Monday November 20, 2017

Welcome to the New Forest Hunts Branch of the Pony Club

**Awards Evening on 24th November**

Don’t forget our PC Awards Evening on Friday 24th November at Boldre War Memorial Hall, Pilley from 6.30-9pm. Food is available on arrival with wine and soft drinks for a small donation. Please can you email Susan Hogarth to say whether you are coming by Friday 17th November, as we need a rough idea of numbers to order the food.

PC Awards Evening 2017

NFHPC Open and Dengie Show Jumping Competition

This will be at Crofton Manor Equestrian Centre on 3rd December, so add it to your diary! The schedule and entry form can be found here.

Congratulations to Some of Our members

Congratulations to the following members for passing their Pony Club tests this autumn.

B test Care
Will Mitchell and Tara Johnston

C+ Riding
Charlie Tom Hyde and Bess Mann

C test
Maya Clawes, Eloise Curzon and Lottie Joint

Pony Club tests are a great way of developing practical riding and understanding the theory behind it as well as improving stable management skills and  knowledge. Please see the rally programme to see what we have on offer or contact Sue Stevenson for more details (

Recent Strangles Outbreak

As you are probably aware there have been a few outbreaks of strangles in the local area. This is a common problem as the bacterial, respiratory infection  is always present at a low level within the forest ponies and UK horse population in general.

Without wanting to cause alarm we feel it is important that as an organisation and horse owners we act responsibly and are all aware of the signs and precautions that can be taken.

The main symptoms to watch out for can include thick nasal discharge, lethargy, a high temperature, coughing, difficulty in swallowing and loss of appetite.

If you are at rallies, hacking on the forest or competing, avoid direct contact with other horses.  Thankfully strangles is not airborne, it is spread by contact – horse to horse or human to horse, water troughs and sharing contaminated environments (stables / fields / trailers etc.). If your horse or others at your yard are showing symptoms DO NOT put other horses at risk by taking them off the yard and ensure veterinary advice is sought.

Discount at Wessex Health for all PC members

Please can we use this offer as much as possible, as we may be able to get prizes etc for all of our shows, if our Pony Club makes their presence known!!

Pony Club Discount

Shopping Online

Please remember when you are shopping online, to use our Easy FundRaising link, and it will raise money for our PC just by an extra click! So far this year we have raised  over £305. For more information check out our information page

We now have a Facebook page and Twitter account, so you can all follow us there as well! This will have important information and is also a place for sending your photos and letting us all know what you have been up to with your ponies!

You can find us on Facebook here @ New Forest Hunts Pony Club and twitter here @NFHPC

Welcome to the Following Recent New Members:



To find out more, check out our page!