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3rd January 2020
Thanks to Rosemary Attfield (four star international endurance judge, technical delegate and chief steward) and Jenny Lee who helped our fledgling teams with their Introduction to Endurance rally today, including monitoring of heart rates and the important trot up. Looking forward to our first competition ride in March…
Introduction to endurance
The first rally will be on Saturday 5th October at Brightling Gallops with Julie Channon. This rally will focus on control of paces at various speeds.  This is brilliant fun for ponies and riders alike.  The gallops are long and very much uphill so even the most forward going pony will pull up before the end!  I anticipate that we will do further training at Brightling in the Spring as we prepare for the championship qualifying rides. This October rally will be a great way to familiarise yourselves with the venue and squeeze in some speed and hill work training before the weather changes.   
The second rally provides an Introduction to Endurance and Canter Intervals Training.  It will be on Thursday 24th October at 1pm with Keely at Lower Brenchley Farm.  This rally builds fitness, balance and control of paces as well as encouraging your child to get a sense of the speed at which they are travelling.   All vital endurance skills.  Please make sure your child has some control in open space as there are flat and slightly downhill sections.  Again places are limited so please book early.  
Our next rally will be on Friday 3rd January 2020 at 10.30am in Hawkhurst.   This is an unmounted rally and is an opportunity for the riders to cover the technical skills required to get their Introduction to Endurance Badge.  We are delighted to have Rosemary Attfield four star international endurance judge, technical delegate and chief steward coming to teach. We expect this rally to last for about 2 hours and refreshments will be provided.  There is likely to be fun activities involving maps and stethoscopes!  Parents are very welcome to stay to have coffee and cake and to meet other parents in the squad.  There is also a Tesco and Waitrose five minutes up the road for those that need to fit in a food shop! 
More general information about endurance can be found on the pony club website HERE 
For those that are newly registered we are pleased to share with you that Milbourn have kindly agreed to be a main sponsor of our endurance squad.
Milbourn Equine

Massive thanks to Julie and Pippa for running our first Endurance rally at Brightling Gallops. The horses and ponies had a great time and the riders seemed to enjoy it too! The next rally is on 24th October – intervals training. See the bookings page for details.