Grass Roots & Combined Training

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Grass Roots

Grass Roots is a great way to include our members who have not yet represented their branch of the Pony club and also gets them used to being in a competiton setting. It will teach them to work as a team which will benefit them for their future, have fun and hopefully imporove their riding skills.

Grass Roots consist of three elements:

TURNOUT – Judged on suitability, safety and cleanliness of pony and rider. Pony must be show-ready but not necessarily plaited.

HANDY PONY – This will include mounting, dismounting, leading in hand and negotiating obstacles.

RIDING ABILITY – This will be based on completing a team dressage test in conjunction with other team members.

Points are awarded in each element with the best 3 scores in Turnout and Handy Pony to count, plus the team score in the Riding Test.

Teams to consist of – 4 members, any age.

Ages are taken as at 1st January of current year.

There is also a teeny weeny competition, for 4 members, aged 10 and under, they can be mixed lead reins and just off the lead rein. If rider starts on the lead rein all elements MUST be on lead rein to be eligible for the actual competition.



Area Combined Training 

This is a competition for members who have not represented their branch at the Novice, Intermediate and Open Area Competitions. Those taking part in the 70cm and 80cm competitions at the Area Competitions, are eligible. You may also take part in the Horse and Pony Care, Quiz and Mini tetrathlon competitions.

There is a team competition, for 4 members, one from each of the 4 classes.

There is also a competition for individuals.

There are different levels of Dressage tests, from Walk Trot test up to more challenging dressage tests, decided by the branch running the competition.

For the Team and Individual competitions, the show jump heights start at 60cm and move up through 70cms, 80cms, to 90cms.

The youngest members may do the Walk Trot test, and jump a round of cross poles, as Individuals.

Members who are members of BD, BS or BE are ineligible.