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Mounted Games

Mounted games is a thrilling equestrian sport that combines speed, agility, and teamwork. Riders compete in a series of fast-paced relay races and skill-based challenges on horseback, showcasing their horsemanship and coordination. Mounted games require both rider and horse to work together seamlessly, navigating obstacles and completing tasks with precision and speed.



Pony Club dressage provides riders with a solid foundation in flatwork and equitation, helping them develop a strong partnership with their horse and improve their riding skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, Pony Club dressage offers a rewarding and challenging way to enhance your equestrian abilities and compete in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Pony Club Tetrathlon is an exhilarating multi-discipline competition that tests the skills and versatility of young equestrians. Combining four challenging events – shooting, swimming, running, and cross-country riding – Tetrathlon offers a unique opportunity for riders to showcase their athleticism, horsemanship, and strategic thinking. Participants must demonstrate proficiency in each discipline, from marksmanship in the shooting phase to endurance in the running phase, all while maintaining a strong partnership with their horse.




A Pony Club rally is a gathering or event organized by a Pony Club where members come together to participate in various equestrian activities, training sessions, and educational workshops. Rallies typically involve group lessons, practice sessions, and sometimes competitions or games. They provide an opportunity for Pony Club members to improve their riding skills, learn from experienced instructors, bond with fellow members, and showcase their progress. Rallies often focus on promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and horsemanship skills within a supportive and educational environment.

Show Jumping

Pony Club show jumping is a popular equestrian discipline that involves riders guiding their horses through a course of jumps within an arena. The objective is to complete the course without knocking down any obstacles and within the allotted time. Show jumping tests the horse and rider’s agility, precision, and communication skills. Pony Club show jumping competitions may have different levels of difficulty based on the height and complexity of the jumps, catering to riders of varying skill levels. Participating in show jumping can help riders improve their riding technique, develop confidence, and enjoy the thrill of competing in a challenging and rewarding sport.

Pony Club Quiz and Mini Quiz 2024

The Pony Club Quiz is a great way for all members, of all ages to learn and test their equestrian knowledge in a fun and friendly team environment. At the start of the year we hold a Quiz information evening for members to register their interest, chat about the quiz format and quiz rounds.

There are two team sections:

Mini teams – Ages to be 10 years and under on the 1st Jan of the competition year, with one member to be 8 years and under.

Junior/Senior Teams – must have two members (ages to 13 years and under) and then two of any age up to 25. All ages will be taken from the 1st January of the Competition year (1/1/23)

Mini questions are to be based on E,D and easier parts of D+ tests and Mini Badges.

Junior/Senior Section questions to be based on C, C+ and B tests and Achievement badges

The winning teams from each Area, qualify for the National Pony Club Quiz 2024 in April.