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Currently coordinated by Kate Andrews and Sally Marriott. Regular rallies and training for all ages are on offer with a variety of trainers. They assist with coordinating teams, to get in contact please email on



Run by Eliza Bell for 90cm +, coordinating training and teams for the qualifiers and Championships, along with the Arena Eventing in the Winter months. Eliza can be contacted on hhponyclub.sev@gmail.com

Run by Camila Read for eventing up to and including 80cm, coordinating training and teams for the qualifiers and regional championships along with assisting with other local competitions.  Camilla can be contacted on hhponyclub.jev@gmail.com 



Polo is like hockey on horseback – you hit the ball into the goal with your polo stick.

There are six sections based on age groups: Jorrocks (JOR), Handley Cross (HX), Surtees (SUR), Loriner (LOR), Ledner (LED) and Rendell (REN); and three Sections of Junior HPA polo based on age and handicap: Hipwood (HIP), Langford (LAN) and Gannon (GAN).

Pony Club Polo is founded upon the principle of one player, one pony, making it more accessible. It is possible to play polo starting at 6 years old and finishing at 21 with only one pony.

run by Alex Gregory who can be contacted on hhponyclub.polo@gmail.com

Show Jumping

Currently run by 3 parent volunteers :

0-85cm, both Lara and Camilla run rallies across Hampshire with training from Cordelia or George.

Lara and Camilla share the email hhponyclub.jsj@gmail.com 

85+ cm run by Nadine offering training with Pete. Nadine can be contacted on hhponyclub.ssj@gmail.com

Teams are coordinated by the Show Jumping organisers and are aimed to be inclusive.



Tetrathlon is great fun and involves running , swimmingshooting (HH pistols and training sessions available) and XC riding.

Competing at Tet can start for the under 7’s,  they bean bag throw instead of shoot, ride 40cm courses, swim for 2 minutes and run 500m all the way up to Open, the shoot is 10m turning targets, ride is 1m+ XC , swimming for 4 minutes and running 3000m.

An amazing discipline for an all-round athlete and equestrian.

Currently run by Kylie who can be contacted on hhponyclub.tet@gmail.com

Mounted Games

It has been a while since we offered Mounted Games in branch but it is such great fun and leads to agility with your pony. Fast and furious and a superb team sport.  If you are interested in running this discipline please get in contact with Cathryn on hhponyclub.sec@gmail.com (at time of press good news could be around the corner with one of our parents keen to take on this discipline).



Not been offered by the Branch for a few years but a fantastic way to keep your horse fit and wonderful way to see amazing countryside across the UK. In the past the HH has been highly successful at this discipline – picture shows our past member Archie who competed at National level.

Tests and Badges

We are committed to offering training through badges and the Pony Club testing within the Branch. We have a few members who have achieved their A test and now teach.  Currently we have a high proportion of our older members achieving and aiming for their B test.

Rallies are held regularly at Broadlands RDA , one of our branch nominated Charities.

Please get in touch with Cathryn on hhponyclub.ach@gmail.com