Thursday December 14, 2017

Code of Conduct

Members and guest riders

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the sport.

As a rider, you have a big part to play. That’s why we are asking all of our members to follow the following code of conduct

I will:

  • Always ride and compete to the best of my ability
  • Compete fairly – I won’t cheat, complain or waste time
  • Respect my fellow riders, team-mates, other teams, instructors, judges, stewards and officials
  • Respect my horse or pony and the horses or ponies of others
  • Play by the rules, as set out in Pony Club and relevant discipline rulebooks
  • Listen and respond to what my instructor tells me
  • Talk to someone I trust or the branch welfare officer if I’m unhappy about anything in my branch.

I understand that if I do not follow this Code, any or all of the following actions may be taken by my Branch or the Area:

I may:

  • Be required to apologise to my fellow riders, team-mates, other teams, instructors, judges, stewards and officials
  • Receive a formal warning from the instructor, District Commissioner or the branch committee
  • Be prevented from continuing in the competition or training
  • Be suspended from training
  • Be required to leave the branch
  • My Branch or the Area may make my parent or carer aware of any infringements of this Code of Conduct

Spectators and parents/carers

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the sport

This branch is supporting this code of conduct to ensure equestrianism can be enjoyed in a safe, positive environment.

Remember Pony Club organised events are a time for members to develop their technical, physical, tactical and social skills. Winning isn’t everything.

Play your part and observe the Branches Respect Code of Conduct for spectators and parents/carers at all times

I will:

  • Remember that children and young people ride and compete for FUN.
  • Applaud effort and good play as well as success
  • Always Respect the officials’ decisions
  • Remain outside the arena and within the Designated Spectators’ Area (where provided) unless invited to do otherwise
  • Let the instructor do their job and not confuse the riders by telling them what to do
  • Encourage the riders to Respect other riders, judges, stewards and officials
  • Avoid criticising a rider for making a mistake – mistakes are part of learning
  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour

I understand that if I do not follow the Code, any or all of the following actions may be taken by the Branch or Area:

I may be:

  • Issued with a verbal warning from a Branch or Area official
  • Required to meet with the Branch or Area committee
  • Obliged to leave the training or competition venue by the organiser or my branch
  • Requested by the branch not to attend future events
  • Suspended or have my child’s Pony Club membership removed

• Required to leave the Branch along with any dependents


20th July – 4 sleeps to go! I’ve attached the kit list again (and if you’re short of anything, Countrywide has a sale in full swing).

Set up of camping site strictly 5.00-6.00pm Sunday (no access earlier) you may leave your hay/feed/mucking out kit etc.

  1. Arrive from 9.00am Monday with PONY, TACK, HAT,EQUINE PASSPORT for briefing in dining room at 9.30am prompt. Horses stay on trailer until after briefing.
  2. All hats to be white tagged.
  3. Members in clean jodhpurs, PC sweat/polo, long hair plaited/hairnet, clean boots & with clean pony.
  4. There will be a trot up on Monday morning.


Plenty of the committee will be there on Sunday for any last minute queries. Stable plans, Rides & timetable revealed Monday morning.


Help rota will be sent later and if you can, rustle up a cake to bring along on Sunday or Monday for tea time treats.


 Lincomb Camp Monday July 24th-Friday July 28th 2017

 Full 5-day camp for 8+ year olds, residential with final day prize-giving.

Combining XC/SJ/Flatwork, stable management fun and games.

This is a residential camp open to over 8’s (independent & confident riders). We have a number of younger members experiencing all Lincomb has to offer this year. Please be reassured that there will be plenty of help on offer but understand parents are actively discouraged from being with their own children’s rides. NO LEAD REINS. This is the opportunity for the children to become more independent with both riding and pony care. They WILL be tacking up/mucking out/feeding their ponies themselves!

Parents, if you wish to camp you are welcome; we are planning a mass application for DBS certificates for those who need one On Monday May 8th details to follow separately. (no adult may stay overnight without a current DBS certificate without exception).


 Lincomb Camp Two-Day Snr. Eventer Training

Thursday July 27th & Friday July 28th

We are aware that the older members have a lot of demands on their time, with exam prep, competitions, work experience and paid work over the summer. To enable them to join in we are offering 2 day Eventer Training  for those jumping min. 90cm. These members are invited to arrive for 9.30am on Thursday, stay overnight for a whole camp  bar-b-q and coaching will continue on Friday.



 As last year, we will run a 3-day for lead rein and 4-day camp for the older rides. This is Non-Residential. Roughly running 10.00-4.00 on all 4 days, ponies go home daily.

There will be a mix of ages and abilities from 4 to 10 years.  Those juniors who would rather not camp at Lincomb or have other commitments in July are very welcome and there will be plenty for you at The Elms.


Reminders will of course be sent; payment deadlines must be adhered to; no place is guaranteed without a deposit.

NHHPC Camp Information 2017


≈NHHPC Camp Application Form 2017

NHHPC Mini Camp 2017 Info

NHHPC MINI Camp Application & Medical Form 2017


Aug 2016 – I do think both Camps of 2016 are going down in the memory as an EPIC! So much fun, so much learned; the instructors were just fabulous. We had huge support from members, parents, friends of the Pony Club and our yard helpers/volunteers George and Cam were FANTASTIC. Finishing the week with an eventful (?!) competition rather summed it all up, not a dull moment. Lovely that our DC Sally came to judge the showjumping (even shouting ding-a-ling herself until the bell was liberated from the dressage competition!) and then awarding some very well deserved rosettes to the members. The overall atmosphere was positive and the most enormous fun, the catering was brilliant. Thank you, thank you to all who worked to make it so wonderful for the members. There were events that will undoubtedly stay in the memory for a very long time. Again, enormous thanks to Jane for organising Camp(s) this year, truly a vintage year.

We’ve already received some very positive feedback, I’m pretty sure there will be a stampede to sign up for next year. Across the two Camps we are running, we have an 80% take up for Camp attendance which is great. Serious thought about the scheduling of family holidays may be required for next year so I will confirm 2017 dates asap.

If you look at our NHHPC Facebook page, there are a huge number of photos taken by Susie Gibbs, Charlie Russell and Alice Arnold. You are very welcome to download, print and save any you like.


Camp 2016 was run from Monday 25th July until Friday 29th July 2016, dates inclusive at Lincomb Equestrian Centre, DY13 9RB.

Camp is aimed at all Members of 8 years and over who are riding independently off the leading rein and are happy to camp and join in with activities. Members need to provide their own ‘accommodation’ and pony food but stabling, horse bedding and food for campers is included. Sadly, we can’t guarantee sunshine!

Again as last year, due to the hard work of volunteers at our Shows and fund raising events, Camp will be heavily subsidised enabling as many Members as possible to attend.  (Subsidy is £100 per Member which is why we ask/insist that all Campers’ families help at every Branch competition and fund raising event – your help is vital to maintain this subsidy). We also rely on lots of helpers during Camp week,  parents please feel free to volunteer in advance


Mini Camp at for Members Under 8 years w/c 15th August 2016 at The Elms, Colwall

Please see the Minis Page for more information