Thursday April 17, 2014

Welcome to the New Forest Hunts Branch of the Pony Club

If anyone has changed their email address recently, please can you let Susan Hogarth know, as you may be missing important information!


We are still very short of fence judges for our Hunter Trial and Tetrathlon on Saturday 3rd May. Please can you email Becky Tooley if you can help, and please ask friends and family members too!

Our Hunter Trial (3rd May) schedule and entry form are now on our website. Please click here to find them, and enter ASAP.

*Important information regarding trailer breakdowns when you are travelling with livestock*

One of our members recently had an unfortunate incident when their car broke down on the M3 when they were towing the trailer containing horses. Although they had breakdown cover for the car, they didn’t realise that it doesn’t include livestock. This means that your horses and trailer would be abandoned!! Luckily they managed to get the car, trailer and horses home, but it cost hundreds of pounds and a lot of stress.

To prevent this happening in future, it may be worth joining a trailer breakdown policy. There is one company in the UK called PRP Rescue Services that can offer this and will also include horse boxes. For a trailer, if you are already an RAC member, it will cost you an additional £45, if you belong to any other breakdown company it will cost an additional £48, and there is also a policy to cover your car and trailer for £70. For the website with all the information, please click here.

Please also remember that it is a legal requirement that the passport travels with the horse, otherwise transport companies can refuse to transport your horse. Apparently over 60% of horse box drivers are travelling without passports.

When must the passport accompany a horse?
The passport (or smartcard) must accompany a horse at all times. The person with primary responsibility for the horse must have the passport made available to them if they are not the owner. The exceptions to this are:

  • emergency situations
  • when a horse is being grazed or stabled but the passport can be produced without delay in the event of an inspection
  • when a horse is being moved on foot, where the passport can be viewed within three hours
  • when a horse is being used for competition or event and is required to leave the venue

Hannah Stevenson Shortlisted for British Team!

We also congratulate Hannah Stevenson for being shortlisted for the British Tetrathlon team which will travel to Australia this year.  Hannah dedicates a great deal of time to training and is inspirational to our very busy younger Tetrathletes.  Pictured is Hannah on her mare Tilly who she competes across four of our Pony Club disciplines.  Good luck with all your training Hannah.


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