Saturday January 31, 2015

Welcome to the New Forest Hunts Branch of the Pony Club

For Dressage times for the competition on 31st January, please go to the Upcoming Events page

 Camelot Mini Jumping Show!

Our next Mini jumping show is on Monday 16th February, at Burley Villa (for our members only). Please click on the link for more details, and don’t forget to sort out your costumes!

Camelot Mini Jumping Show


Vacancy for Rally Coordinator:

Rallies, as you know, are the backbone of every Pony Club and there are many volunteers who work together to make them happen. One of these volunteers is the Rally Coordinator who acts as the focal point for rally entries.

The job is mainly computer based (email and EXCEL) and although our current volunteer has been able to fit the job in around her full time job, family and animals for the last 3 years it is now time for her to move on. This means that your pony club is looking for a new Rally Coordinator. Could this be you?

If you would like to find out more about it all please contact either Karen Caton or Gill Sporne.

Discount at Wessex Health for all PC members

Please can we use this offer as much as possible, as we may be able to get prizes etc for all of our shows, if our Pony Club makes their presence known!!

Pony Club Discount

Shopping Online

Please remember when you are shopping online over the Christmas period, to use our Easy FundRaising link, and it will raise money for our PC just by an extra click! So far this year we have raised  over £174. For more information check out our information page

We now have a Facebook page and Twitter account, so you can all follow us there as well! This will have important information and is also a place for sending your photos and letting us all know what you have been up to with your ponies!

You can find us on Facebook here @ New Forest Hunts Pony Club and twitter here @NFHPC

Welcome to the Following Recent New Members:

Ava Robinson


To find out more, check out our page!