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Area 8 Endurance Co-ordinator:

Tom Eaton-Evans –



The Pony Club has come to a very fortunate arrangement with Endurance GB to offer Endurance as a discipline for Pony Club Members.

Master cardYou need a Pony Club Master Card to keep your Endurance riding record: Pony Club Master Cards and Pony Club Entry forms need to be applied for by contacting the Pony Club Office.

For all Pony Club Endurance questions, please contact Rosemary Attfield ( You can find out more about Rosemary in this excellent article from Horse & Hound. She is fantastically passionate and knowledgeable about Endurance

Endurances Dates

7/4/24 Pleasure Ride -Sotterley.

12/5/24 Pleasure Ride -Ford End, Chelmsford.

1/6/24 Major Ride – Lavenham.

28/6/24 Major Ride – Kings Forest .