Tuesday March 20, 2018
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HHPC Committee and Discipline Organisers 2018

District Commissioner Emma Bedford* hhponyclub.dc@gmail.com
ADC Administration Anna Kellock* hhponyclub.adcadm@gmail.com
Treasurer Sam Whistlecroft* hhponyclub.tre@gmail.com
Secretary Nikki O’Carroll* hhponyclub.sec@gmail.com
Membership Secretary, Anna Rainbow* hhponyclub.memsec@gmail.com
Website & PayPal Co-ordinator
Health & Safety Officer Louise Waldron* louisewaldron@itchendown.com
Minis Rallies and Mini Camp George Williams* hhponyclub.minirallies@gmail.com
Junior Rallies & Junior Camp Emma Higgens* hhponyclub.juniors@gmail.com
Junior Rallies & Junior Camp Edwina Herrmann* hhponyclub.juniors@gmail.com
Senior Rallies & Senior Camp Emma Mallory* hhponyclub.seniors@gmail.com
Nicola Rowsell*
Junior Dressage Cathryn Hewett* hhponyclub.jdr@gmail.com
Mini Eventing (Under 70cms) Nadine Smythe & Eliza Bell* hhponyclub.mev@gmail.com
Junior Eventing (70-90cms) & Susan Bamberg hhponyclub.jev@gmail.com
Senior Eventing (100cms & Open)
Show Jumping (Under 70cms) Katie Bilham hhponyclub.msj@gmail.com
Show Jumping (70-90cms) Lucy Collis hhponyclub.jsj@gmail.com
Show Jumping (90-100 & Open) Lucy Hunter hhponyclub.ssj@gmail.com
Achievement Badges Emma Moffat hhponyclub.ach@gmail.com
& Mounted Games
Endurance Emma Moffat hhponyclub.end@gmail.com
Efficiency Test Co-Ordinator Emma Moffat hhponyclub.tests@gmail.com
Hunting Certificate Emma Higgens hhponyclub.juniors@gmail.com
Riding & Road Safety Allison van Randwyck hhponyclub.rrs@gmail.com
Polo Eliza Bell hhponyclub.polo@gmail.com
Tetrathlon Alex Gregory hhponyclub.tet@gmail.com
* denotes Committee Member