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Running along the same lines as The Eventing League, Area 6 will be holding a Winter League Dressage competition for all members in Area 6, from 1st October 2023 to 30th April 2024.

The League will run across six Test Classes, involving as many Area 6 members as possible. Members will not have to register or pay to be a part of it but will automatically be entered by competing at any of the participating competitions.

The Dressage League will be administered by the Area Rep, or a person nominated by him. They will be responsible for compiling and updating the league table after each competition and publishing the results.

The Competition will comprise of the following six test classes and members are not restricted to one class:

Class 1 Walk Trot Test – Walk Trot Test 2022 (lead rein permitted).

Class 2 Preliminary PC70 2022.

Class 3 Grassroots – Grassroots PC80 2018.

Class 4 Novice – Novice Test 2020.

Class 5 Intermediate – Intermediate Test 2022. Please note organisers may use the new Intermediate Test 2024 from Jan 1st 2024.

Class 6 Open – Open Test 2020.



Please note not all classes may be available at all competitions

21/10/23 – South Notts – Professional Equine Services, Kneesall

22/10/23 – Grove – Milton Equestrian Centre

05/11/23 – Burton – Riseholme College

19/11/23 – South Notts – Brackenhurst

26/11/23 – Grove – Milton Equestrian Centre

03/12/23 – Burton – Riseholme College

17/12/23 – Grove – Milton Equestrian Centre

29 and 30/12/23 – South Notts – Spring Festival Qualifier – Brackenhurst – **DOUBLE POINTS**

27/01/24 – Grove – Milton Equestrian Centre

28/01/24 – Burton – Riseholme College

17/02/24 – Grove – Milton Equestrian Centre

17/03/24 – Burton – Riseholme College

07/04/24 – Burton – Riseholme College

14/04/24 – Meynell – Derby College

27/04/24 – Rufford – Danethorpe

An Organising Branch may offer additional Classes, but these Classes will not form a part of the League Competition. Branches wishing to host a league competition should send details and dates to the Area Rep so they may be advertised and included in the series. Branches must publish all results on Pony Club Results for the event to be part of the League.

Classes must be run as per The Pony Club Dressage Rule Book 2023. Commanders are allowed for all Tests except the Area Spring Festival Qualifying Classes.

At each competition the result will be decided upon the total dressage score. The combination, horse and rider, with the highest percentage score being the winner. In the event of equality, the highest collective marks will be the deciding factor. In the event of equality of points within the League, the competitor with the highest overall percentage will be deemed the winner.

Riders may ride more than one horse at any or the same level as each horse/rider combination will be awarded points separately. Please note you must enter each event using the same name for your horse/pony at every competition you attend, otherwise your points will go to each horse name you ride.

Points will be awarded solely to the finishing place within Area 6 entries. For example, should an Area 6 Member finish 2nd to a non-Area 6 member, the Area 6 member would receive the points for first place. This will also be the case in mixed sections of Pony Club and Non-Pony Club Members.

Points will be awarded as follows –

1st (over 2 starters) – 10

2nd (over 3 starters) – 8

3rd (over 5 starters) – 6

4th (over 8 starters) – 4

5th (over 10 starters) – 3

6th (over 12 starters) – 2

Unplaced completion – 1

At the Spring Festival Area 6 Dressage Qualifier on December 29th and 30th – double points will be awarded!

At the end of the season a presentation will be made with rosettes to the top six finishers in each class with prizes from 1st to 3rd.

The Area Branch League will be determined by the addition of all the points from individuals representing their branch across all six tests.

Please note further dates and competitions may be added and will be advertised on this website and via The Area 6 Facebook Page

Please check The Pony Club Area 6 website or Facebook Page regularly for updates and League Placings.