SJ 160306

Tetrathlon schedule here

Ashford Valley is hosting and running the Area 11 ODE at levels 2,3 and 4 on 26th June at Bonfleur. 

AVHPC’s own ODE from level 1 to Level 3 will take place on Sunday 28th August 2016 at Bonfleur.


Mounted Games success

MG 160207

Well done mini boys at the Area Triathlon on 30/1/16, full report here.

Triathlon mini boys

Absolutely great day for the AVHPC showjumpers at Golden Cross on Sunday 24th.  Report here and a few pictures to show our success….


Novice team GX Jan 2016

Mini team GX Jan 2016


Report from Cicely from Regional and National Tetrathlon

Cicely 3


Huge congratulations to our oldest member Faye Smith who passed her B test in 2015, this is an enormous achievement and has involved lots of hard work and training for Faye both in riding and care of her horse.  

Well done and congratulations from all in AVHPC.

Faye jumping

ENGLAND won the Four Nations Pony Club polo crosse. George Parrish was captain of juniors and England juniors were also winners of their division.  George was also winner of the “Best Senior” trophy for 2015 in AVHPC. – Well done!

George at PC champs 140727George at PC champs 2 140727

Message from Pony Club Office – As the mounted area competitions start this weekend and I have been asked by a couple of confused parents recently I thought I would remind everyone of the Pony Club rules regarding earrings (and any other piercings). The rule is very simple – these are not allowed in any form, at all, at any rally, camp or competition; regardless of tapes, plasters or anything else and riders will have to remove them before riding.  The rule book states:

” No jewelry is allowed for safety reasons, other than a wristwatch, a wedding ring, a stock pin worn horizontally or a tie clip.  It is recommended that stock pins are removed for cross country.  Members who are contemplating piercing their ears or any other part of their body should be aware that they will not be allowed to participate in any Pony Club mounted equestrian activity until such time as the “sleepers” can be safely removed.  The reason for this is that sleepers have in the past caused injuries following falls.”


Updated information about our pony club branch and the role of parents


AJ and oscar tri jan 2016Liv Golden CrossTet MM boys EK Oct 2015Mounted Games Oct 2015Boots Hickstead 2015IMG_0162

George PGeorge P 2Erdige Mini mini tet girls 2



ekpc 1July 2014 Kent show 047SDC12120

Hickstead mini team

Kathryn champs 2014kent show josie