Wednesday November 29, 2023
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September 2023

East England Regional Championships  – Norfolk

Beatrice, Harriet and Jacob had qualified as individuals for the 70cm regional championship, but were permitted to form a team. Beatrice was in amazing form to finish on her impressive dressage score for a brilliant 3rd place in her arena. Harriet also finished on her dressage score, but sadly out of the placings after having to ride  a sympathetic dressage test on her highly excited pony. Jacob looked like he was joining them with a double clear, to just run out of steam coming out of the second water for an annoying refusal 3 fences from home. The team still finished in a creditable 12th place before the long drive home.

Well done all.



August 2023

JCB Pony Club National Championships – Warwickshire

A massive well done to our 90cm team who all put in great performances at the Pony Club National championships, well done to Evie, Sophie B and Ruby we are very proud of you all.

The Championships was a massive step up form the Area competition, and they all perfomed so well.

Huge Congratulations must go to Ruby and her wonderful horse Dotty, who together WON their Arena at the championships, finishing on their dressage score. Beyond proud of you all!


July 2023

Area Eventing – 80, 90 and 1.10m

 Those jumping 80cm upwards travelled to Twesledown to contest this years area.

80cm –

Boris with 2 rides joined forces with other branches to make a Mixed area team. As expected the XC course was technical and up to height, but Boris coped brilliantly and he helped his team to an amazing 2nd place, qualifying them for the Regional championships in Norfolk.


90cm –

It is always better to have a team of 4, to be able to drop a score as needed, but our trio 90 eventers did not  need this buffer. Evie, Sophie B and Ruby all jumped double clear rounds to finish in an amazing team 2nd place, securing qualification to the Pony Club National Championships in Warwickhsire, in August. Evie and Sophie were both 3rd in there arenas, while Ruby finished in 5th, fabulous results all-round.

1.10m –

As with the showjumping, Laura B was our only representative in the 1.10 class, the Chairman’s cup. With a great double clear, Laura achieved a fantastic 2nd place, to join the 90cm team at the National championships.

Well done to all our eventer, some great riding and amazing results.


June 2023

Area Eventing – 70cm

As with the Showjumping and Dressage, this year saw the introduction of a 70cm eventing qualifier. We had 2 teams representing us for the Area 11 qualifier, held at Walton on the Hill.

AV Stars – Lilly, Millie, Harriet and Amelia

AV Angels – Beatrice, Jacob, Poppy and Freya

Our teams had mixed fortunes across the day. With some riders having to change ponies at the last hour and others having to borrow horses that they never ridden before, it was always going to be tough to contest the team competition.

A stiff start to the cross country meant that clear rounds were less frequent, but our team of Lilly, Millie, Harriet and Amelia completed and finished a deserved 7th.

Beatrice, Jacob and Harriet all jumped double clears to finish on their dressage score and individually qualify for the regional championships in Norfolk.



Eridge PC ODE 11th June


It was an extremely hot day for humans and ponies alike at Matfield, but Ashford Valley had a good turn out with 8 competitors and 9 ponies / horses competing with some great results across the 80 and 70 classes. Although the ground was hard as to be expected there was a good grass covering and the organisers sensibly amended their rules for the Cross Country phase for welfare reasons so no time penalties were awarded for exceeding the optimum time but time penalties were still awarded as normal for every additional second under 15 seconds of the published optimum.

There were no team classes at this event so only individual placing.

The 80 competitors of Sophie Stern, Harriet Plummer and Boris Beier with both his young pony and older horse all did competitive Dressage tests with Sophie gaining best score in her arena, a few show jumping penalties were picked up with Boris going clear on Willow. Sophie had 1 unlucky stop on XC but still finished 6th in her arena. Boris went clear XC on both his mounts but picked up a technical 20pen as the jump judge deemed he had presented at the fence prior to doing a circle in order to regain more control before presenting and jumping clear but still finished 7th and 9th respectively. Harriet rode a sensible round going clear to finish 6th overall.

The 70 competitors of Jacob Smith, Isla Davis, Amelia Plummer, Lilly Jones and Beatrice Knox not to be outdone by their friends had an equally great time. They all performed good dressage tests with Lilly sneaking into the elusive 20’s with a 29.6. The Showjumping phase was equally amazing with all bar Amelia going clear, that said Amelia rode amazing and was so determined as her pony can be a little spooky and difficult but improving all the time. Everyone had amazing XC rounds with only a few penalties picked up – It was wonderful to see Lilly managed to convince her pony the water jump is not a monster! Jacob and Isla were the stars they would have finished on the same score had a naughty TP for Isla not dropped her 1 place but they finished 2nd and 3rd respectively with Amelia 8th, Lilly 9th and Beatrice 11th.

A lovely Event and a good warm up for the 70 Regionals and 80 Area in a few weeks time.  


Petersfield Pony Club ODE  – 17th June

It was a shame this ODE landed on the same day as our own AV Tetrathlon or I’m sure we would have had more competitors despite the distance as it really is a lovely venue.

Boris Beier with both Willow and Hottie were the only AVPC  representative on this occasion competing in the 80cm class.

Both did competitive improving Dressage tests and went clear Show Jumping, with Boris really getting to grips with Hottie now – always difficult to take over a horse that was ridden by your mum for a long time! Hottie went clear XC and finished an amazing 2nd overall so all set for the Area 80 at Tweseldown. Willow was going clear and so well up until she had to make a turn on XC away from the direction of the Horseboxes then decided she had had enough for the day. A good learning  and educational outing for this 5year old pony.




Area Eventing 2022

This year area eventing was at Tweseldown, in Hampshire on what was scheduled to be the hottest weekend of the year!  Our 80cms entrants made the decision to withdraw as the scheduled 30 degree heat was not conducive to sitting on the M25 and then doing a dressage test.  We hope to see them competing  next year.

Well done to our 100 competitors both Laura and Jess had improved dressage scores, Jess bagging a sub 40 on her lovely coloured horse for 6th and Laura has a great clear XC for 3rd place. 

In the 90 class Ruby had a winning dressage score and a clear SJ, unfortunately she had some faults XC slipping her down the winners list.  Congratulations to Sophie and her new horse, who had a couple of poles in the SJ but a beautiful clear round XC to finish 7th. 

31st May 2022

Another successful day for our Mini Eventers

A win for Wilf in his class and a win for Annabel J and the AVPC Mini Team too, with Freya 2nd, Millie 3rd and Lilly with best dressage and 5th individually. 

Mid Surrey 14/5/22

A successful day in the sunshine yesterday for our mini eventers at Mid Surrey Pony Club.

The cross country course was challenging with only 7  clear rounds, and more than half the class eliminated so we were thrilled that our team of 3 all made it around.

Millie was 3rd  in her arena with 39.4/4/40 and both Amelia 44.7 DC and Isabelle 38.6/4/80 were 5th in their arenas with a TEAM WIN in the 60cms.


In the strong 70cms class Harriet competed as an individual and rode very well with a harshly marked dressage, one pole and a great clear round cross country to be rewarded with 4th place.  

Well done everyone. 


Romney Marsh PC Mini ODE Sept 2021

Thanks to RMPC for a friendly ODE held at Delmonden

Well done to our members who entered:

  • Lilly Best dressage and 4th in 40cms 
  • Isabelle Wilkins best dressage and double clear for a WIN in the 50cms 
  • Poppy double clear and 3rd in the 70cms

Well done all of you

Regional Championships at HorseHeath 29/8/21

Congratulations to Matilda who had such a good day yesterday at the Pony Club Grassroots Regional Championships. Started the day with the best test they’d done(apart from forgetting a circle🤦‍♀️) for a. 33.5! They then flew round the sj and xc for a great dc!!! To top off the day they came 6th.  Well done to the whole team for getting you there and supporting you too. 



Area Eventing 26th and 27th June 2021

We were pleased to have two 80cms teams, a 90cms team and 2 1M individuals competing at Area Eventing this year.  When the times came out we were less pleased to find out that our 90cms team of Mia, Toby, Hope and Aidan had dressage at 8.15am!  It was a bright and early start at Brightling for 6.45am.  All 4 rode well in their dressage and in show jumping.  However the cross country and the time allowed was very influential with about a third of competitors not completing, additionally the long hill at Brightling meant that some horses had a lot of time penalties. 

Our team came 6th overall:

  • Aidan 34, 8 SJ , clear  XC with 2 time penalties for 4th,
  • Hope 32, 4 faults in the SJ and an unfortunate wet fall meant that Hope retired
  • Toby 39, 12 SJ, clear XC but 33 time penalties for 9th
  • Mia had a 33 dressage, followed by a double clear exactly on the time.  After a sleepless 24 hours whilst scores were queried we found that Mia had WON and QUALIFIED for the National Pony Club Eventing Championships.  WELL DONE! 

Mia and Dizzy winning the PCT90 at Area Eventing 2021


Laura on Chaoe and Jess on Bella

Later in the day Laura and Jess were competing in the PC100.  The standard of dressage was amazing and sadly Chaos and Bella were not feeling the dressage love.  However, they redeemed themselves in the jumping with Chaos having a couple of poles and storming around the XC clear with a few time penalties to take 9th place.  Jess was very proud of Bella who flew the SJ and the XC.  Jumping that last fence XC coming home was the most magical feeling in the world – even better when its captured by Saracen so you can have a free photo!  Well done both of you, hopefully we will have some more 1M members next year to join you in a team. 


The next day we were back again for our 80cms competitors, if we expected less of a challenge cross country we were wrong.  Although at this level the xc course was not timed sadly Sophie, Molly, and Lauren did not make it to the end despite some good performances in the other sections.  Red had the best dressage score for her section but her pony was not interested in jumping today. 

Poor Florence missed a jump xc and had the awful realisation when her elimination was announced on the tanoy, such a shame as her and Snowy had a great round. 

Isabella’s new horse is showing lots of promise and came 8th in their section, after an excellent dressage and clear SJ.

Ruby completed a very determined round on her green pony and was harshly marked, hopefully they have gained lots of experience and we will see them out again soon. 

New member Hollie rode her young horse very sympathetically and despite one stop was 10th in her section, and showed lots of promise for the future.

Well done Matilda 35.6 and double clear for 3rd place and George 31.9, 8 faults and a clear for 5th place – both qualifying for the Regional Championships and George also qualifying his pony for the Connemara Pony Eventing Championships.   CONGRATULATIONS!

13th June 2021

It’s such a long time since I wrote an eventing report.  Huge thanks to Eridge PC for putting on an event two weeks before Area Eventing. a great warm up and allowed us to check the rules and work out that we need hat tags, jackets and the right kind of bits and tack.  Luckily all was good and we managed to get our hats tagged and borrow the right kit. 

Starting with our star of the event, Sophie Bellamy and the lovely Samson who won the PC80 class with a 29 dressage and double clear.  Very pleased for you as we know you are worked hard with Sammie, well done!

In the PC80 we also had placings for Florence double clear and 4th, Ruby 5th,  George and Red 9th, Matilda 11th, Chloe 14th

Some of our older members were competing in the PC90 class on horses that were either new to them or who had had some time off with injuries.  It was lovely to see Aidan double clear and 7th, Mia W 8th, Laura double clear and 9th, Mia S 12th.

Our younger members were not out shone with Poppy coming 4th with 34 dressage and a double clear and Sophie skilfully riding Barney around his first ODE, well done to you both too.  

Look forward to seeing you at Brightling in 2 weeks. 



Regional Championships at Horseheath. Cambridge

Mia and Isabella made the long journey to Cambridgeshire for the weekend having qualified for both dressage and eventing championships.  Unfortunately Isabella’s pony did well in the dressage and showjumping but was not keen on the cross country.  We were thrilled to find out that Mia and her pony Pixel Puzzle had an excellent dressage and were clear both cross country and show jumping giving them 2ND PLACE.  Brilliant result!  Thanks to both of your families for going with you and for supporting one another away from home, well done.  


Well done to Molly and Dillon who were placed 2nd In the mix team today at the RMPC ODE & 6th place individually in the 70cm class.  Daisy and melon were 5th individually in the 90cm class.


Thanks to Eridge Pony Club for a fun One Day event yesterday. Well done to our members who did so well:

Ava and Molly were superb in the lead rein section, both finishing on their dressage scores and coming 3rd and 4th individually. They were part of a mixed branch team that also took 2nd place in the team event.

Sandy, Lilly, Grace and Jacob were our team in the 40cm assisted class. All 4 finished on their dressage scores with great double clears to take 1st place in the team event. Grace and Jacob also picked up 4th and 5th individually.

Poppy was 6th and Olivia 3rd in the 50cms assisted class too, with Jessica taking the best dressage rosette in this class as well. .

Congratulations to everyone, you did brilliantly.

Area Eventing 7th July 2019

Amy, Seb and Laura represented us at Brightling in the PC100 Class.  Fab dressage for Seb, super double clears for Amy and Laura, Amy was placed 7th and after an anxious few days waiting found out that she qualified for the National Champs.  Well done.

Our PC90 team of Fred, Aidan, Jess and Daisy had a good day and were all clear cross country, Aidan was 8th and Jess 7th in her arena, but our stars were Fred and his pony Maisie who won their arena and are off to the Champs again.

In the PC80 class we had two individuals, Millie had a great day with a beautiful dressage and what looked like a double clear, to be gutted by a technical elimination.  Poor Lauren did not have the best time XC but hopefully will be back on soon.  Our team of Isabella S, Isabella R, Hope and Mia had a very long day with prize giving at nearly 9pm, they had a mixed day but we are thrilled that IsabellaR (8th individually) and Mia (below) QUALIFIED for the champs, brilliant result, well done. 


Hambeldon 1st June 2019

Jess and Bella made the trip around the M25 into Area 13 where Bella was an absolute demon! A tense dressage for 38, then showjumping where they had an unfortunate 8 faults (literally just tapped both poles) but then boy did she redeem herself on the XC course, she was absolutely amazing, flew round clear, just to be 2 penalties off a placing!  Well done Bella and Jess!

Eridge 26th May 

11 members made the sunny trip to Eridge Park.  The classes ran with the 100 first and Best Dressage for Amy on a score of 22.9 and finishing in 2nd place and a great double clear for Seb to finish in 4th place.

Our 90 team had a storming time winning the team event with the only team to all go clear cross country, Fred was 3rd, Mia 6th and Aidan 8th.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and nature

Our PC80 riders had a good day too with Hope and Lauren completing the course, but sadly Isabella and Blue not enjoying themselves this weekend.

We had 2 competitors in the PC70 class, Millie enjoyed her first competition with a best dressage in her arena and a controlled clear round and Ruby also completed for 4th place individually, they joined with South Down Hunt PC competitors to take Team 8th place too.  Well done everyone, see you at Areas.  

East Kent 19th May 

We had 5 competitors at this event, a slightly unusual cross country course presented plenty of challenges and our victors were Daisy and Melon who bagged themselves a 5th place. 

Mid Surrey 12th May 

Amy and Sebastian were the only 2 AVHPC competitors in the Mid Surrey ODE at Walton on the Hill as it clashed with Eridge Tet; a fabulous best dressage and 2nd place for Amy and a 5th place for Seb in the 1m class. A long way to go, but a fabulous course and lovely friendly atmosphere.


This is always a lovely friendly encouraging event and this year was no exception.  Well done to James B who was tackling his first ODE at PC60 and was doing well until a brief parting of company in the jumping but well recovered to avoid elimination for 11th place.  Older sister Lauren also completed safely around all 3 sections in the PC80 too.  In the PC90 section Georgie and Aidan were 1st and 2nd after dressage, had a couple of poles showjumping and confident XC.  Aidan was very kindly jump judged and ended up in 3rd place.  Well done to our 2 Duns!


Skips and Dylan

2018 Area eventing 24/6/18

A very long and hot day.  Well done to all our members competing, most of whose parents saw glimpses of them as they were too busy helping.  Thanks to Keely for soothing nerves and tack checking and to all the parents who kept an eye on each other’s children, great team work!

Our two 90 teams of Amy (33 dressage and double clear) and both the Jess Ps were just out of the placings and Aidan (27 dressage), Fred (double clear for 4th place), Laura and Olivia were 7th team.


Jess P and Bella

We found out on the Monday that super Maisie and Fred were good enough for a qualifier for the National Champs. Wahoo!   All our 90 competitors did very well to go at the crack of dawn so they could then help all day.  Poor Georgie and Dylan suffered because of the heat but he is back to normal and hopefully we will see them out again soon.

3 shades of Dun: Georgie and Dylan, Aidan and Skips and Jess P and Lola

3 shades of Dun: Georgie and Dylan, Aidan and Skips and Jess P and Lola

In the 80cms team, our girls team of Mia on her new pony, was with Maisy who was clear XC, and Red who qualified in her arena for the Regional Champs.  Poor Lauren did not have the best day, hopefully she will be back on form for area tet.

Maisy and Boots

Maisy and Boots

In the Open class Beth had a great clear SJ and Josie had a brilliant 22 dressage on her new horse and was 5th overall.

In the 60cms class we had 6 ponies competing.  Ruby was double clear and 6th on her new pony, Jack had a fabulous speedy time double clear at his first event and was thrilled not to be bottom of the board after dressage, Holly and the dependable Roddy were also double clear and had a great time out too.  Blue took a dislike to one of the showjumps but IsabellaR carried on for the XC and was smiling again by the end.

60 team

Ruby, Jack and Isabella R

Poor IsabellaS was the next rider to go after there was a fall on the course and a long hold, her pony had gone to sleep by then and was not keen to continue.  Luckily she rode 2 ponies and was 2nd on her newest one with another double clear and was last seen eating her picnic surrounded by rosettes!


Isabella S on Pippin, 2nd in the PC60 class

30th May 2018

It’s also been a week for you all getting out and flying the flag for AVHPC. On Saturday 2 June, 3 of our members ventured out of Area 11 into the green pastures of Area 12, having entered the South Oxfordshire Hunt branch’s ODE. The SOHPC ran a fantastic event in the grounds of Hambleden Estate, near Henley-on-Thames. The classes ranged from PC90 up to PC110, the latter running round the majority of the BE course. All 3 had a great day with Lara and Nelly tackling their first PC110 and Aidan the PC90, with all having 1 down show jumping and clear cross country, some faster then others! Lara came 8th in a very hot section. Well done.
Bertie 2


Bertie 1

Lara 1


Skips 2

20th May 2018

EK ODE, Daisy and Fred were 3rd and 6th, well done to Daisy on super cob Melon, dressage practice is paying off.


Daisy EK OSE


10th September

Well done to Freddie for an awesome ride at the Regional Eventing Championships at Keysoe. Imagine looking at your times and finding you are first to go in the dressage 3 hours away from home! A cool head and neat footwork from Maisie gave them a lovely 4th place at their first Champs. A great piece in the local paper this week to cap it off. Congratulations

fred grassroots champs

3rd September 2017 Well done to all at Romney Marsh ODE today – Hope, Sophie and Ruby were 2nd team in the PC70 class, Isabella and Blue – best Dressage in the PC70,  Freddie, Red, Lauren and Josie, team 3rd in the PC80,  and Amy and Cheeky- best dressage and 1st place in the PC90!


On 9th August our mini mini eventing team of Grace, Jacob, Lily and Jessica has had an fabulous first time out at the East Kent Hunt PC​ ODE.  They were 1st team and individually 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.  What a debut!mini mini event at EK ODE

Area eventing Bonfleur 25/6/17

Well done to Freddie JP and Maisie who qualified for the Regional Champs by coming 3rd at Area Eventing PC80.  Notable mentions too to – Amy on her lovely new horse who was 6th in the PC80.  Well done to the girls in the PC60 class – Sophie and Rio 6th, Holly and Roddy 3rd and Maisy and Boots 4th in their sections.

Area ODE


8/6/17 A 1st for Jess at the East Bysshe ODE event today in the PC80 class, with Amy in 2nd place.

East bysshe

Holly moved up from Mini Minis to the 60cms class and had a much much better dressage but on a very very hot day Roddy the rocket flew round sj and Xc, they were both hot and happy to come 5th!

West Kent sevenoaks Holly

East Kent ODE at East Denne 11/6/17

An interesting day, we almost had a 1, 2, 3 and 4 but ended up with a 1, 3, 1, 4, 4 instead !  Our tetrathletes were competing as a team with Fred, Daisy and Aidan together and LivR competing as an individual at PC80.  Fred pulled off a storming dressage and a double clear to win the class, Daisy and Aidan both had double clears too; the only team to pull off this feat.  Aidan was initially 2nd when the final scores were announced but this was subsequently changed.  Luckily for us this meant Daisy was now 3rd individually and as Aidan was not out of the team competition the team were 1st!

PC80 East Kent

Liv had a promising start on her young horse and galloped through the cross country finish with a smile, very exciting for the future.

Our 90cms team had mixed fortunes; the dressage test which caused much anguish for Jess was good enough to give her 4th place overall after a reasonable showjumping round and a good cross country.  The water and ditch caused problems for lots of competitors including Olivia and Julia but other pony club individuals also had faults so they managed to come 4th as a team with Jess.  Well done to you all for persevering and keeping the team spirit alive!

PC90 East Kent


Eridge PC ODE 4/6/17

A great day in the sun at Eridge Park for our Eventers.  In class 2 Holly and Isabella did beautiful dressage tests this time and jumped well to both come 2nd individually in their arenas, you are having a good season!

mini mini at eridge 170604

In the Mini Mini Class Sophie was our only competitor and although she did not have her best dressage, her pony Rio and her were clear both show jumping and cross country.  Well done.

Moving up to the PC70 class we had Hope and Mia carrying the AVHPC flag which they did brilliantly.  Mia had a frustrating stop SJ but a good XC but was not placed this time.  Hope had a very competent dressage test and a double clear including a confident clear round on the bigger park course to finish in third place individually.

Hope at eridge


Our only team was at PC80 with Amy, Red, Josie and Aidan.

PC80 mini team eridge on horsebackUnbelievably Aidan had the best dressage from the team but there was barely 4% separating them, everyone jumped clear show jumping – perhaps all that practice at rallies is paying off.  It was then off to the cross country for the final phase including a ditch and a water splash.PC80 mini team eridge xcAt Eridge they send the teams to the XC start together so we had lots of mutual support but it was a bit nerve wracking. Amy jumped a beautiful clear round on her young pony, Aidan was clear, Red had a couple of stops and Josie jumped clear but had an annoying elimination. We were thrilled to come 5th as a team with Aidan coming 2nd and Amy 4th.

PC80 mini team eridge

Well done all of you and thanks to Keely and Charlie for coming along to support us.

13th May 2017 

Well done girls! Holly and Isabella both came 4th on Saturday at Mid Surrey ODE on 13th May.  It was their first ODE and they both went clear in sj and Xc and just needed a little extra dressage practice for a few extra points in dressage!  Well done too to Daisy and her cob Melon who came 8th in their section too.

holly and Isabella


Area ODE results here


Mia came 2nd as a mixed team and 8th individually in the level 1 ODE.  Rose had a great day at her 2nd ODE with a good dressage score and clear showjumping and cross country for 2nd place.  Her team mates Amber and Allisya also did well with improving dressage and Allisya had a great clear round in the showjumping.

Level 2 team RMPC ODE

Level 2 team RMPC ODE 3

Level 2 team RMPC ODE 2

Finally in Level 3, Amy had the Best Dressage with 17.01!! and 5th place overall. Sebastian had a good Dressage and clear SJ, but Archie decided he didn’t fancy XC today!   Amy and Seb were in the 2nd placed team too.   Well done everyone.

July 2016

Romney Marsh ODE at Brightling on Saturday – Gabrielle Gillespie and Sophie Killick did the Level 2 80cm with Sophie getting 2nd place.
Our team for the Level 3 90cm of Tilly Hastilow, Will Reeves and Amy Tate were very pleased to achieve 3rd place.  Amy was placed 1st individually and also Best Dressage and Tilly was placed 4th.

A huge, huge thank you to Keely our chief instructor for all her help on the day.

11th June 2016

Our junior eventers are doing well, Well done to Daisy who came 5th at mid Surrey ode on Saturday 11th, she finished on her dressage score – no jumping penalties at all.

Daisy mid surrey ODE

Sunday 5th June – Wivelsden ODE – Sophie Killick achieved 5th place in the Level 2 with a clear XC and one pole in the SJ,  Well done too to Amy who came came 6th in the level 3 (her first one). She got best dressage (26), clear sj and although she was not quite clear XC the course was massive – more than half the jumps were also in 1m class! – Well Done Sophie, Amy and Blue!

5th June –  Well done to Hope who was 2nd in her class at the Eridge ODE, also to Lauren and Aidan who were 3rd and 6th in the level 1 class and to Jess who missed a rosette by 0.5 of a penalty in the Level 2.  Hard work paying off!


Aidan and Lauren Eridge Tet June 2016 2

Monday 30th May – Balcombe ODE  – Amy Tate, Sebastian Mead, Emma Simpson and Gabrielle Gillespie entered a team at the Balcombe ODE.  All had a great day, but despite fantastic riding by all, the team were sadly not placed.  Amy did get the Best Dressage award though.


The Mini Girls Team of Mia, Amber and Josie  won the Mini Team competition at Eridge One Day Event on 7th June with a 2nd individual for Amber and 3rd place for Mia

On 14th June Mia and Josie were both first in the dressage, 1st individually and joined by Amber were 2nd in the Level 1 Team event at the ODE at East Sussex Pony Club.   Well done to Amy Tate too who was 4th in the level 2 section.

We had more success at Lockskinners on Sunday 21st June ;  Level 2 85cm – AVPC Team were placed 2nd (EP, Laura Brightling, Livvy Reeves and Julia Ransom) and Livvy was 3rd Individual, EP  6th, Julia 8th  and Laura 9th.  Level 2 75cm – Section A – Amy Tate placed 3rd and Best Dressage.  Section B – Josie Tabb placed 3rd.  Level 1 60cms – Aidan 9th individual and 4th team.  In the Combined training AJ and Oscar were placed in a mixed team and AJ was 8th individual too.

Well done on some fabulous dressages scores too, all that flatwork practice has paid off!