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‘As a Member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship. I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being. I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration.’

Welcome to the Puckeridge Hunt Branch of the Pony Club.  If you are interested in joining our branch or for those who wish to renew their membership please download the current membership form and send it to our Membership Secretary, Jo Shickell,20 Heydon Road, Great Chishill, nr Royston, Herts. SG8 8SR.  07933292730

New members are advised to ring Jo to confirm that you live within our area as you are required to join the Pony Club branch nearest to your home address and our area boundaries are a little vague.

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latest news………August

Area Team Results Summer 2014
Well done to all our riders who have taken part in area team events this summer.  The area horse trials were held at Isleham on sunday 20th July and we had 3 teams and one individual taking part.  Findley Atherton rode as an individual in the open class and was placed 4th. Ollie Brown, Hannah Snell and Daisy and Chloe De-Upaugh all rode in the intermediate team. Hannah was placed 3rd in her section and narrowly missed qualifying for the championships. We had two novice teams of Daisy Dollar, Theo Atherton, Sophie Byford, Rose and Georgie Pitman, Alice Shickell, Jack Hayward and Isla Cuthbert. All our novice riders rode really well and Daisy was placed 5th Theo 4th and Rose was 2nd in their sections.
The Area Showjumping was held at Ickworth park on Sunday August 3rd.and with the course walk at 7.30am and Abigail still jumping at 7.30pm it was a very long day. We had no open team this year but had a team in the intermediate and two teams in the novice. Our intermediate team of Ollie brown, Hannah Snell and Daisy De-Upaugh did not have such a good day.
Our novice teams of Millie Hammond, Abigail Harris, Natasha Dell, Alex Waters, Rose and Georgie Pitman, Sophie Byford and Theo Atherton had a very good competition with both teams going forward to the second round on zero scores. The second round sorted all the teams out and our team of Rose, Georgie, Theo and Sophie all jumped clear and took us through to the jump off. 65 novice riders took part in the final jump off and our team did extremely well all jumped clear and finished in third place and have qualified for the novice championships in Cheshire. Abigail Harris also did a brilliant job at her first area competition jumping three very good clear rounds and is also going to the championships.
So good luck to all our members who are going to the Novice Championships, Alice Shickell (Dressage), Rose and Georgie Pitman, Theo Atherton and Abigail Harris ( show jumping).

_DSC8064 harriet dressage dressage1Area Dressage 2014 – Thank you to Millie Hammond, Zara Harris, Claudia Kent, Morgan Kent, Georgie Pitman, Sophie Byford, Rose Pitman, Harriet Wilmott and Alice Shickell for taking part in the Area Dressage at Cottenham Racecourse. Especially well done to Alice, and Sophie for getting placed in the main competition and Rose for her placing in the warm up test. Also a huge thank you to Sue for all her help and organizing us all!
I didn’t put actual results but I think they went like this Alice was 3rd and qualified for Nationals.  Sophie was 6th and Rose came 3rd in the warm up. Long and lovely day out, sun shone, ponies all performed well and we all enjoyed a picnic together.

East Hertfordshire-20140701-00430 Lots of fun at Brooms Evening Rally last week, even without ponies, everyone had a great time with the unmounted gymkhana!!

WELL DONE HECTOR PAYNE!…..many congratulations to Hector who finished in 3rd place at Bramham at the weekend!!


After a week of shuffling teams and negotiating later times to appease temperamental mothers (notably me, who had failed to read the schedule so just assumed the 90cm would be in the afternoon) St Sue turned up at Isleham at 830am for a course walk and wise words for Poppy Watson, Georgie and Ted Featherstone, Lizzie Yarrow and Franziska.  They all had a happy morning, jumping in the sun and Lizzie Yarrow did particularly well in the 70cm.

In the first round of the 90cm Daisy de Uphaugh went clear and Natasha Dell, Chloe de Uphaugh and Jack Heyward all faulted putting the Puckeridge team at 8 faults and near the bottom of the 19 teams.  The fences (and our riders’s socks) went up for the second round which was against the clock.   They all had brilliant rounds, were the fastest team of the day and ended up fifth.  Daisy de Uphaugh on Black Saturn won the class.  We all had a fun day and many thanks to Sue for giving up her day and most of her week for organising it all and supporting us.


Following the latest committee meeting, it has been agreed that the joining age for our pony club will now be lowered with immediate effect to 3 years old.

Alana has reserved 50 tickets for the matinee performance at Olympia on Weds 19th December so please save the date if you are interested and send Alana an email to reserve tickets.  The price including transportation by coach is still to be confirmed.


alice shickellIt all started a couple of months ago with a prelim test at The College of West Anglia, Milton. Mum said I needed to do a test or two if I was serious about doing a one day event, so off we went and amazingly we scored 78% in our first test. Mum said we should do another, so a fortnight later we decided to do the Novice Pony Club test (again at Milton), it happened to be a qualifier, not that we had any intention of qualifying. We left the competition after my test as there were 16 more to go and Mum didn’t want to hang around. Surprisingly, we received a qualification envelope in the post a couple of days later, having come second on one of the windiest days this Spring.

A couple of weeks later, we set off for Brook Farm, Area 8 finals, we were scheduled second to ride in a class of 18. We parked next to a member of Soham PC who had ridden first. Once we finished our test, we came back to our trailer and Mum started to unpick Tom’s plaits. The girl from next door’s Mum stuck her head round the door and told us we were in the lead! We waited for an uncomfortable couple of hours for the class to end before we discovered we had won on 81%!

So yesterday, Sunday 13 April 2014, we set off to Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, a 200 mile round trip for our 4 minute championship test. Tom did a lovely test and made it worth the long journey. We ended up coming 13th in our group, so just missed out on a championship rosette (only given to the first 10 placed) but none the less I was so pleased after all it was only our fourth ever test!


caroline powell apr 14caroline powell apr 14 06caroline powell apr 14 03caroline powell apr 14 05caroline powell apr 14 02

Despite the fact that there was torrential rain all afternoon elsewhere in the region, we were blessed at Ickworth Park with not a drop.  Hannah Snell and Jack Hayward received a joint clinic at Caroline’s yard which was extremely constructive especially since both members are riding new horses this season.  Caroline then jumped on her John Deere and headed over to the park where our 5 other members were ready to ride and learn!  The group consisting of Heather Rowe, Alex Waters, Tom McConnell, Olivia Richardson and Harriet Willmott tackled lots of challenging obstacles as Caroline guided them around the park, including plenty of ‘rider scarers’!  Caroline gave  the group a huge confidence boost and two hours just flew by.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was a real bonus that Caroline had the John Deere vehicle as it meant that the riders could  each attempt several jumps in succession, generating a good canter rhythm.  If they ran into any difficulties, Caroline was able to drive over to them quickly.  The down side was that the many ewes and newly born lambs were expecting her to feed them and gave chase several times!!


Congratulations to all our members that took part in the Novice team show jumping at Brook Farm and thank you to the committee members that gave up their time to organise the event.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day the sun shone, ponies sparkled and the children showed a great team spirit.

In class one we had 3 teams competing consisting of Sky Findlay, Hannah Trapmore, Isabella Renwick, Alice Somerville, Claudia Kent, Zara and Abigail Harris, Ted and Will Featherstone, Willa Peel and Poppy Watson. Our Blue team came 3rd, PHPC white  4th and PHPC Red were 6th and a special mention to Abigail Harris 5th and Morgan Kent 7th in the individuals.

The sun continued to shine unlike last year when we were battling with the cold and snow and class 2 commenced. Once again we had 3 teams entered and some new pony and rider combinations. The Red team came 1st well done to Harriet, Rose, Abigail and Isabella. The White team of Ted, Thomas, Zara and Alice  were 3rd and Blue Team 6th.  Rose and Harriet put in very competitive rounds to secure a 1st individually for Harriet and 3rd for Rose both on new ponies. Zara Harris also came 6th in the individuals.

We had two teams in the last class and everyone was in very competitive spirits Millie Hammond, Heather Rowe, Harriet Wilmott and Rose Pitman were in the Red team and Alice Shickell, Natasha Dell, Thomas McConnell and Georgie Pitman were in the Blue team. Thanks to some very speedy rounds from Millie, Rose and Heather the Red team won the class and the Blue team came 3rd. Millie also came 1st Individually followed a close 3rd by Rose and 4th Heather, Georgie was 7th and Natasha 8th so Puckeridge dominated the individual places.

The final class of the day was an individual competition and our congratulations go to Natasha Dell who came 3rd and Alice Shickell who was 4th.

We definitely have some great teams to look forward to at future events. Keep up the good work everyone and we look forward to seeing you at half term rallies and mini camp.  Finally don’t forget to check out our facebook group for photos from recent rallies and the novice show jumping.

John Adams show jumping clinic – April 2014

Gorgeous weather, a fabulous surface and a brilliant turnout of members led to a highly successful day with John.  Each group worked as hard as they could with John to improve their approach to the fences and their line after each fence.   Straightness was again, a high priority in the teaching session, although this proved rather difficult for some, once their ponies had spotted the pigs in the adjacent field!  Interesting how most of the ponies weren’t at all bothered and others a little more fearful!  Thank you very much to our hosts for allowing us to hold the rally at this venue.  It was another successful rally.


William Featherstone and Pony Racing Update…………….
Following all the very tedious cancellations/postponements due to the weather at Higham, Ascot, and Charing.. we eventually got off the starting blocks at Higham Point to Point on Sun 2nd March and Will and Rosie did very well in what was a very fast open 138cm race (9 runners). They had a good start but got overtaken on the run-in by some very speedy ponies and their experienced jockeys and came in at the back of the group, not tailed off at all.. All great fun, lots of smiles (from Will and Rosie!) and good experience.. Then at Ampton Point to Point on Sun 9th March, they ran again in the 138cm race (10 runners) and had a great start, coming up the final straight in 3rd and just overtaken before the line in a competitive finish to finish 5th (just out of the winners enclosure!). Will rode her really well and Rosie obviously enjoyed herself! Will was the youngest in the race with several much older (and taller, stronger and more experienced!) boys who looked very professional indeed! featherstone

Well, we certainly got the mini heatwave that the weather forecasters promised!  All the fields seems to be drying out well and there are signs of spring grass at last!  Winter has now finally passed and we can look forward to a busy season ahead.  The next committee meeting is on 31st March and there will be more news to follow.  In the meantime, Sue has successfully secured a Cross Country clinic, for our budding eventers, with Caroline Powell at Ickworth Park on Easter Sunday 20th April.  Although it’s quite expensive (as we have to buy Park passes as well as pay for instruction) it’s a fantastic and truly unique opportunity for our members.  The cost for 1.5 hours is £63 in total but groups will be a maximum of 3 per session.  Spaces will be limited so entries need to go to Sue asap.  What a great way to spend a day and get rallied!  Well done Sue!

We have a John Adams show jumping clinic on 9th April at Braughing, a new venue for rallies; plus a Cross country technique with Helene Braeckman on 12th April at Ugley Green.  Both will be held on an arena surface.  Please check the Calendar pages for any age/height restrictions.


TEAM EVENTS - Before a member can join in any of the annual team events, you need to complete the PHPC Team Application form and return it to Sue Brown.  Your application will then be considered for any teams that you are interested in joining.  We will always enter more than one team if we have enough suitable applications, so don’t worry if you think that your chances are limited by previous team members, THEY”RE NOT!  Sometimes there are too many riders to make up even team numbers and we may suggest that members enter a competition as individuals instead, which is sometimes possible.

Choosing team members depends more upon the suitability of you and your pony’s experience for the event.  Our Committee members are very experienced in attending these events, no more so than Alana, and we know what the expect from both rider and pony on the day.  If you are not sure exactly what is involved, please don’t hesitate to contact Alana, Sue or any other  committee member for help and advice in deciding what competitions may be right for you and your pony.

Please remember that we can’t consider you if you don’t inform us of your interest, so please complete the form and return it to Sue without delay!! See the TEAM COMPETITIONS page on the left hand menu.

Remember that you and your pony will need to have completed 3 rallies since 1st July 2013 (including Summer Camp as 1 rally) up until the date of the relevant team competition.

…..Alana now has the 2014 membership cards which you all need to carry with you if you need permission to wear spurs at official Pony Club events!….

Oh, and if you haven’t already joined, don’t forget to sign up to our group Facebook page where we can all share stories, comments and photos.  Click on this link - PUCKERIDGE HUNT PONY CLUB

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