Tuesday June 19, 2018

Team Manger Bev Owen bbjowen@icloud.com

18 March 2018 – Many congratulations to George Duff who competed in The Pony Club Winter Triathlon Championships in Milton Keynes yesterday. It was a happy day with some fantastic performances. As you can imagine the conditions for the running were horrible, it was freezing cold running around a very exposed track. However, George stuck at it and after a good shoot that helped him a lot, he ended up 18th out of 37 in the Mini boys keeping the North Hereford flag flying! Well done George!

15 Jan 2018 –  Area 10 first of three Triathlons in the ‘Winter Series’ held at Monmouth Yesterday  Results:

 FB_IMG_1516009552724Tiddlers: 3rd Team, Poppy 3rd individual & Ben individual 4th

Tadpoles Boys Team 1st Well done to  Edward, Jamie and Thomas

Individual placings:  8th Edward Queen;  4th Jamie Owen;  1st Thomas Roxburgh

Best Shot: Thomas and Jamie jointly won with a score of 800

FB_IMG_1516009573654 FB_IMG_1516009565128Minis – George Duff 2nd Individual and qualifying for National Triathlon Championship in March.

Juniors: Maddie Queen was in the Winning Girls Team and Won Best Run

Fabulous results!


Feb 2016 – Great day yesterday at the Feb Monmouth Triathlon.

Tiddler team did really well coming team 3rd. Edward Q came individual 2nd, Dan A individual 5th and Jamie individual 6th

Tadpoles – Jen A and George D, team 1st (joined by 2 from the Curre). George also got best shoot

Minis – Dom A and Katie B came team 7th. NH Elms boys Archie B, Kit M, Jack W came team 8th. NH Elms girls – Lara D, Bella C and Jasmine E came team 6th
NH Elms member Matthew L came ind 4th and part of team 3rd. Well done to all comptitors!!

IMG_3022 IMG_2996 IMG_3036-2


Shooting, swimming, running and riding,

we would love to hear from you if you would like to give it a go

Contact Bev Owen for more info


Julian Voelcker organises shooting training at home.  Contact Gilly V for more info.

 Tetrathlon Rule Books can be purchased from Sally P @ £3 or you can download from the Pony Club http://www.pcuk.org/

We would encourage parents to familiarise yourself with the rules as safety is paramount.


Pony Club Tetrathlon Hints and tips

Dress Code

For shooting including bean bagging:

Pony Club sweatshirts, track trousers and trainers. The upshot is long sleeves, long trousers (jods are fine if child wearing them) and NO ankle supporting footwear, (NO jodhpur boots or hi-tops) As shooting very often in a sports hall, safest to wear non-marking trainers.

XC riding

Long sleeves (sweat or XC shirt) Jodhpurs, boots, Hat (tagged), medical armband and body protector. These are compulsory. Gloves are optional.

For riding, your pony should be clean and tidy. Your tack should be the same and in good repair. No loose stitching on stirrup leathers or reins please. There is no need to plait. Please remember to regularly check stirrups are fitting correctly, there should be ¼” clearance either side of riding boot, i.e. a fingers width. Boots ought to have smooth soles.  If you are not using a martingale please use a neckstrap.


Any swimsuit and goggles. Probably best to leave bikinis for holidays. Hats now for sale, please order online or contact Alice


Shorts, PC Sweat/polo shirt, trainers (spikes or studs in very wet conditions if you know the whole course is on grass!).



Tetrathlons can be very long days, particularly where all 4 disciplines are held on the same day (some pony clubs hold the swim the day before). They can also be great fun and very sociable. To keep everyone cheerful, remember hay and water, fly spray, waterproof or cooler sheets for ponies. Drinks and snacks for athletes but please don’t eat within an hour of your swim or run. A stitch or worse can occur.

All Pony Club events will state that ponies must NOT be left tied to trailers unattended.

On arrival, find your team manager or branch rep. (Rachel Barrett, Julian or Gilly Voelcker) who will have reported to the secretary and collected competitor numbers. Remember all rules relating to gun safety. Under 18’s may NOT carry their guns.  The children at our branch will need someone to load for them. If you cannot be there or cannot load, please tell one of us ASAP. Range safety is taken very seriously and you will be asked to leave if you do not adhere to the rules.

Times will be sent out in advance so you should know roughly where you need to be and when. Usually the shoot is first, then the swim; breaks between disciplines should give you the opportunity to walk the XC course and the running course.

The Triathlon/Tetrathlon Rule Book is available from www.pcuk.org and it is a very good idea to familiarise yourself with it. Admittedly at Frogspawn level there is little pressure and much hand holding but please be prepared to take responsibility for your child, your pony and their wellbeing on the day of competition.

It is all fun I promise, but the more you know, the more fun it is. Never be afraid to ask questions of any of us at the branch.