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Both AVTH and Coakham Bloodhounds have Children’s meets in our areas.  AVTH do not share details of the meet online, however you can contact the Hunt as below to find out the date and time.

Children are welcome at all AVTH hunt meets, under 12s must be supervised by a responsible mounted adult.  Please contact the AVTH Honorary Secretary on 07759 019 506 and let her know you would like to attend.  Some dates are more suitable for first time attendance so its always useful to have a chat with Christina beforehand.

More details of Coakham and their meets are here  

MOUNTED FOLLOWERS – if you have not subscribed you must inform the secretaries by phone that you would like to attend before the day

August 2022

Thank you to AVTH for allowing us to visit the Kennels and learn more about Hunting.


9th November 2018

It has been fantastic to see so many of the Ashford Valley PC members out this season with the hunt and we hope to see more of you over the coming months.
Just a few reminders:-
  • If you are planning to attend a meet and you are not a subscriber, please book in with the Secretary, Christina Back in advance of the day.
  • Always stay behind the Master.
  • Always keep a safe distance between you and those around you, especially when jumping.
  • Always face your horse to the hounds
  • If you have long hair, please wear a hairnet (this may not still be in at the end of the day, but better to get your hairnet caught in a branch than a ponytail).
  • If you are unsure of etiquette at anytime, ask an older PC member or hunt member. No question is too silly.
  • Do not discuss venue details with non-hunting friends prior to the day.
  • Do not disclose venue details on social media.
  • If you have an inexperienced horse/Pony, stay at the back and wear a green ribbon in his/her tail.
  • If your horse kicks, please also stay at the back and wear a red ribbon.
And most importantly, have fun.x

7th December 2017

We would like to draw your attention to the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt website page and the section headed Novice Horses which refers to kicking.  

Individual members of the mounted Field are responsible for ensuring that they do not ride too close to the horse in front. They are also responsible for warning other members of the mounted Field that they have a novice hunting horse which may behave unpredictably, or that their horse is known to kick. This is indicated by ribbon tied around the top of your horse’s tail – a green ribbon for a novice, or a red ribbon if your horse is known to kick. These ribbons are not an indication of the rider’s experience they are simply warnings – it is not the responsibility of others to avoid these horses, (although it is sensible to do so), but the responsibility of the riders to make sure that their mounts do not harm others. Horses with red or green ribbons must stay at the back of the mounted Field.

Members of the mounted Field have a shared responsibility for keeping one another safe out Hunting.  It is a two fold responsibility – firstly for each rider to keep a safe distance as ANY horse can kick at ANY time and secondly for those riders of a known kicker to keep their horse at the back with a red ribbon on.  In particular if a horse kicks out (whether or not it comes into contact with anything or anyone) during the day it should be taken it to the back of the Field immediately and continue to stay at the back whenever it comes out hunting when it should then also wear a red ribbon in its tail.  The Field Master is often not aware of what goes on in the Field and it would be appreciated if ALL incidents of kicking (and any other dangerous behaviour or riding that are witnessed) are reported to the Field Master of the day so that we can ensure that the correct procedure is followed.

hunt rally









Hunt Rally on 16th August HUNT RALLY REPORT – July 2016

We were invited by the Hunt to visit the kennels at Hothfield, home of Ashford Valley Foxhounds and their Huntsman, Neil Steines.

Neil gave us a tour of the kennels and introduced us to the hounds, their ways and how he trains them in the lead up to the hunting season and how they work with him during a day’s hunting.  Keely Harrison brought along a very obliging pony to help demonstrate tack and turnout for the day along with some Pony Club members suitably dressed for a day out with the Hunt.

After our tour we were treated to a fabulous tea provided by the Hunt Secretary, Christina Back and MFHA representative Victoria Kindersley talked about how the Hunt go about organising  a day’s hunting.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Hunt for making this rally such an enjoyable couple of hours.

Please support your hunt!

Keeley Harrison our Chief Instructor is always willing to be a hunt nanny if you need an escort!