Monday February 26, 2024
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Pony Racing
We have some exciting rallies planned ahead of the forthcoming pony racing season!
Sunday 19th February we have a Gallops Morning at Tom Symonds Racing. Those intending to race can fine tune their position and practise with one of our racing saddles, under the guidance of professional jump jockey Ben Poste.  
2nd March we are hosting another of our popular Intro To Racing rallies at Amberley Court, with instructor Polly Morgan. 
If you’ve ever wondered about pony racing then why not come along and find out more.  Try on some jockey colours, have a go on the mechanical horse (equicisor) and explore some of the different equipment that’s involved. 
There will even be the chance to chat to a professional jockey!
There will also be an opportunity to earn your Pony Racing Badges with our instructor Sally Pearson.  


Hereford has long been a breeding ground of jockeys, and if our young members have their way this looks set to continue.

We have access to a range of gallops and support in our country. We have recently purchased saddles and accessories, plus 2 sets of colours – to make pony racing full accessible for any of our members,

We currently have a range of rallies in place with the aim to help get our budding jockeys and jockettes started, with the focus being on building strength and balance in a safe environment.


The Intro to Pony Racing Badge

For younger or less experienced members who are just starting out in Pony Racing. This badge will help them understand the basics to help them get ready to compete.

The Pony Racing Sports Badge 

For slightly older or more experienced members who are ready to or have already started to compete in Pony Racing. It will help them to understand the rules of Pony Racing and what is expected of the horse and rider in order to be successful in a competition.