Tuesday March 3, 2015

Welcome to the New Forest Hunts Branch of the Pony Club

Thank You Paula!

Paula Killengray has been our Assistant DC for many years, and has decided to retire from this position. We would all like to give her a big ‘Thank You’ for all the work she has done, and help she has given to our members. Paula will still be around with Georgy, but purely in a ‘mum’ capacity!

We would now like to welcome Leesa Merritt into the role of Assistant DC.


Discount at Wessex Health for all PC members

Please can we use this offer as much as possible, as we may be able to get prizes etc for all of our shows, if our Pony Club makes their presence known!!

Pony Club Discount

Shopping Online

Please remember when you are shopping online, to use our Easy FundRaising link, and it will raise money for our PC just by an extra click! So far this year we have raised  over £215. For more information check out our information page

We now have a Facebook page and Twitter account, so you can all follow us there as well! This will have important information and is also a place for sending your photos and letting us all know what you have been up to with your ponies!

You can find us on Facebook here @ New Forest Hunts Pony Club and twitter here @NFHPC

Welcome to the Following Recent New Members:

Herbie Sutton

Eva-Grace Storer


To find out more, check out our page!